The Rather Absurd Realm of WoF Art1


A collection of all the WoF Art1 storied I posted in the Talons of Peace discord channel, #wof-art1. Decided to centralize them all here. So enjoy the ride, I suppose. Also, random people who find this, I apologize in advance.

Fantasy / Humor
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The Beginning

Lone Dancer gazed upon the channel, the channel of madness, yet it somehow held so much meaning. #wof-art1 was a curious place, but a realm many called home. Never mind the way time held minuscule meaning, and conversations unraveled from the main topic like fraying rugs in an old home. All of this spotted through the window that led within. But it was different than to just observe, then to jump into the chaos, the fields of places not yet seen. Some consider such a thing terrifying, but Lone Dancer? He could only smile, the chaos running over him like a river of rapid waters, that only slowed for short durations. He couldn’t help but bask in such a feeling.

Few places were like #wof-art1 with all the art and stories and music ran rampant, everywhere to look, everywhere to find. Two groups of people, that your position could switch. The creator, and the consumer. A role that ticked back and forth, changing on a whim of the person. Gazing into the channel, could only cause confusion if unfamiliar, otherwise, a place known as home.

Lone stood on a grassy hill, that lead down to grassy plains the stretched endlessly, trees and bushes dotting the landscape. It was night, the dark sky an array of chromatic colors, swirling and forming into dragons that would swoop down, the drafts of wind created ruffling the grass. In front of Lone Dancer was a pool, that seemed so unfathomably deep. Because that’s the thing. You could always go deeper. Going further within the hidden nooks of the channel.

Perhaps the most important aspect of #wof-art1 was the people involved. New and old faces popped up daily, looking up from the tall grass, a deceptively large number of them. Sometimes they lurched from the pool, or dredged themselves from other channels, but in the end, it was the people that made #wof-art1, #wof-art1 . So Lone jumped into the pool, splashing out into an upside down land, where the night sky was even more chaotic, with even more colors and dragons, of all kinds and shapes. Taking a few more steps forward, he couldn’t help but laugh. This was his home realm. Few places he rather be instead.

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