You're Mine For Centuries (Jungkook)


A simple and aesthetic girl; Park Sae Young encountered a vampire; Jeon Jungkook. She saved him not knowing he’s a vampire, then when she found out about his secret. He explained everything and through that, she found dark secrets about her family. And secrets about herself. After that, they both are the only ones who could stop the curse of “Vampire’s Black Glory” disease. Will they be able to stop the curse? Will Sae Young help Jungkook?

Fantasy / Romance
Irene Joyyy
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𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝟏: 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨

Sae Young was just enjoying her evening in her favourite cafe. She took sips of her coffee and listened to some music with her earphones. Sae Young is a simple and aesthetic girl. She doesn’t like to complicate her life, her parents died before she was born. She was grown up with her grandmother, she loved her more than anything. Her grandmother is in Busan while Sae Young is in Seoul; she moved into Seoul 6 years ago for work. Sae Young never liked having relationships or many friends; it will simply affect her simple life.

“Sae Young, we are closing soon. Today’s an early closing.” A barista says. “Okay, I’ll go. Take care and see you tomorrow.” Sae Young bits her goodbye and leaves. She works as a music producer in ‘SM Entertainment’ for 6 years. She turned 26 just last Sunday. She walked down the familiar street with familiar faces. She kept her earphones on and walked. Finally, she sees her apartment insight. She walked through the dark streets, the street lights were dim; but enough to see.

As she was walking down the streets, she heard someone wincing in pain. It was loud and clear even though she had her earphones on. She took them out to make sure she isn’t hallucinating. “Anyeonghaseyo?” Sae Young voices out. She walked to the source of the sound; seeing a young man on his knees, holding his abdomen.

“Oh, God.” Sae Young gasps and goes to the man’s body and tries to help him up. “Get away for me.” The man says firmly. “Uhm, you’re hurt.” Sae Young continues trying to help him. “No, get away from me...NOW!” The man shouts as Sae Young flinches. Finally, she manages to help him up and drags him with his hand on her shoulders.

She managed to bring him to her apartment and placed him on her bed. After getting him rested on the bed, she started treating his wound. The wound was deep, blood kept pouring from it and Sae Young tried treating it with her medical kit. She continued until he drifted to sleep.

She got off the bed and went outside to her kitchen. She started making some warm chicken soup. She poured the warm soup in a white ceramic bowl, she turned around and out of nowhere, the man appears. “Ahh!” She lets out a scream and drops the bowl on her foot; making her wince in pain as the hot soup and shattered glass falls. Her foot starts bleeding and the man looks down.

“Uhm, are you okay?” Sae Young asks trying to hold her tears from the pain. “I told you to leave me!” He shouts and she flinched. The pain and the explosion made her cry. She sobbed silently as the man glares at her. “You...WHY DID YOU HELP ME!?!” He shouted again and she fell to the floor. Her lower back pressing to the shattered glass on the floor. “I ASKED YOU SOMETHING. ANSWER ME!” He shouts again and tried to find something. He paced around then took a pan and banged Sae Young’s head making her fall flat to the ground.

“It’s better if you don’t know me.” The man says to himself and leaves.

The next morning came, Sae Young opened her eyes slowly adjusting herself to the bright sunlight. She got up from the shattered glass and noticed her own bloodstain. Then slowly everything that happened last night came into her realisation. “Aigoo.” She sighs. Then she gets up from the hardwood floor Then she sweeps the floor and removes the large pieces of glass.

She then noticed the time on her microwave. “Shit, I’m late!” She winces and quickly runs off to her room; to take a quick shower and changes into a black pencil skirt and a white buttoned-up blouse. She packs her files and laptop inside a bag. Then leaves her house. Usually, she gets a coffee from her regular coffee shop but she was late today.

She passes by quickly and enters the bus to her office. Her destination arrived and she exits the bus. She goes inside her office and scans her card. She goes up the lift, then to the recording studio. She needed to watch the idol sing her produced song. She walks to the room to see the idol singer. “Why are you late?” The girl clicks on her heels and wore a tight red dress around her tiny body. “I missed the bus, Mi-In.” Sae Young apologizes. “Don’t do that again. I have a busy schedule unlike you.” Mi-In says annoyed and goes inside the recording room. “Let’s get started.” She says through the microphone. Sae Young nods and starts playing the music.

“It’s terrible.” She says. “When I read the lyrics I was happy but the song is just straight up shit. All the songs you have given are shit, might as well leave from this entertainment.” She adds. “I loved the music.” Sae young says.

“Oh, you like it? Well, this is about me not you. You’re just a lazy ass that just produces the music and I work hard singing this song. I don’t like you because you’re stupid and a slut.” Mi-In says coming closer to Sae Young. “I’m not stupid or a slut.” Sae Young says firmly. “I’m going to get my manager to fire you,” Mi-In says. “Yeah, your sugar daddy.” Sae Young mumbles and Mi-In heard that. She gets the heels off her feet and beats up Sae Young. “Bitch, get out of here!” She shouts as Sae Young grab her things and ran off.Something about today that was like a curse for Sae Young. She woke up late, missed her bus and got fired from her job. She usually never get in trouble no matter what the situation is. She felt as if she was cursed or like she met someone that has bad luck.

She walks down the street; sadly and angry. She was walking down the street then decided to take a sip of coffee. It usually calms her down when she’s stressed. She goes inside and has a familiar smell of freshly brewed coffee. “Morning, Sae Young.” A barista greets her. “Hey, Elena. Morning.” Sae Young says tiredly. “You’re late today,” Elena says. “Got fired from my job.” Sae Young says sadly. “You need a mango refresher, girl,” Elena says and goes to the counter to prepare the drink. Sae Young grabs her earphones and puts them on her ears.

She sits there; tapping the table and her drink arrives. “Thank you, Elena.” She says with a smile. “No problem,” Elena replies with the same smile. She takes sips of her refresher and scrolls through her phone.

“One banana milk.” An unknown person orders. The person walks to a table; that is in front of Sae Young’s table. He sat and waited.

Sae Young puts her phone down and her eyes wander around the cafe until someone comes to her notice. “I’ve seen this guy somewhere.” She says in her mind. “Ah, it’s that asshole I helped. What an idiot.” Sae Young gets up from her seat and stomps to the man’s table. “You.” She says firmly. “Huh?” He looks at her confused. “You bastard. Made me fall on broken glass, hit me on the head and got me fired from my job.” She says going closer to the man. “You better payback!” She shouts and everyone in the cafe looks at them. “Uhhhh.” The man says and suddenly kisses her.

Sae Young’s eyes widen and pulled away quickly. “Pervert, what the actual hell???” She says firing. She usually doesn’t fire up that easily. She keeps her life simple but this is the day she lost her sanity. “You’re talking way too much.” The man gets up from his seat and makes eye contact with Sae Young. “Oh wow.” Sae Young thinks to herself, to the ethereal man standing in front of her. He was a living art that can be stared at for hours.

“Now we have a staring contest?” The man asks. “Uhm, I-I’m s-sorry.” Sae Young apologizes it’s like his face was a spell. As if she was cast by this spell by just looking at him. “Beautiful, it’s okay.” The man says and Sae Young dwells in the ‘spell’. “Wanna know more about each other? Come to my house.” Sae Young says without her consciousness. “Sure, beautiful.” He says and Sae Young leads them to her house.

They reached Sae Young’s home and she got her consciousness back.

“W-What? I’m back home?.... WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?” Sae Young explodes. “Beautiful, you brought me back to know more about each other.” He says leaning to the wall. “Oh, really? Oh okay then. Don’t remember but let’s do it. So what’s your name? I’m Sae Young” She asked.

“I’m Jungkook.”

-To be continued-


hey yall! back with an update <3 sooooo some peeps said I suck at doing a cliffhanger so I'm here doing a better one? idk lol but I tried...soooooo next update is under this mask!! lesgoooo also guys I wont be doing the story updater on my wall coz I feel like nobody looks at it so ill do it here in the ending of my storiessss...BYEEEEEEEE!!~ CYA IN AN UPDATE!!

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