Nice Demons Finish Last (ObeyMe FanFiction)


🔞Warning🔞 7 demon brothers fighting thier way into your human heart. Each one taking thier turn to prove they are worthy. Each one to go as far as to seduce you. All except 1. The only one who showed you thier heart before thier lust. He won you over but your relationship is more than complicated. Nothing seems to be going in your favor. ~~ All Rights Reserved Copyrights ©️ Gabriela Arellanes 2020

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18+ Reader Content
Mature Audiences ONLY
Rated R
Strong Language
Sexual References
Gay Sex

❗Hello Readers! I just want you all to know that there is smutt content in this book. There is vulgar language and vular imagery.

DO NOT read this if you aren't mature enough to handle this kind of content.

If you love Obeyme- shall we date, as much as I do then you will most definitely enjoy this story. (And yes Levithian is my favorite;)

Please remember I did warn you! :) Thanks for reading! Remember to vote and tell your friends! :p

This book is dedicated my cousin! She loves Obey Me. She is the reason I started playing! We also are both super perverts soooo. We enjoy this content 😅 If you arent on our level definitely don't read this book.

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