Blood lust


Life on earth was cruel ever since lycans revealed themselves on earth. Naomi's life was worse every hour and day that passed until he came ...... Copyright © badgirl_thato This books includes torture,rape and graphic violence⚠️⚠️ Please don't copy my book. I worked hard doing this book..... Enjoy!!

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

"stop....please stop" I cried and begged for mercy, with words that creeped from the depths of my ending soul. Crimson blood forming delta streams on the edges of my face, mixing with my tears. The lashes I received was painful.

"Are you telling me what to do little brat,huh?"he said it with anger and meaning every single word. My body shivered with fear. My soul breaking into thousands of pieces as he walked closer and closer to me. A cold shiver went up my spine causing me hyperventilate rapidly. I could feel my heart beat fast as he moved closer to me. My palms started to sweat.

He held his hand around my neck. This lycan was massive. His big muscles were perfectly shaped in his uniform. He had a strong jaw line with red blood shot eyes that could scare anyone who looked in them. I broke out of my thoughts as his grip around my neck became tighter, making it hard for me to breath.

"I...I..I can't breathe,please..."I sobbed. It felt as if I was drowning in a dark deep sea with no one there to save me,I couldn't breathe. I sniffled quietly, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. Tears welled from deep inside and coursed down my cheeks. Tears spilt over and flowed down my face like a river escaping a dam. I was gasping for air. He loosened his grip around my neck. He gave me a venomous sneer. Before I could even catch my breath for a second, he tossed my body like a piece of paper. My back hit the wall painfully. The pain was unbearable. I thought I may have broken a rib or two. He came closer to me and kick my stomach. I coughed out a lot of blood. The room had a strong metallic smell and he gave me no chance to regain my strength. This lycan had no mercy. He was perilous, nefarious and bloody-minded. He held my neck once more and my eyes widened in fear as he whispered something to my ears...

"You should stop pulling those stunts that you did before...and if you don't..."he said it with an evil laugh "I will not hesitate but kill you like how I killed your other friends ,you got that?" My blood was boiling with anger. I was infuriated yet downhearted. He seemed to like seeing me angry and begging for mercy. Even though I wanted to fight back for my life, I had no chance of winning.

My sobs became louder at what he said. Rage crawl beneath my skin. I clenched my jaw to utter hateful words to him. Before I could utter any words, he gave me a painful kick followed several punches on my stomach.... He gripped my neck from the ground and tossed my body on the chair.This wasnt any ordinary chair, this chair held heartbreaking memories. My sobs echoed loudly in the room as I remembered all the harrow memories it brought.

I screamed loudly. I didn't want to be tortured. He held a remote on his hand. Throwing it up and down and glaring at it.
His fingers went to press on the remote. Time was running slowly. Everything was in slow motion. Seconds felt like minutes. The atmosphere around the room was tense. When his fingers slowly pressed the button , my eyes widened in fear.

My screams were heard in the room. I saw a smile that betrays all innocence everytime a scream that came out of me. Blood was on my shirt. My shirt was wet from tears. The metallic smell of blood in the room became worse. Several minutes later he stopped and laughed. This lycan was nefarious. He was the devil himself.

"I really enjoyed that,did you?" He whispered those words to my ears. Everything around me became blurry each second that passed. I felt my body touch the ground and darkness consuming my eyes.

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