Mewtwo Strikes Back Retold


Rewrite of the first Pokémon movie. We all wonder what our destiny is in life. But how do we find it? Find out.

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Chapter 1


That was all that consumed the Pokémon’s mind. Revenge against the ones that created him for the purpose of exploiting his power for their own greed. Revenge against those that tried to enslave him for their own benefit.

Standing on the ruins of the laboratory where he was created, a Pokémon called Mewtwo stared out at the seemingly endless miles of ocean that went as far as the eye could see.

He had been created for the sole purpose of serving a man named Giovanni, that he had been cloned from the ancient Pokémon Mew to be stronger than any living Pokémon in the world. The scientists that created him cared nothing for his well being and livelihood but for their own greed and how they could get rich off of what he would bring them. In an outburst of anger, he destroyed the lab and killed everyone in it. Among the still burning remains, Giovanni arrived and convinced him that he could become even more powerful if he had the proper training, saying that the two of them would be partners in this endeavor.

Mewtwo agreed to the terms and soon was placed into a semi-bionic suit that would help him, as Giovanni said it, “focus his powers.” Being kept inside the deep underbelly of the Viridian City gym, he was used to help Giovanni take out the challengers at the gym and whatever else he needed him for.

But that was not enough for Mewtwo. He wanted answers as to what his purpose in life was and his purpose for being created. What was this life worth living for? What is the purpose of being a part of this world? How he wanted to know the answer to those questions.

Soon enough, he brought that question to Giovanni. What happened next spiraled things out of control. Giovanni told him that his sole purpose in life was to serve him and nothing else; that he was not a partner but his weapon of war. Mewtwo did not take kindly to those words and destroyed his bonds before flying back to the island that he was created on, destroying Team Rocket’s base in the process.

‘What is my purpose here?’ Mewtwo asks himself. ‘I will find my own purpose and purge this world of all who oppose me, no matter who gets in the way. Soon the world will quake in fear before me. The age of Mewtwo has now begun.’

Walking along coastal hills on a sunny morning alone, a brunette man of eighteen silently looked out to the ocean and watched a pod of Lapras swim by in peace.

A family.

Sighing sadly, he sat down on the soft grass and leaned forward with elbows against his knees for a moment before pulling out his wallet and gazing at the crinkled photo of a beautiful woman within it. It’d been three years since he’d last seen her and Troy imagined that it would be many more before he’d ever see her again.

He could remember that year well. Fifteen years old and the reigning Kanto champion for the fourth consecutive year, full of pride for his faithful Pokémon and what they’d achieved together since he was twelve. The news of his mother passing away while he was gone shocked him to the core and it left him questioning many things for a time. Finally after a long time of difficult soul-searching, he’d decided he’d continue battling and training to be the best for his mother’s memory. After a time, it wasn’t fun for him anymore before finally retiring from it all at seventeen.

It was only when a trio stumbled upon him in his hometown one year later where a boy not much younger than him nagged Troy to help him become a better trainer, but he refused. What was the point of returning to battling when he found no joy or meaning in it anymore? It was only after the rescue of a ten-year-old boy’s Pikachu from petty thieves and a talking Meowth that Troy decided to help Ash and his friends. He felt that is was the right thing to do since Ash, Brock and Misty seemed to be well acquainted with those thieves and not arming them with knowledge of how to get out of a bad situation would have been selfish.

He tagged along and consequently witnessed just how persistent Team Rocket were in their attempt to capture Pikachu. Troy, as a result from travelling alongside the three, learned their personalities and clashed with each of them for different reasons.

No matter how many times he tried to drum it into Ash’s head to plan ahead during a Pokémon battle, the younger trainer didn’t really seem to listen and would grow frustrated when he was outwitted by an opposite. Troy wasn’t oblivious to the fact that Ash disliked being called out on making knee jerk decisions, but he was only trying to help Ash. They got on for the most part though and he could see that Ash was making progress as a trainer, albeit slowly because of his resistance to changing his direct-force and type-based battle style. It was a predictable one.

Troy on the other hand was the complete opposite for he constantly changed the way he battled so to keep his opponents guessing. It was what he knew best and had worked well for the more experienced trainers for many years. Having to witness Ash do the same thing again and again grated on his nerves and he found it difficult to resist the urge of pointing it out.

Things with Misty weren’t bad, so to speak, but he learned that she was a girl with a strong personality unlike the fan girls he’d had to face during his years as reigning champion. The sight of panties and bras raining down on him, some of them he believed had just come off, and girls screaming their heads off as he entered the arena in the past was difficult to forget and Troy was grateful Misty was nothing of the sort or he’d probably have gone back home long ago.

He got on with her for the most part and although she wasn’t aiming to become a Pokemon Master like Ash, they often agreed with Ash’s predictability in battle. On the other hand things would go south when their views weren’t aligned, leading to Misty trying to shout her opinion across to him while Troy remained steadfast about his beliefs and choices. She wasn’t a bad companion, but it was a work in progress.

Brock, out of the three, was probably the one he got along with the most. The rock-type trainer wasn’t as hot-headed as the other two and would make an effort to understand the what and why of Troy’s reasoning, but there was something he felt was the cause of mild resentment from Brock.


Brock chased girls, but girls chased Troy. It was an easy to foresee problem and he couldn’t help it. It wasn’t like he was trying to taunt Brock about his struggles to find a girlfriend, the fangirls had minds of their own and pursued Troy on their own violation. While it was understandable there was nothing Troy could do to stop them from fussing over how attractive they found him, it didn’t take a psychic Pokémon to know that it made Brock jealous.

Getting up off the grass and heading back towards the picnic site, he raised an eyebrow at the plum of dirt rising into the air.

Probably Ash battling again. I hope he’s mixing up his strategy.′

Growing curious of how the trainer currently under his wings was doing, Troy picked up the pace towards the trio when he heard the sound of a trainer and the dialect of a Venusaur and Pidgeot further inland.

“You’ve got this, Bruteroot. Fast but strong! Solar beam!”

Who calls their Venusaur ‘Bruteroot’? I suppose I’ve heard worse. You won’t catch me calling mine that. I wonder how Venusaur’s doing back with Gyarados at home? I ought to let Lucario and Gengar out. They’d like this weather. Lucario would at least.′

Following the bright light with the only Pokémon he had with him and looking up at the target, Troy spotted a Pidgeot flying nearby and dodging grass-type attacks while combatting them with its own abilities. Observing them for a time with the occasional glance in the direction of Ash’s battle, Troy supposed it wasn’t a bad way to increase attack speed for something like Solar Beam. Turning away and making for the picnic site, Troy walked off with his Pokémon following beside him, Gengar being a nuisance to Lucario as usual.

“I challenge you, Troy Black!”

Turning around, he saw that it was that trainer and his ‘Bruteroot’, the Pidgeot out of sight or back in its ball. Getting a better look at the trainer, Troy could see that he was dressed in all red: a red jacket with a yellow patch on the chest, and red pants. The only thing that broke the continuation of red was his navy blue hair and blue shoes. He wore a determined and somewhat overconfident look on his face. Lucario grumbled lowly, but a brief touch on his paw quieted him. Raising an eyebrow at the boy slightly older than Ash, Troy stuck his hands in his pocket and stared at him, saying nothing. The certainty waivered on the trainer’s face before he took a half step toward.

“You are Troy Black, aren’t you?”

He immediately knew this trainer wasn’t going to give up until he had his battle with him. He sighed. “Yeah, I used to be.” Turning away again and heading for Ash, Brock and Misty, he saw that a Pidgeot stood in his way. Instead of having Lucario or Gengar knock out the bird, he turned back. “And you would be?”

“Corey Slayzer from Vermillion City, and I challenge you to a battle!”

With a shake of his head, Troy glanced to Lucario, who nodded and stepped forward.

“This is going to be good practice for when I get to New Island,” said Corey, smirking. “A former champion will get me ready for the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world.”

“Hate to burst your bubble, kid,” returned Troy. “But I intend to pound you into dust.”

“We’ll see about that. Go, Bruteroot. Razor Leaf.”

The huge grass type fired off dozens of razor-edged leaves towards Lucario.

“Dodge it and use Aura Sphere!” Troy commanded.

Lucario dodged every single one of the leaves before firing off a small sphere of blue energy towards his opponent, scoring a direct hit. Bruteroot cried out in pain from the impact.

Corey gritted his teeth in frustration. “You haven’t won this one yet,” he said stubbornly. “Bruteroot, Solar Beam!”

Channeling the sun’s energy, Bruteroot started powering up for the attack. This gave Troy only a few precious seconds to attack.

“Lucario, Bone Rush!”

Bringing his paws together, Lucario summoned a light blue staff and charged towards his opponent. Lucario gave a loud growl as he swung the staff at the defenseless Venusaur. Hit after hit, Lucario was doing a ton of damage while Bruteroot lost concentration on producing a Solar Beam.

“Let’s finish this, Lucario,” Troy encouraged. “Use Force Palm!”

The blue staff disappeared and Lucario stuck out his right paw almost instantaneously. A yellow beam blasted out of his palm and collided with his opponent. A cloud of smoke from the collision rose.

“No Bruteroot!”

When the smoke cleared, Bruteroot was out for the count. Lucario smirked slightly at his victory, not needing to celebrate. Corey quickly returned his Pokémon to its Poké Ball.

“Well if I can’t beat you on land, I guess I’ll have to beat you in the air,” he stormed. “Pidgeot, let’s go!”

The bird Pokémon flew into the air with a cry, ready to take on its opponent.

“Alright, Lucario. You had your fun. Take a rest,” said Troy. Lucario was more than happy to comply and went back over to Troy. “Alright, Gengar. Let’s go get ’em!”

No answer. Troy looked around, puzzled by the disappearance of his Pokémon, but there was no Gengar to be found.

“Gengar? Where are you?”

“Come on, I don’t have all day!” Corey cried impatiently.

“Uh sorry about that.” Troy smiled apologetically. “Gengar! Come out here right now!”

Without warning, Gengar reappeared right in Corey’s face. His Cheshire Cat smile nearly scaring him out of his wits.

“Gengar!” He cried.

Corey gave a terrified yelp and fell back to the ground, surprised and startled by Gengar’s reappearance. Gengar laughed at his prank. Troy couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“Alright, Gengar. That’s enough,” he chided. “Now let’s battle.”

Gengar affirmed with a fist and flew into the air with Pidgeot.

Corey growled in anger. “I’m going to make you pay for that. Alright Pidgeot, use Quick Attack!”

Pidgeot flew at Gengar with momentum energy surrounding it. Troy did not have to give a command at all because Gengar disappeared in a blink. Pidgeot stopped attacking, confused as to where its opponent ran off to.

“What is this?” Corey demanded. “Is this some kind of show or something?”

“Hey, I can’t help it if Gengar wants to play around.” Troy had his hands out defensively as he gave his explanation. “Just how he rolls.”

Without warning, Gengar reappeared and prepared to give a Confuse Ray attack on the still-confused bird.

“Above you!” Corey cried to his Pokémon. It was too late however and the attack collided with it. “Use Gust!”

Pidgeot flapped its wings desperately but they were not heading towards Gengar.

“Take a look,” said Troy, pointing towards the confused Pokémon. “Your Pidgeot is confused.” He then dialed up another attack. “Alright Gengar, now use Shadow Punch.”

Black energy surrounded Gengar’s right fist as he made a punching motion towards the bird. Since Shadow Punch never misses, it did a lot of damage to the confused Pokémon. Corey could only watch helplessly as his Pokémon took the hit.

“Keep it up, Gengar. Now disappear!”

Without hesitation, Gengar vanished from sight.

“Oh come on!” Corey’s patience finally wore thin. “You can’t keep doing that! It won’t save you.”

“I’m not doing it to save myself, silly boy,” Troy chuckled. “Just watch. Gengar, use Night Shade.”

From out of nowhere, two dark beams rained down on Pidgeot, both colliding with ease. Gengar reappeared, prepared for the next command.

“Now use Shadow Ball!”

A dark ball of energy built up in Gengar’s hands before he fired it off.

“Dodge it and use Quick Attack again!” Corey commanded.

His Pokémon did exactly as instructed and dodged the Shadow Ball. It then charged up to go in fast but Gengar vanished again.

“Wrap this up with Shadow Ball!”

Another dark ball of energy came in towards Pidgeot again, this time there was nothing it or its trainer could do and the attack collided with it, sending it crashing to the ground with a cloud of dust from the impact. After the dust cleared, it was clear Pidgeot couldn’t go on.

“And that is that.” Troy said. Gengar returned to his side, giving him five. Corey returned his defeated Pokémon to its Poké Ball with a look of disgust and frustration.

“You may have beaten me this time,” he raged. “But after I defeat the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer at New Island later, I will be back for a rematch.”

With exhausted Pokémon, the defeated trainer walked away, presumably for a Pokémon Center after the way Lucario and Gengar had trounced Corey’s Pokémon so thoroughly. Leaving the area and returning to the trio, Troy was greeted by the sight of Ash praising his Bulbasaur and Squirtle while Misty and Brock watched on from the table.

Seeing the happiness between Ash and his Pokémon, Troy felt a smile creep onto his own face as he walked over and joined the redhead while Brock went over to a simmering dish on the fire. “How’d he do?”

“Predictable, as usual. The other trainer was pretty obvious though.”

At the footsteps he looked up and saw Brock shrug slightly as the breeder started serving up lunch. “He wasn’t bad, but still needs to think ahead.”

The smell of Brock’s food was making Troy’s stomach grumble as always, but taking the pack off his back and digging out a blue tin can, he approached Lucario and handed him some of Brock’s creation for refreshing a Pokémon after battle.

“Here ya go,” he ruffled Lucario’s head. “Eat up. You did well today, my friend.”

Lucario gave his thanks before stuffing his face. Troy then approached Gengar, who was reclining back and basking in the sun.

“Food’s on, Gengar. Come and get it.”

Gengar sat up and drifted over to where his food sat. With a thumbs up of thanks to his trainer, he started chowing down.

Returning to the table, Troy watched Ash’s Pokémon play in the pleasant weather, but couldn’t help frowning at the lack of Charizard’s presence. Charizard wasn’t a bad Pokémon and neither was Ash a bad trainer. In the beginning he’d presumed Ash had mistreated it and Troy wondered if he’d made a bad judge of character about the younger boy, but after a while and seeing how Ash was never abusive with his Pokémon as he’d seen from other trainers with bitter-acting Pokémon, Troy realized that it was something outside of Ash’s control.

Well, not entirely outside of his control. He knew the story of how Charizard had been abandoned as a Charmander and it was the key to unlocking the mystery. He’d seen this kind of problem before; a trainer finds an abandoned Pokémon, trains it, evolves it, and soon finds themselves with a Pokémon that suddenly seems to hate them.

No matter what Ash did, this was going to happen and Charizard was going to be nothing but grief for Ash. However the fact that Ash had used Charizard as a Charmeleon to evolve a Paras wouldn’t have helped matters between the two. Doing something like that, even though Charmeleon had been more than happy to do it, most likely planted thoughts within the Pokémon’s mind that would later fester and make its view towards Ash less than positive.

But Ash keeping it inside its ball isn’t going to help the matter improve.′

Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew everything back a few yards just as Troy was about to dig into his food. Everyone fell to the ground as their table was blown sideways.

Looking over, Troy saw a Dragonite standing beside the fallen table with a pack around its shoulder.

“Hey, why don’t you watch where you’re flying?” Ash asked, rubbing his head.

Dragonite didn’t seem to be too concerned with their damaged goods, instead giving Ash a letter from its pack.

“What’s that for?” Troy asked. Ash opened it and there was an invitation that looked like a projector. Everyone crowded around.

A woman was projected from the center of the invitation.

“Greetings Pokémon trainers,” she said. “I bear an invitation.”

“She’s really small but really pretty,” quipped Brock.

“Shut up, Brock.” Misty chided.

“You’ve been chosen to join a group of Pokémon trainers at a gathering. It will be hosted by my master, the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer, at his palace on New Island. A ferry will leave Old Shore Wharf to take you to the island this afternoon. Only trainers with this invitation will be admitted. If you decide to attend, you must reply at once. My master awaits you.” She gave one final bow before she disappeared.

“So that’s what that trainer was raving about when he said he would be meeting the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer,” said Troy.

“So should we go?” Misty asked.

“Of course!” Brock exclaimed, yelling right in Troy’s ear. “I’ve got to meet her.”

“Ow!” Troy grabbed his ear. “Dang, Brock. You don’t have to shout.”

“I guess the world’s number one trainer wants to challenge me to a match.” Ash said, a spark present in his eyes.

“I’m not sure about this, Ash,” said Troy. “I sense something foul afoot. Maybe we should just say no and get on our way. You’ve got more training to do before the Indigo League.”

There was a brief silence as Ash seemed to be in thought.

“Nah!” He finally said. “You worry too much. This is a chance to battle with the world’s number one trainer.”

“I’m still not sure about this.”

“Let’s take a vote,” retorted Ash. “Brock? Misty? What do you guys think?”

“I’m in. I’ve got to meet that girl!” Was Brock’s answer.

“I think it would be fun.” Misty replied.

Troy seemed to be in thought, knowing now that he was the lone minority. Maybe he was just being paranoid or maybe he wasn’t. There was only one way to find out.

“Alright,” he relented. “Alright. I’m gonna back you on this one. But I sure as hell hope you know what you’re getting into.”

With his approval, Ash checked ‘Yes’ on the other piece of paper before giving it to Dragonite, who flew away.

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