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BTS 8th member ( Y/N )


Hi everyone , my name is choi yn . I am the 8th member of Bts . They all love me a lot and care for me . I have a secret , i have a crush on lil meow meow , suga . I love him a lot but no one know about it . I am a sweet but a bad bitch . My members haven't seen my devil side because i always pretend to be innocent and cute . ( this is my first time . If you will not like it , then please tell me and i will try to change my storyline.)

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Chapter 1

Yn pov

I was sleeping peacefully on my bed when i feel something wet on my ass . I remembered , today my periods are starting . How could i forget it ?
I quickly go to the bathroom and took a shower .


Yn - Good morning oppas

Bts - Good morning cupcake

We all were eating breakfast chit chatting but suddenly my cramps hit me . It was too much for me to handle . So , I stood up and sit on jin lap .

Bts pov

We all were eating breakfast but suddenly cupcake hold her stomach tightly and sit on jin lap with legs on each side of his eaost and hands around his neck.

Jin - Cupcake what happened
he said caressing her hair

Yn - My stomach is hurting . I am on periods .

Jin hugged her tightly and patted her back to calm her down .

Jin - jhope go and bring painkillers .

Jhope - ok hyung

Jin - suga and namjoon you go and bring hot pack and soup for her.
They also went in the kitchen .

Jin - and you three , bring some sweets for her.
They also went to the supermarket.
Then jin take her to her room with her still on his lap .

Yn - oppa its hurting

Jin place her hand on her bare stomach and start caressing it . After sometimes , everyone came in the room .

Jhope - here are the painkillers .
You take it and eat it .

Suga and namjoon gave her a hot pack and gove porridge to jin .

Jin - here sweetheart, say aa

Yn - No , i don't want to eat it . You made a disguisting face .
Everyone chuckled seeing you all whiny and make weird but cute .
Yn - i want ice cream .

Jin - no , first eat this . It will help you .
Yn - No , i don't want to .

Jimin came and take you in his embrace and you started crying . ( mood swings )

Jimin- cupcake , why are you crying . You don't want me to hug you .
He was about to pull his arms but you hug him , woth legs on each side of side and hands around his neck . You snughled into his chest inhaling his scent.
But little did you not know that someone was burning in jealousy seeing you snuggled up in jimin embrace .

To be continued ....

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