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Handsome and awakened… He aroused a need in Lia with his intelligence and powerful words. His passion incites a lust in her that only he can satisfy. Fantasy Bae, Kwame Brown—when the fantasy isn’t enough, she goes after the man himself Additional chapters will be available on my full site, soon: Join me (Lola Bunni) on the Riff App for music, chat about my books, fanfics & more! I'll be in the room on Saturdays & Sundays, starting at 12 pm est! Monday - Friday anytime after 6 pm est, I'll pop in randomly! Available only on Apple devices!

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Madame Noire
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Chapter 1

He’s too real for most men to understand. And too much man for some women to handle. I don’t fit into either of those categories. I know what I can take, and I know who I want. I want Mr. Kwame Brown. A former basketball player, I was introduced to his sexy ass through a social media platform. Standing at 6’11, he’s a fucking giant and a soon-to-be delight to my pussy.

Watching him on his live, his locs are coming in nicely, and that body is amazing. Enlightening the masses— his intelligence is attractive as hell. His platform is a combination of education and a verbal ass whopping to his would-be rivals.” A Pisces, when he speaks, people listen. Trying not to laugh at his comedic quotes, I refocus on the reason why I’m clad in just my panties watching the star of my fantasies return fire to the twatwaffles that came for him.

I’m listening to that deep baritone that seems to resonate through my core. I’m watching those sexy ass lips as he speaks the truth that feeds the soul. He wants his viewers to think, and I’m doing just that. I’m thinking of his lips as they part my lips below—his tongue as it gently teases my nub. Imagining the seductive circling of his tongue, my hand lowers to the junction between my thighs.

My goal is to imitate his tongue, to give me the absolute pleasure my fantasy bae provides. Lightly fingering my bud through my panties, I release a small moan at the contact. Through half-lidded eyes, his smile sends a shiver through my body. My fingers slip past my panties, and a pool of moisture greets my probing fingers.

Lightly palming my breasts, the sensitive buds heighten my sexual excitement. Kwame’s laugh comes through loudly on the television and the pressure on my clit increases. My body’s on fire, and needing something more than just my hand for stimulation, I turn to my pillow.

On the floor, I’m positioned so that I can see his face. Slipping out of my panties, the pillow’s propped between my thighs. The plump roughness of the padding greets my pussy, and my wetness saturates it on contact. Grinding slowly, my focus is returned to Kwame and my goal of release.

“Yes,” I moan as my pace increases. Riding my pillow hard, I imagine that Kwame’s beneath me. His voice makes the fantasy real, as waves of pleasure start to build. Bucking hard, one hand on the pillow for support and the other on the floor, I bask in the erotic pleasure. I take it even further, thinking of my walls gripping his dick as I slide the length of his erection.

My energetic clit thrusts against the pillow escalate. Quick and forceful, I ride my pillow, keeping my thoughts on him and my sexual liberation. The coil that’s started below tightens, and I welcome the oncoming rapture. My orgasm peaking—it’s the image of his hands around my throat as he savagely fucks me, that’s my undoing. “Kwame…!” His name leaves my lips in a harsh exclamation as my orgasm hits hard and unexpectantly.

My body quakes with each satisfying ripple of gratification as the final waves of my climax coursing through my body leave me breathless. I collapse with a smile on my face. The video continues to play in the background as his sexy voice lulls me to sleep.

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