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This is my first imagines/preference/GIF book. And im making this because I tried a real ff but it's not great so I will start off small. I will kindly accept requests. It can be anyone from Harry Potter or fantastic beasts , but you will have to tell if: 1.If it's Blood or a OC. 2.which character. 3.the plot. 4.and if it's a professor then if the main person is student or adult. 5.if needed then blood status. 6.the age if needed 7.fluff or angst (i will be creating a individual Smut book in the future) I will gladly accept anyone wanting for me to do a male reader with a male character, woman with a woman, as ofc I'm not against any of that.

Fantasy / Humor
Age Rating:

Tom riddle - the diary. Part 1 (fem reader)

(Narrator pov)
You were A awesome and quirky Harry Potter fan. Have been ever since you saw the movies for the first time. That was probably when you were around 6 or 7.

Each time you spoke of Harry Potter you just couldn’t stop and people would just laugh and say what a mega fan you are. Even your parents.

Recently you had your 15 birthday. And for you’re birthday you’re parents got you 2 tickets to Universal in Orlando. And ofc your gonna bring you Harry Potter fan best friend with you.

( Blood PoV)
And that’s where we are at now. Hi I’m Blood and as you probably know because of the narrator...i probably shouldn’t have said that as that is breaking the fourth wall and I don’t have any flex tape to fix it.

Alright let’s shush about that. AND TALK ABOUT THE FUN IM HAVING WITH MY (M/F/N) (male friends name). And let me tell you that when we got to the Harry Potter part of it we made some inhuman sounds and made everyone look at us weirdly 👀

Alright so now after all the amazing things we did we are at a store where I will supposedly buy a replica of Tom riddles diary.

I was debating about it until I notice that (M/F/N) isn’t with me and is probably running around the store like a crazy person.

“CAN SOMEONE BE MY MEW BEST FRIEND CAUSE I SUPPOSEDLY LOST HER AND CANT FIND HER ANYMORE” you rolled your eyes knowing it was who you were looking for.

You walked through the crowd to see (M/F/N) fake crying. Rolling your eyes again you moved towards him and grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to where you were.

“DIDNT have the brains to look for me like I did” he just looked down to you and pursed his lips. “I guess not and now your acting like a man child”.

“Buying something that belongs to Tommy boy eh” he smirked knowing you had a huge crush on Tom riddle from the second film. I mean who doesn’t. “Should I call you Mrs.Riddle instead”

You hit him on the head with the diary only to notice a clerk looking at you angry. “I was going to buy this anyway” you said quickly.

So you bought it and sadly the day had come to its end.

When you both got home you were quick to think of something to write.

‘Maybe just train how to write with a feather’. I had this magnificent black feather with silver and gold on its edges.

So the first thing you wrote was ‘hello’ and to your shock and horror it disappeared.

“Ummmmmm (m/f/n) I don’t think this is a regular diary” you looked up at him and he frowned thinking you were joking. “Just come here and look”.

You wrote ‘I’m a doofus’ and it disappeared again and he was shocked too knowing this for real wasn’t normal.

And you both screamed when there appeared a question mark.

“DO YOU THINK ITS ACTUALLY RIDDLES DIARY” screamed (m/f/n). Your were too shocked to reply.

“Should I write something like ’is this really the diary of Tom riddle and not some replica” you said a little scared. He only nodded so you wrote that:

tilted text is yours
Bold text is tom’s

Wait is this Tom riddles diary ?

Yes and now who are you to have my diary

Uhhh im... my name is Blood (l/n)...

Not a witch at all are you. Your a filthy muggle.

Umm yes. Yeah I’m a muggle you co-


I I bought this diary in a Harry Potter shop.



What is a Harry Potter store.

(Toms Pov)
Who the bloody hell is she.
Being confused about where she got my diary I wrote:
What is a Harry Potter store.

I couldn’t believe it. I thought the diary was destroyed and didn’t have my soul anymore.

Well it’s a store in univer- but you actually would not understand a thing as you are a wizard...and hate everything to do with muggles.

I am still confused. And let me tell you I am never confused in my life. I had a goal set out since my younger times, I was doing great in Hogwarts, until Harry Potter ruined everything. But my diary being actually not destroyed was the real mystery and I couldn’t figure it out. And that frustrated me as hell.

(Narrator Pov)
Both being still confused they didn’t write a thing. All that happend was a drip of ink from Tom’s feather fell on the paper and appeared on the page for the 2 shocked friends.

To be continued...

(900 words)

Hello dear readers. I originally come from wattpad. And because i barely see any harry potter books im gonna start posting my books from wattpad on here.

Books including this one, a newt scamander x reader book, and then 2 random books called ask a latvian and the random book that was originally a christmas special book.

Well im gonna get to work reposting my chapters here so you could have as much fun reading these as people on wattpad.

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