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Serendipity {Jikook}


I step in, a smirk on my lips. Ready to suck the money out of the man, but when i see who it is. I stop midway. It was the masked man, he was sitting on the blood red couch. His legs slightly pushed apart. And he had his index finger laying on his chin, when he sees me. He sits up, a smirk on his lips.

Drama / Romance
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Jimin's pov
As i swung on the poll, my lace garment riding up from behind. I slide down, displaying my ass like they wanted. I hear them cheer, and throw money onto the stage. It made me smile, i hook my left leg on. Gripping the silver pole as i swung, the thin string falling down my arm. Letting them see half my chest, there voices grew louder. And more money was thrown, sure you might think how desperate i was to get into stripping. But hey, money doesn't come cheap. When no one wants you, my song was coming to an end. SO i pull off my last move, and slide down the other string. Half my body in display, i turn to look at them. My eyes hooded, they all look at me in lust. Want in their eyes, but only a few get to have me tonight. I bend down to pick up my money, not bothering to redress my upper half. I wanted them to see me, so i could get booked more. Once i was done, i give them one more smile. Before making my way off the stage, walking down the steps. Seeing my partner, and my soulmate standing there with his hands on his hips. His outfit was not so bad, he looked nice.
"Park jimin, don't take all the men. I want some too." He says with a pout on his lips. I smirk at him, picking out a one dollar bill. And putting it inside his outfit, he scoffs. And takes it back out, placing it back in my stash.
"I don't want donations chimmy, but i bet i can make more." He says playfully. I raise a brow at him.
"Oh really."
He nods, a smirk playing on his lips now.
"Let's make a bet."
My smirk widens.
"Okay and what shall we bet on."
He licks his lips, looking above me. His eyes sparkling as they landed on something, or might i say someone. I turn around to see who he was looking at, and i spot a man in a fine suit. Wearing a black mask, weird in this club that wasn't required. Maybe he was someone important, but hell i could see from here he had a nice body. Maybe i could do this, but tae interrupts my thoughts.
"Whoever can get him wins."
I turn back to him, my smirk still in place.
Tae swings his hips, his eyes shining with determination. He really loved challenges.
"Well start after my performance, okay?"
I nod, mischief running through my veins. I was going to go over and talk to him while tae was dancing, i was going to get the upper hand. Cheating would hurt, would it. Tae eyes me but nods, making his way past me as they called his name. I go over to the back, and stash my cash in my expensive bag. Riding up my outfit strings, checking myself in the mirror before heading out. Seeing many men eyeing me as i passed by, but i kept my gaze on the man. He was my winning ticket, as i got close. I noticed there was a shorter man next to him, he had a mask as well. But his hair is what didn't match his mask, his hair was mint blue. It looked quite nice, but he wasn't the guy i was aiming for. So i would just ignore him, i walk over to the tall males side. Making sure i was pressed against him, i wanted his attention, i feel him shift. As he turns his attention to me, after a few seconds i look up at him. Meeting his eyes, they were pitch black. And his hair looked stylish, he was hot. Even through the mask, it made my face flush. This was a first, i never got flustered by a man.
"Sorry." I murmur, slightly moving away. But he kept his gaze on me, and i wasn't going to lie. It intimidated me, tae was out of his mind. Never have i thought i would act like this, Park jimin get yourself together. I look back at him, more determination in my eyes. I was going to flirt with this man until he got annoyed, no matter what i was going to win. I move back towards him, my gaze locked with his.
"May i ask why you have a mask on." I say softly. His lips stay in a straight line, his face unchanged. And for a second i thought he wouldn't reply, but then he did.
"For purposes." He replies, his voice low. It sent shivers down my spine, i slightly pout.
"And those are?"
His lips slightly move, and he leans close. His face inches from mine.
"Do you really want to know." He says darkly. I nod, extending my hand out to play with the collar of his shirt. My fingers land on the soft fabric, and i knew in that moment he was rich. Just like many of the men that came here, and i caught his scent. He smelled like lavender, quite a strange smell for a man like him. But he pulls back before i could catch any more.
"Well i guess you'll see."
And with that he turns away, walking off into the crowd. And i stand there dumbfounded, what did he mean by ill see. I let out a whine, knowing i lost the bet. Tae would be angry with me for making him leave, but then i see his friend is still standing there. Looking over at the stage, his eyes full of want. I turn my head to see tae sliding down the pole, his hair over his eyes. He looked hot, oooh my bestie was hot. Maybe i could tease this man, i make my way close to him. My lips twitching with amusement.
"So you like him huh?"
He turns to me, his eyes cold. A light shade of pink tints his cheeks.
I smirk at him.
"Well maybe i can help you get him, he's my best friend after all." I say teasingly. He eyes me.
"Alright i'm listening."
I walk closer to him, leaning down to whisper in his ear. He doesnt move back, he listens to what i say. Once i was done, i pull back. Seeing he had a smile on his face.
"Alright sounds good."
I giggle, seeing nora. Our planner walking towards me, her face set in a frown as usual. She really had no other expression.
"Jimin, come one a man has paid for you for the entire night." She says in annoyance. I roll my eyes at her, she was such a pain. Like dam, it's not my problem you can't get laid. She ignores me, and continues her way past me. I turn to the man.
"Just follow what i said." I add quickly before following nora. We make our way down the familiar hallway. And up the red velvet steps, walking down another hallway. And we stop in front of my usual room. She steps aside and opens it, her face changing immediately. I step in, a smirk on my lips. Ready to suck the money out of the man, but when i see who it is. I stop midway. It was the masked man, he was sitting on the blood red couch. His legs slightly pushed apart. And he had his index finger laying on his chin, when he sees me. He sits up, a smirk on his lips. Before i could turn away, the door closes. Dam you nora, you ugly troll. I just stand there, to shocked and scared to move. But then he gets up and makes his way towards me. Dominance spilling from him.

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