Kim Myungsoo's Mystery Girl (INFINITE FANFICTION)


Is it possible to fall in love with someone who you haven’t met before? To be totally struck by their personality alone. Myungsoo adores the woman on the other end of the phone. He doesn't know her name yet, so he refers to her as "Mystery Girl." They eventually meet, exchange their phone and moves forward with their relationship, but something seemed off about her. However, unintentionally, he falls for her berstfriend. He knew it wasn't right until one day it didn't. “I thought you love her, that you would be happier with her” She cried. Myungsoo sees the tears in her eyes, but he resents the fact that she gave up on him, “How can you be so selfish about this? How can you just walk away from me?”

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Author’s P.O.V

“Jia, please turn off the alarm clock,” Yoora groans, pillow covering her ear, but she can still hear it ringing; seconds pass, but she can still hear it ringing; it gets on her nerves, and she tosses her pillow towards Jia’s bed. Jia isn’t there, which surprises her; her best friend isn’t a morning person, so she’s left wondering where she may be. In the meantime, a message appears on her phone, prompting a smile across her face as she eagerly reaches for her phone.


Good morning, Mystery Girl! I hope you had a pleasant sleep. I can’t wait to finally meet you today.


Good morning to you too, Myungie, I can’t wait to meet you either, or wait, maybe I can’t wait to get my cell phone back. Just kidding!

Yoora’s P.O.V

These past two months have been the best days of my life. Every time I hear a beep on my cell phone, I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach.


On our way to the Infinite concert, “Yoora, come on, get your legs moving, or else we will be late.” Jia said as she ran. “I don’t think I have the strength anymore.” I was panting as I raced. I unexpectedly collided with a man, and our phones, as well as my handbag, tumbled to the ground. Meanwhile, my thoughts were preoccupied with the fear that Jia would kill me if I made any more delays, and that she would not stop nagging me if we missed any part of the concert.

I groaned and grabbed our phone, apologized, and handed it to him without even seeing his face as I hurried towards Jia.

“At long last, we’ve made it!“Jia chuckled while I panted and laid my hands on my knees. I was surprised by how many people attended the event; are these boys really that well-known?

I was abruptly interrupted by a call from an unknown number with a strange ringtone on my phone.

Yoora: Hello?

Guy: Hello! I think our cells have been exchanged when we bumped.

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