Never Did I Think | Lorenzo Berkshire



I feel a small hand on my cheek, I open my eyes to see Anissa beside me holding my cheek.

"Good morning," I smile at her.

"Can we go to the park?!" She exclaims.

"Park? How about later? We have to eat and get ready first!" I say and she nods going downstairs.

I brush my teeth and put my hair into a ponytail, walking downstairs I make eggs for us. We finish the eggs and get ready, I change her into a blue shirt and black tights, putting an extra hoodie in my bag for her in case it gets cold.

I change into some loose jeans and a grey hoodie, I buckle her up into my car and drive off to the park.

"How many friends do you have?" I ask trying to make conversation.

"Five.. I think? Some are from school and some I met at the park," she smiles.

"Do you have a bestfriend?"

"I do, my brother! Even if I can annoy him," she laughs and I join her laughter.

"We're here," I say.

I get her out of the car and she goes to play, thankfully her friends were here already to play with. I sit on a bench, getting my phone out and calling Ava.


"Ava, wanna come to the park?"

"Oh yeah, you're babysitting. Nah it's okay, I'm chilling with Landon today."

"If you guys have sex can you please not tell me about it this time?" I groan.

She laughs, "noted."

I smile before hanging up the phone, playing music through my AirPods and watching Anissa play. I see her looking at the basketball court and jump up from the ground, running towards there.

"Anissa!" I yell getting up and chasing after her.

She continues running until she jumps into a boys arms, hugging him tightly. Must be her brother.

"Anissa, don't run off like that," I pant as he puts her down.

"Sorry," she says.

"You must be her brother, I'm Lillian," I say putting my hand out and he shakes it.

"I'm Lorenzo, sorry if she scared you," he laughs.

"At least she knows you," I sigh.

"How's it going with her? Is she a pain in your ass?" He asks covering her ears and I chuckle.

"Not yet, we mostly just coloured yesterday then watched a movie," I shrug.


"Yup," I say.

"I can never get the end of that movie because of her," he chuckles.

"It's a good movie Enzo!" She says.

"Okay okay, sorry."

"We should go back to playing, right?" I ask Anissa and she nods, running back to her friends.

"It was nice meeting you," I say.

"You're nicer than I thought you'd be," he laughs.

"I don't know if that's a compliment or not," I joke.

"Take it how you want," he shrugs.

"Are you ever going to be at the house?" I ask. "Just so I know a stranger didn't break in."

"Probably to get clothes, or if my friends dad gets tired of me," he laughs.

"Yeah, see ya," I say then walk back to the bench.

I sit down and look back at Lorenzo, only to see him looking at me, he smiles before going back to his game. I did not know he'd be that cute.
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