Renegade Rescue


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Chapter One: The Mission

Renegade Rescue

by Jane Pinegrove


This is actually a continuation of my sister's WordGirl story Secret Identity: Safe, Or Not. However, it is still a good fanfic by itself, if you have no idea what WordGirl is. (But if you do, and even if you didn't, it would probably be better to read the first one first.)

My sis didn't write this; I wrote all of it. (Hooray! No more apologies for off-character messes!)

However, she DID originally invent the StarShip 2000, the evil Prince Underwood, and her own OC, Captain Amarav. I just built off her original ideas by developing Prince Sean's character a little more, and adding several crew members to her StarShip 2000. (and making up this adventure of it! What fun!)

Renegade Rescue

a Star Wars story

Disclaimer(yay! my first!): some characters, places, ideas, etc. are copyrighted to Lucasfilm and George Lucas. Captain Amarav, the StarShip 2000 and its crew, Prince Underwood and the whole idea of Amrandia belong to me (and my sis! She helped!). Some other things also may, (including the whole plot of this story!) but those are the main things.

Chapter Index

One: The Mission

Two: On Hitena's Surface

Three: The Amrandian Base

Four: A Heroine's Demise

Five: The Groups Meet Again

Six: Search and... Rescue?

Seven: Threatened by the Truth

Eight: No Objections?

Nine: Hesitations

Ten: And That is That (Wrap Up)

Chapter One: The Mission

"Captain Amarav, come in, Captain Amarav," CoCapJanice spoke into her communicator. This had been an already very frustrating mission for her, and now that her own captain was down on one of the treacherous planets of Amrandia, there was no telling what might happen.

"Captain Amarav, if you please, we've already lost several important pilots on this mission. We do not need to lose our own captain. Please return to the StarShip 2000, Captain," pleaded the CoCaptain's assistant, Andrea.

The captain did not respond.

"Probably just ignoring us..." muttered one of the crew.

"On the contrary, the captain may be in trouble," Sophia interjected. "We should send a search party into the southern region of the planet."

"Not quite yet," returned CoCapJanice. She was the captain's faithful assistant and held the patience of every crew member.

All except one, that is.

Little did the Captain or CoCaptain know, Junior CoCaptain Rosalee left the StarShip 2000 for the planet Hitena.

And what a surprise was in store for her.

* * *

Since the reduced threat of the Imperial army and the technical abolishment of the Dark Side, Luke Skywalker and his friends were taking a break on his home planet Tatooine.

It was a slightly warm afternoon there. Han was busy at his ship along with R2 and Chewie. Suddenly Luke appeared.

"Making improvements?"

"Well, yeah. Chewie, could you hand me the screwdriver?"

The Wookiee moaned something and dropped the screwdriver into the hand poking out of a compartment beneath the floorboard.

R2 excitedly beeped. Out of fright or not was not clear.

"What's that?" called the technician.

The droid replied with a longer string of excited-sounding beeps.


"I believe he already said it was an unknown caller, sir," came a third voice.

"Threepio, what ARE you doing up here?" asked Solo sounding half-bored and half-annoyed.

"I was just—"

"He followed me in, Han," Luke added as he pressed a button on the dash to put the call on speakerphone. "Hello?"

"Han Solo?" came a female voice.

"Yeah, who wants to know?" he responded, with a half-raised eyebrow.

"It's Janice."

A moment's pause.

"Janice who?"

"Janice WHO needs your and Luke's help in a dangerous predicament."

"Why us?"

"You're the only help we can think of. Besides, Uncle, we'll need a Jedi." Then, she added, as if an afterthought: "Oh, and a couple of cute droids."

"What did she say?" C-3PO asked R2-D2.

R2 beeped.


"Remember me, Janice, your niece?"

Han seemed a bit reluctant to the question at first. But he finally replied with a nonchalant "Yeah."

"Okay then, you should know who you're dealing with. Is Luke there?"

"I'm here."

"I need your guys' help. Capt— Amarav's been kidnapped by locals in allegiance to the Imperial army, and my crew's way too small to take them alone. You see, Amrandians have Imperial defense systems. You and all the other Rebel forces are the only others we can count on."

Momentary silence. Crickets seemed to chirp.

"Send us an army, or you four can come alone."

This comment seemed to upset Chewie.

"Of course you can come too, Chewbacca," consoled C-3PO hastily.

Luke and Han exchanged glances, and R2 beeped quizzically.

"I've been bored these last few days," Luke commented optimistically.

"Sounds fine," Han finally said. "We'll come ASAP."

"Perfect," the CoCaptain finished. "We won't forget this. Good luck."

The call turned to dial tone and Luke pushed a button to end it.

"What about Leia?" wondered Solo. "We can't just leave her here. What if—"

"She doesn't HAVE to go and it probably won't matter even if she does tag along."

"But what if it DOES matter?"

"If you don't mind, sir, the odds that Princess Leia is safer here than on the mission are 618 to 1," C-3PO put in.

"Based on what, huh?" questioned Han.

After not earning a reply, he seemed to think this over for a moment. Then he climbed into the driver's seat. "All right, but you should probably let her know where we're going first."

Luke smiled weakly and exited the ship. Presently, Chewie moaned.

"Don't worry, buddy, you're coming," Han said, turning to the Wookiee.

After a small moment of silence, R2-D2 removed his small metal limb from the connection in the wall and started beeping. Han looked quizzical for a second.

"He says he tracked the call to the planet Hitena, one of the eighteen planets that make up Amrandia," confirmed C-3PO.

Han turned to the control panels and started pressing buttons. "Alright, setting coordinates to the planet Hitena."

Chewie seated himself in the passenger seat and buckled in.

"Sir, shouldn't we wait for Master Luke?" asked a worried 3PO.

Solo looked annoyed.

"That's what I'm doing, so... chill out."

A moment passed where R2 beeped to his pal, 3PO looked a little squeamish, Chewie let out a moan, and Han wouldn't keep his fingers off the controls. Finally, Luke entered.

"Are we ready?" he asked with an adventurous smile.

"You bet," answered the pilot, somewhat reluctantly.

"Oh, Artoo, I don't know about this," said 3PO. The droid only replied with a string of low beeps.

The ship took off with an exceptional start.

* * *

"CoCaptain, are you sure we should call them for aid?" one of the crew asked. "I mean, we don't really—"

"No, no no no of course we do. I've been wanting to see them again myself."

A disgruntled, stuffy silence seemed to have been boxed in the room.

* * *

"There they are," said Luke, pointing out the window to the StarShip 2000.

"I'll contact them," Han replied, redialing on the control panel.

"Greetings, Uncle," Janice welcomed. "And Luke and Artoo and Threepio. Am I forgetting someone?"

Chewie replied quickly, hovering near the speakerphone.

"Ah, Chewie, my memory's bad. I apologize."

"So, your captain's on Hitena?" inquired Skywalker.

"Yes, the southern side from where we hover."

"All right, we'll be there."

"Thanks a lot."

"It's not a big deal."

The call ended shortly.

The first thing Janice said was: "Prepare my capsule."

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