Secrets (BTS KTH)


A boy full of secrets and a hidden dark life, who minds his own business, with a stern face and a cheerful girl like a social butterfly 🦋 wants to combine together, but the boy denied to be with her or more like afraid to bring another one to drag into his hell hole for suffering only....But both are stubborn and held their points Will both will remain stubborn or will accept each other? Journey from Classmates to become a part of each other, will it be successful?! Read and find out~ ------------------------------------------------------- Starting-21/06/2021 Ending-??/??/???? ------------------------------------------------------- My first book A HIGHSCHOOL AU (BTS FF) (KTH) Please support with your love 💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:


Hey lovelies❤️

Soo umm... I am new here, and was thinking to write a story for a long time......

So finally I decided to pour my ideas here, so I will love if you give your lil time to my writing, thou I know it won't be good but still please be kind to me😊💜

Ye, it's a BTS fiction.....💜


* As English is not my first language, so it may contain mistakes, so if u find any errors, you can let me know in comment box.

*Do not copy my work (well I don't think anybody will want to copy this)

*It may/may not contain some scenes🌚, well I think it's not a thing to put warnings before but still I may put some signs.

*Important point, it's all based on my imagination, so it has no link to the real life of all characters used here...

So yeah that's all, I am a student,so it may take time to update,but I will try to update soon..

Let it, Get it roll~ 🧈

Main character introduction:-)

Kim Taehyung (mainlead)

√silent boy
√ rude n stubborn
√minds his own business,
√Best frnd-Park Jimin

[A/n: Further information will be unlocked in next chapters]

Park Jimin

√Cheerful guy
√helping nature
√best friend/only frnd of Taehyung

Park Aera (female lead)

√Sweet n loving girl
√Filled with curiosity
√Can be a brat too, not so innocent as everyone thinks👀

[A/n:And no, she is not jimin's sister or anything, just their surnames r same :)]

Jeon Jungkook

√Childhood bestfriend of Aera
√kinda like a protective brother
√Calm boy but can be opposite if someone messes with him or his loved ones

Lee Hana

√Second best frnd of Aera n also of Jungkook ,
√Dramatic girl, sassy
√protects her bestfriend in absence of kook

[A/n: There are some more characters that will be revealed in further chapters]

Till then lovelies, enjoy please read , enjoy the book...

And don't forget to share your reviews, and like the story if u like it and yes comment too, I will love to know your thoughts...💜✨

Stay at home and be safe, lovelies🌟

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