My Saviour (Jimin BTS)


A 21-year-old girl, Kim Ga Eun has always been protected by her angel; Jimin. When Ga Eun turned 21, the angel has to reveal himself. When he does, they both slowly became friends and that blossomed to love. But an angel and a human can’t have a relationship. A fight between heaven and Earth. Will they continue their relationship?

Fantasy / Romance
Irene Joyyy
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𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝟏 : 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨

Ga Eun was in the library; her normal schedule. She sat at her usual spot with her hot chocolate on the table. She had her earphones on. She was ignoring the fanboys that were around her; watching her movements. She goes through this every day. Boys welcoming her in the morning with gifts, drinks and love letters. Then when she walks through the corridors, she’s welcomed by lecturers and students welcoming her. She gets this attention because she’s smart, pretty and everything that a person could ask for. Not only boys were after her; even girls. Not all because some girls are just jealous of her.

She continued vibing to her music and reading a book. She could see people staring at her. Even the slightest movement makes her look cute, pretty or sexy. She goes through this every day so it’s not new to her. She has loving parents; they support her in everything. Ga Eun is only friends with a few people; who don’t become friends with her just because she’s the university’s heartthrob. Her friends Yoonji, Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook. These friends always support her and ‘save’ her from her superfans. The university is jealous that the university’s heartthrob is friends with these specific guys.

She couldn’t trust any girls in the university, because the person who seemed good was the cause of a rumour that Ga Eun did plastic surgery to get attention. She could only trust Yoonji; Yoongi’s younger sister. She’s in the same class as Ga Eun the other boys are in their 4th year; while Ga Eun and Yoonji are on their 3rd.

The silence got interrupted by books that were placed on the table. Ga Eun looked up to see a tired and pissed off Yoonji. “Hey girl, what happened?” Ga Eun whispered while removing her earphone. “That monstrous brother of mine gave me his work to do,” Yoonji says as Ga Eun giggles. That action made some boys go into ‘simp mode’. “This is the 3rd time this month and it’s only the 2nd of July.” Ga Eun says and Yoonji just pouts. “I’m a good sister. Too good. Please help me...again.” Yoonji pouts as Ga Eun nods. “What work is it this time?” Ga Eun asks. “Some stupid history essay writing. Yoongi is on basketball season so I guess I will be doing his work this whole month.” Yoonji says as Ga Eun looks through the assignment.

“I’ll work on this later. I’ll come to your house.” Ga Eun says as Yoonji nods. “Hey, guys.” Out of nowhere, Jungkook greets them. They both flinch. “Jungkook?” Ga Eun asks. “You scared us.” She adds. “Oops, I’m sorry. Uhm, mind if I steal Ga Eun for a while?” Jungkook asks Yoonji. “Not at all. Have fun lovebirds!” Yoonji says as Ga Eun rolls her eyes.

Jungkook and Ga Eun have been friends more than the others. He has been her friend since she was born. She trusts him with all her life. They have been the “couple” because they know Jungkook have such feelings for her but stayed silent; knowing she’s uncomfortable with the pouring of love letters and sudden courting. “So?” Ga Eun asks.

“So, we haven’t hung out for a long time. Maybe if we could hang out this Saturday? It’s your birthday too.” Jungkook says smiling softly. “Sure, what time?” Ga Eun asked. “GA EUN!!!” Some of her superfans found them. “Shit, let’s go.” Jungkook grabbed her hand and started running.

Also, by the way, Ga Eun debuted in an agency called ‘Star Entertainment’. She has these superfans for her amazing singing talent. Her parents are idols too. These superfans have been a problem for her for years. They are because of her talent, beauty or her smarts. Namjoon and her have been the highest IQ students of the university. After they reached a dark alley, they both pant and see all of her superfans running in a different direction. “So, will you come?” Jungkook asks and their gazes met each other. “Of course, Kookie.” Ga Eun replies and Jungkook smiles widely. “I’ll send you the details later. Now you can go back to the library. With that, they returned to their respective activities.She came back to the library to see Yoongi, Yoonji, Seokjin and Taehyung. “Oh, hey guys!” Ga Eun greets them. “Hello, beautiful.” Seokjin greets back. “What are you all up to?” Ga Eun asks. “Kitten, did my sister ask you to do my work?” Yoongi suddenly asks and Yoonji signals her to deny. “Uhm, no?” Ga Eun says with an awkward smile. “If she did, I’m gonna make her do my work for the rest of the semester. Nobody does this to my kitten.” Yoongi says as Ga Eun sits next to Yoonji.“Tae, aren’t you supposed to be in class with Kookie?” Ga Eun asks. “I’m skipping it,” Taehyung says. “Why?” Ga Eun asks. “To be with you,” Taehyung says as she giggles.

“Awh, that’s cute.” Suddenly a boy enters the conversation. “Ki Soo, what are you doing here?” Yoongi grits. “Uhm, to talk with the prettiest girl, of course. Ga Eun, wanna hang out this Saturday?” Ki Soo asks as Yoonji stands up. “No, she doesn’t want to.” She grits and Ga Eun places her hand on Yoonji’s shoulder. “Uhm, Ki Soo. Thank you for the offer but I’m going to hang out with my friends since it will be my birthday.” Ga Eun says and smiles. “Then, I will get your gifts at your doorstep, on Saturday morning.” Ki Soo says and leaves. “That bastard is hard to avoid,” Taehyung says. “Guys, he doesn’t do anything so chill.” Ga Eun says. “He’s been chasing you since your first year. He even tried kissing you.” Seokjin says. “He tried to kiss not kissed me. So chill. I have everything under control.” Ga Eun and smiles. -Timeskip to Ga Eun’s birthday-

“Thanks, guys.” Ga Eun thanks her friends. Ga Eun was welcomed to a picnic for her birthday. She was showered with gifts. Jungkook hasn’t given his gift because he’s waiting for the right moment. “Kookie, when are you gonna give the gift?” Seokjin teases him while quirking his brows. “Shut up, Seokjin,” Jungkook says in a warning. She spent most of the evening spending her 21st birthday. The night came but they were still outside laughing and talking.

Ga Eun excused herself to the restroom. She was walking by the rustling leaves on the trees and an earthy smell. She smiled as she looks at the sun setting to a purple and navy blue. She hasn’t seen a beautiful sunset since she has gotten famous. She smiled seeing the people walking by. She continued until she heard something. “Ga Eun.” A voice called out. “What? Who?” Ga Eun turned out to just see an empty pavement. She returned to walking.

“Kim Ga Eun.” Another call and she turns around to meet silence. She continues and finally, she sees the restroom. After she finished, she came out. But to just get courted by someone.

-To be continued-


hey guys!!! I'm back with a new story. so caca's gimme some reviews and likes...tbh I hate the story cover so ill fix it tmr coz I have to sleep 😒 so here ya go...CYA IN EPISODE 2 CACA'S <3

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