Never Did I Think | Lorenzo Berkshire



"Really mama?" I ask.

"Yes, would you rather do it?" She asks closing the fridge.

"No, but why can't Tiana watch her?"

"She's on her honeymoon En," she says. "Why do you care so much anyways? It's only for a few weeks, and your most likely going to be with your friends for all of it. "

"Because, we're letting a stranger into our house, we don't even know her." I sit down on the kitchen counter.

"First of all, get off the counter before I beat you." I jump off the counter, "second of all, you don't know her, I do. Her mother has been a friend of mine for a while, Lillian is really sweet, I think you'd like her."

"Has Anissa even met her?"

"Yes, and she already likes her, I don't see the problem," she shrugs.

"Whatever, I'm going to go," I smile kissing her cheek before getting my basketball ball and walking out the house.


"Are you ready?" Mom asks.

"Yes, I'll see you in a few weeks," I smile.

"Thank you for this Lil, we both really needed this."

"Anissa doesn't seem like much work, so I can handle it," I say.

"That's the spirit!" She laughs.

"Okay, bye mama, love you." I kiss her cheek before getting in the car. Throwing my bags in the back, as I'm pulling out the driveway I see Anissa's mom pulling in, I roll my window down and so does she.

"Thank you again," she smiles.

"It's no problem, really. Just have fun, not too much!" I yell to my mom. They laugh and I drive away to Anissa's house.

Pulling out the key from my pocket I walk into the house.

"Issa?" I ask.

"Up here!" I hear her voice yell.

I walk upstairs and see her colouring in her playroom, I smile and ask her if she wants me to play with her.

"What are we colouring?"

"Elsa and Anna!"

"That's your favourite movie isn't it?" I chuckle getting markers.

"It is! Can we watch it later?"

"Only if you finish your food before," I say and she nods.

We continue colouring the pages before I make her dinner, as she eats it in the dining room I walk up to the guest room. Putting all my clothes away, my hygiene stuff in the walk-in bathroom. Just fixing it up a little since I'll be here for the next few weeks.

My mom and Rebecca wanted to have a vacation for a little while since they've been working for a long time, so I offered to watch Anissa for Rebecca. I knew that she had a son around my age, but she said he'll most likely be with his friends for most of it anyways.

And I like kids, only if they aren't a toddler because toddlers are too much work.

I walk downstairs to see Anissa finishing her last few bites, I smile and turn on Frozen for her, sitting beside her and holding her in my arms.

"Aren't you going to eat?" She asks me.

"I'm not really hungry," I shrug. "But if I do there's leftover pasta I can eat later."
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