Rebecca is a badass huntress who is head-over-heels for her boyfriend Gabriel - and gets the shock of a lifetime after taking a pregnancy test. This Supernatural oneshot is a request from the lovely GeekGirlForLife, over at It contains a Gabriel/OC pairing and pregnancy themes. (The OC is the main character, a female hunter named Rebecca.) Hope you like it, darling! :)

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There weren’t many things that Rebecca loved more than stabbing a demon in the face with an angel blade. Her favorite way to do it was to sink the blade deep in its eye socket, and hear the tiny ‘pop’ of its eyeball exploding as the sharp metal sliced a path into the demon’s brain. The rush she got from seeing the angelic light burn through the hellion scum was almost unmatched. She loved it more than singing; more than dancing, or playing, or trying on new clothes. But, as much as Rebecca adored hunting demons, there was one thing – one person – she loved even more than that.

And his name was Gabriel.

Rebecca watched the lifeless body of the dead demon slip from the end of her angel blade and crumble to the ground, before taking a step back to shake off the excess blood from her weapon. Luckily, she hadn’t gotten any red stainds on her clothes this time. Her plaid shirt and blue jeans were still as fresh and clean as the moment she put them on. Which was good. Because she had made plans for later, and needed to look her best for it.

“Geez, Beck. You don’t hold back at all, do you?”

A smirk snaked its way across Rebecca’s lips as she turned to face the archangel behind her. Gabriel was standing a few feet away under a street light. She barely saw him there in the dark; leaning up against the metal pole with a sucker stick jutting out of his mouth. The huntress took a handkerchief out of her pocket and started to polish the blood off of her blade as she walked carefully toward her boyfriend, smiling the whole time.

“Nope,” she answered, kicking one of the lifeless bodies aside in the dark, “Does that scare you?”

“Scare me? No,” Gabe purred, raising an eyebrow, “Does it turn me on? Oh, hell yeah.”

Rebecca stifled a giggle as she finally closed the distance between them. They met each other lips first; leaning in equally for a ‘hello’ kiss. Gabriel’s mouth always tasted so good; like fresh taffy and lollipops. She reached up to touch his soft hair, too; running her fingers through the golden strands. Gabe’s hands found their way to both of her hips, where he tugged her closer against him. He was obviously wanting to go a little further, but Rebecca wasn’t having it. Not yet, anyway.

“Mmm,” she protested, plucking her mouth away, “Slow down, Gabe. We can’t do that stuff in the park.”

“But, it’s dark out here. No one can see us. I mean, look at that moon,” he trying to persuade, pointing up into the night sky, “Look how beautiful it is. We can’t waste perfect moonlight like that, can we?”

Rebecca blinked up at the bright white orb while Gabriel kissed her neck. The shape and color of the moon kind of surprised her. A full moon? Already? Geez, where had the time gone? It seemed like only a few days ago she and Gabriel were ‘taking advantage’ of some moonlight. Had it really been a month since then? Had it slipped by that quickly... without her needing to buy tampons?

The huntress blinked up at the moon and quickly replayed the last month in her mind. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a monthly cycle. The only blood she had spilled had been the blood of demons and monsters; not her own. Usually, she was pretty good at keeping track of her periods and planning ahead. But it felt like she hadn’t had one for ages. Did that mean that something was wrong?

Did it mean that she might be pregnant?

“C’mon, Becks. Let’s just hide out in the bushes. No one will see,” Gabe purred.

The archangel was still trying to get frisky in the park with his huntress. But Rebecca suddenly felt pale. Oh, no. What if it was true? What if she was pregnant? She and Gabe had only had unprotected sex one time. Did it really work that quickly? Was she truly pregnant with an archangel’s baby?!

“Gabe,” Rebecca breathed, carefully tugging herself out of his grasp, “Um... I need to change some plans.”

“Change plans?” he repeated, “Why?”

Rebecca quickly tried to figure out a reply. She felt like she needed to get to the nearest drug store as quickly as possible, to buy a pregnancy test and find out if it was true. Part of her wanted to find out while she was alone, so that Gabriel wouldn’t get upset if it came out negative. But part of her also didn’t want to be completely alone, just in case something went awry. And, of course, the first two people that popped into her head were her best friends. The Winchesters.

“I – I need you to fly me to Sam and Dean,” Rebecca spoke softly, “I forgot that I had to meet with them and do somethings.”

Gabriel’s golden eyes narrowed in suspicion. He obviously wasn’t convinced or pleased by her request.

“Dumb and dumber?” he scoffed, “But I thought we had a date tonight.”

“We do,” Rebecca nodded, playing with the collar on Gabriel’s jacket, “It’s just, I promised them that I would help them get some work done first. And I promise that we’ll have that date as soon as it’s over.”

Rebecca really hoped that Gabriel would believe her little white lie. She batted her eyelashes and put on her best pouty face, too; reinforcing her stance. It was only a matter of time before the archangel crumbled. He let out an exhausted sigh and let his hands drop away from Rebecca’s hips.

“Alright,” he huffed, sounding a little bummed, “I’ll fly you to those bozos. Ugh, they’re so lucky they get to hang out with you. Just be sure to shoot me a prayer when you’re done, okay?”

“Deal,” Rebecca smiled, “I love you, Gabe.”

“Love you too, honey-bunch,” he winked, raising his hand.

The archangel snapped his fingers – and Rebecca found herself suddenly standing in a parking lot. A flashing motel sign was glowing down on the asphalt; illuminating some of the cars nearby. The huntress searched her surroundings for a moment before she spotted that oh-so famous Impala. The vehicle was parked right outside of the main lobby, and its owners were both resting on the trunk. Sam was leaning up against it with a book in his hand, while Dean sat on the back with a plastic container full of food. Rebecca smiled at the sight of her familiar boys, feeling at home. No matter what was going on in her life, Rebecca could always count on the Winchesters for comfort.

“Rambo two was way better than Rambo one, Sammy,” Dean argued, accidentally spitting some food in the process, “The graphics, the music, the explosions; they were all better. Plus it had a hot chick. Automatic win.”

“But the first one was a classic,” Sam rebutted, sounding sure of himself, “It was based on the actual book, Dean. Without the first one, there would be no second one.”

While the brothers argued about 80s movies, Rebecca casually walked up to the Impala.

“Hey, boys,” she waved.

Dean and Sam both turned to look toward her, seeming surprised at her sudden arrival.

“Becca! Hey,” Sam called, standing up to give her a wave, “How did you get here?”

“Gabe flew me over,” she replied, feeling her own face flush, “I, um, I kind of need a ride to a drug store. I need to buy something there.”

“Sure,” Dean mumbled, setting his food aside, “I could actually use a little trip to the store myself. Cas and I are low on condoms.”

Dean!” Sam snapped with a red face, sounding annoyed.

“What? I’m being serious,” Dean defended, “Cas and I just used our last one today -”

“Let’s just go,” Sam interrupted, already starting for the front of the car.

Rebecca smiled at Winchesters as she climbed into the back of the Impala. Dean always loved to embarrass his little brother; even in front of company.

“Walgreen’s, here we come,” Dean grinned, starting up the car.

* * *

Rebecca fanned the wet stick around in the air for a few minutes as she paced the bathroom floor. She had already bought and taken the pregnancy test, and now she was just waiting on the results to appear on the stick. The Winchesters were both waiting for her outside; both unaware that she was even taking a pregnancy test. She didn’t want to tell them about it until she was completely sure it was true.

A few long seconds ticked by, before the results finally came up on the stick. A very faint pink line had appeared in the middle of the oval. The huntress scrambled to get the box it came in; rereading the directions, to see what the faint line meant. Apparently, the line – no matter how faint it was – meant that it was positive.

Rebecca stared down at the test in her hand for a solid three minutes, feeling utterly speechless. Holy shit. She was pregnant! She was actually, totally, undeniably pregnant! And Gabe was the father! The news somehow made her feel happy and worried at the same time. She was so excited at the possibility of being a mom and making Gabriel a dad. But, Gabe was an archangel. Didn’t that make their child part archangel, too? Was their baby going to grow normally? Was Rebecca going to experience a different form of pregnancy?

Feeling the urge to talk to someone, the huntress exited the bathroom with the test in hand; heading for her best friends. She looked around the entire store, searching for Sam and Dean. She eventually found them in the magazine section, where Dean was trying to shove dirty pictures into Sam’s face. Rebecca slowed down to a walk as she approached them, not wanting to cause a scene.

“Hey, Becca. You all finished? Ready to go?” Sam asked.

“Um,” Rebecca squeaked, “I, uh... I have something to tell you guys.”

“What?” Dean asked, sliding the dirty magazine back into its shelf.

Rebecca took a second to breathe, before holding up the pregnancy test with trembling fingers. Sam and Dean both looked at it, but Sam was the only one that appeared surprised by the news. Dean, on the other hand, seemed a little confused.

“What the hell is that thing?” he asked.

“That’s a pregnancy test,” Sam breathed, “Becca, are you – are you pregnant?”

The huntress gave her friend a genuine nod, feeling tears start to swell up in her eyes. Yes. She was pregnant. And she couldn’t have been more happy about it. The Winchesters both looked totally shocked. Sam’s mouth was on the floor and Dean’s eyes were the size of golf balls.

“For real?!” Dean said, snatching the test out of Rebecca’s hand to study it, “Holy shit, that’s great! Who’s the father?”

“Gabriel, duh,” she replied, wiping her eyes.

“Have you told him?” Sam asked.

“No,” She denied, “You guys are the first people to know. Besides me, of course.”

“Well, you definitely need to tell Gabriel,” Sam urged.

“Tell me what?”

The unexpected sound of Gabriel’s voice startled the whole group. Sam and Rebecca both jumped and spun around, while Dean quickly lurched his hand behind his own back; hiding the pregnancy test from view. Rebecca’s heart pounded at the sight of her golden-eyed archangel boyfriend, feeling nervous. Oh, boy. He was so clueless! He had no idea what kind of treasure she had hidden inside of her! Everyone’s silence seemed to be aggravating Gabe.

“What’s going on?” he asked, eyed, “Is there a new candy store opening up? Did Sam finally get a job at a pet shop? Somebody tell me what the big secret is!”

Sam reached out and gave Rebecca a gentle push forward; making her step closer to Gabriel. Her heart was beating so fast and her hands were starting to tremble. Gabriel must have seen how nervous she was, because he quickly reached out to take both of her hands and pull her close.

“What’s the matter? Tell me, Beck,” he pleaded.

Rebecca wasn’t sure of how to phrase the words. Should she just flat-out tell him? Should she make him guess? Luckily, Dean softly tapped her on the shoulder and handed her the small plastic stick. She tossed the older Winchester a wink of appreciation, before holding up the pregnancy test to let Gabriel see it. For a moment, the archangel seemed confused. He looked at the stick and tilted his head a little bit – before it finally sunk in. His golden eyes widened and his moist lips fell open. His hands went loose around hers as he swayed around in shock.

“Is – is that – are you,” he gulped, face pale, “Are you pregnant?”

Rebecca slowly gave her archangel a nod, feeling a smile widen on her own face. Yep. She was pregnant. They were going to have a baby together. After he heard the news, Gabriel’s honey eyes started to swell with tears. A happy smile briefly flashed on his mouth before he covered it with his hand; seeming happily surprised.

“Oh my dad,” he breathed, “You – You’ve got a bun in the oven! I put a bun in your oven, Becca! We’re gonna have a baby! A baby! Holy cake-balls, I’m – I’m gonna be a dad. A Dad! That’s... that’s...”

“Scary,” Dean finished, wearing a playful smirk, “The trickster having a baby is a scary thought.”

Sam gave his older brother a nudge but Dean only smiled. Gabriel just ignored Dean’s joking comment and leaned down to kiss Rebecca instead; wrapping her into a warm embrace and smooching her with affection. The huntress hugged her archangel in return, feeling grateful that he was excited. She couldn’t wait to finally start a life together with him – and their unborn child.

“We’re gonna be parents, Beck,” Gabe whispered, voice full of excitement, “Does that scare you?”

“Scare me? No,” she repeated his words from earlier, leaning back to give him a smile, “Does it make me happy? Oh, hell yeah.”

Gabriel chuckled at their little inside joke, before capturing her mouth again. Rebecca sank into their kiss for the second time, feeling like she was on cloud nine. In that moment, she was the happiest hunter in the entire world. And there was nothing she loved more than sharing a kiss with her archangel.

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