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Book of Summer - Shinobi Journalist: Summer Edition

By FanfictReader/Writer1290

Mystery / Action


The past is like glass - Transient, crystalline, fragile and hostile.... And two young individuals are the prime victims of it: One is shrouded in a mysterious fog, the other shattered, forgotten and renewed. Wonder what will happen if they were to cross paths with one another?

Chapter 1: First Step into the World of Unlimited Light

Chapter 1: First Step into the World of Unlimited Light

~(Prologue – Seventeen Years Ago – Somewhere inside an unknown place)~


Cried a voice as a tiny droplets of blue light descends in the cold darkness like rain.

*My earliest memory was a voice...


“...I’m so sorry...”

‘Who is that?’

A voice of a woman calling out to me from the deepest depths of the darkness...

Its voice riddled with choked sobs as the droplets come in one after the other.

‘Whose voice is that?’

“I’m truly sorry for what I am about to do...”

She was crying... From the tone of her voice, it were as if...

The droplets had rained down upon the ground like a rushing waterfall tinted with the calming colour of copper-blue until it soon changed into a maroon-red colour.

“I won’t deny the fact that the road ahead of you is long and harsh but you mustn’t lose sight of yourself...”

Suddenly, the sound of cracking soon emerged forth from the darkness as if it were glass.

“I’m sorry for making such a decision for you... I can only pray that you don’t spend your life in hating me...”

As if she was apologizing to me - For letting me experience something lonesome and scary...

The cracking soon became louder and louder until finally it had shattered into a thousand of pieces.

My second memory was the prelude of my story...

~(Somewhere in the Girls’ Dormitory Building Second Floor: Dorm room 126 - Present Time)~

“‘And to any human who learns of our secret existence, they shall be killed on the spot!’ Or says the rules that is...”

Said a young second year high schoolgirl of eighteen as she recites the objective automatically while sitting on top of her futon-style bed crossed legged as she was typing up on her dark purplish laptop - revealing a season-coloured desktop that reads:

*Yamaneko no Monogatari - Ichinenjū Kisetsu no Retsu

Featuring: Yokai Gakuen’s [SUMMER SPECIAL]

Written by: *Sasha A.I. Kanaka

“But then again... Considering the fact that Aono-kun is a human, narrowly escaping execution by the skin of his teeth, managed to clear all accusations towards him and not to mention be injected with Akashiya-san’s blood, thus giving him healing powers of the S-class *Daiyokai Vampire; I’d say that he’s either blessed with extremely good luck or one sturdy dude.”

She wonders aloud while her dark rondo-purple hair tied into a shoulder-length ponytail with a long indigo-purple ribbon that reaches mid-back - She wore a bluish-black sleeveless shirt with a canonical aubergine undershirt followed by a teardrop-shaped zircon-blue crystal tied across her neck along with black jean shorts goes well together with her blackish purple knee socks along with white sneakers.

“*~Tooi tooi toki no hate soko ni sumau hito wa minna eien no inochi wo motsu sekai de no hanashi~”

She sings a tune then gets up from her bed with it and grabs a messenger bag that carries her clothes and hangs across her right shoulder while carrying her briefcase while double-checking the windows locked and her list.

“The only thing that’s left is my column but... I’ll work on that while in the Human World... I mean, it’s not like Gin-oniisan will go BALLISTIC on me... Right?”

She adjusted her black glasses to her eyes as she moves the mouse pad over to the upper left-hand corner and clicked the ‘Save As’ button, she then moves the mouse over to the upper right-hand corner and closed the file thus shutting it down and packs it away into her briefcase on top of her packed clothes while double-checking the windows locked and her list.

“Huh? Oh geez, to think I’ve nearly forgotten one last important item... ‘[Well, it’s not like I’m going to need it once I get to the ’OTHER′ side...]’”

She comes across her dresser and sees a small hand mirror of indigo along with a silver chain and smiled as she placed it in her left pocket – Then she turns to the front door and opens it as the light switch off simultaneously.

“Well, with that done, it’s time to meet up with the others at the tree. It’s the day that I can step out into the human world for the first time!”

Sasha shouted as a pair of deep navy-blue eyes showed confidence and modest serenity as she went out the door and locked it with her key and placing it in her pocket and made an exit on the right side.

~(Meanwhile on Youkai Gakuen Rooftop)~

The wind blew through the dormitories surrounded by a haunted forest filled with cemeteries and Yokai Gakuen can be seen up ahead as it leads upwards to the rooftops encased by a series of black iron fence which surrounds the rooftops and behind reveals a young man wearing church attire that priests and fathers had worn.

“Seventeen years, huh...?”

The mysterious figure said as the wind caresses his hood. Well renowned as one of the oldest *Ayashi ever lived – The Headmaster of Youkai Gakuen: Mikogami Tenmei.

“’[So the day has finally come... I wonder how SHE will handle herself inside a new scenery...?]’”

He thought curiously as the wind howling vividly as the hood edge began to waver like a droplet to a calm surface, he takes off his hood as his light brown hair flows along with the wind – He leans against the bars as his eyes looks pass the fence as he sees Sasha walking towards to bus stop.

“‘[However, knowing her antics... I’d say that the reports will come in faster than the speed of light...]’”

Seeing how excited she is, he breathed a heavy sigh filled with worriment and concern.

“Oya~ Now this is a sight! The ′Strategist′ is displaying a depressed look like a father giving his daughter away for marriage.”

Said an incoming voice from behind as a small anger mark appeared on top of Tenmei’s forehead as he turns around to see a young tall *Bishounen with long unkempt black hair - Sitting crossed-legged onto the stone railing without a care in the world – He wore a black robe tied with a decorated sash around the waist and a white bell-sleeved robe, he then inhaled into his *kiseru pipe and exhaled a puff of smoke as he adjusted his dark circular glasses to the bridge of his nose.

“Touhou Fuhai, I prefer the term ‘Honoured Student’ however you’re right about one thing; Kanaka-kun absolutely excels not only in battles but also in intelligence. So much in fact, that she can easily surpass her classmates if she desired; but I can’t shake this foreboding of mine.”

Tenmei said as Fuhai raised a brow when the wind howled even louder than before as he gets up from the railing and stretched out his arms as he walks over to his teammate and stared out in the distance.

“You know, Tenmei - I once read in a article somewhere that distress causes grey hair to -?!”

Touhou Fuhai said jokingly as he raised his left hand to cover Tenmei’s mouth as he pulled out a rosary from his chest.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding~! Man, don’t you learn how to take a joke, Mikogami?”

“No I don’t.”

Fuhai asked nervously as Tenmei frowned and replied bluntly much to the man’s chagrin as he retracts his hand as images flashed before his eyes from the time when Sasha was brought at a young age as if it were only yesterday.

~(Flashback – Seventeen Years Ago – Yokai Gakuen Institution – Dec. 10th – Approximately 8:45 am)~

The dark grey clouds rumbled and moved ever-so-slowly as the air grew more colder than before inside the secret world concealed by an gigantic barrier created by the Three Dark Lords as a means to protect future generations from the prying eyes as the trees surrounding the campus were stripped of their leaves and stood bared to the world as if their pride were on the line – The silence which had lingered in the air was broken by the sound of someone drawing in the dirt was heard.

"So that’s the girl?”

Tenmei asks as he sees a young girl wearing a cobalt-blue/black pleated-checkered dress with a starlight-gray long-sleeved shirt underneath a dark blue/purple lined no-sleeved hooded cloak followed by pale brown-colored stockings and white tennis shoes hunched over as she continues to draw doodles in the ground without even noticing that she was being watched by the former himself from his office’s front window.

“Yes – Sasha Aiki-Ichiya Kanaka – A resident of *Shinrinmura – A Yokai Village hidden in the mountain range of the *Izu-hantō over in the Shizuoka Prefecture.”

Said one of Tenmei’s subordinates as he looks over the child’s profile and informed his employer the rest of it including personal details whereas the listener himself was preoccupied by the appearance of a volleyball rolling towards her way and sees a few preschoolers walking up to the child down below thus engaging a conversation.

“Heh? *Ainoko?”

“Hai - They’re considered as the sub-species of the *Hanyō much like how witches are to humans and furthermore -?!”

"How very interesting...”

The man said but was interrupted by Tenmei’s voice as he summed it up in one breath much to the young man’s surprise.

~(End of Flashback - Present time)~

“I can only hope you’re right...”

Tenmei said as he looks beyond the gates as the wind grew strong enough to rustle even the most stilled forests breaks their silence.

“Don’t worry, if there’s one thing you must know about *Yama-joshi is that they got more spunk and are much more feistier than your average country bumpkin.”

Touhou Fuhai said as the wind howls as it startles the branches to lose some leaves – Trailing along the path as if they were fragile snowflakes in midwinter.

~(Meanwhile somewhere along the path to the bus stop)~

By entering the clearing, Sasha walks slowly on the path as she remembers her childhood, she been living in the Ayashi world since she was only a newborn and for a brief time she lived in the forest outside of human reach before she was five years old.

“‘[So it’s been 17 years - To think that I’ll be able to walk out of here just like that.]’”

Sasha thought as she smiled when the wind spirals around a few times as she walks from a rocky corner to see a old tree with stretched-out branches like arms and a small scarecrow at its base. There, she sees a boy and a girl talking inaudibly up on the tree branch.

“Yo! Hope I’m interrupting things between you two, Aono-kun and also Akashiya-san!”

Sasha said as she sees them both jolt slightly as they looked down and jumped down from the tree and brushed off some specks of dust away, the first is Aono Tsukune - A young boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes - He wore a white shirt with a black short sleeved polo-style coat followed by light beige jeans along with grayish white sneakers.

“Na?! K-Kanaka-san! How long were you-?!”

Next is Akashiya Moka - A young girl with knee-length pink hair, green eyes and a rosario attached to a black choker - She wore a white sun-dress with a pale yellow cashmere sweater, along with white knee socks and European-style black shoes. They both greeted Sasha and asked her if she’s excited about going into the Human world for the first time.

“Good afternoon, Sasha-chan... Are you excited for this retreat?”

Ecstatically happy, Sasha explained that she was waiting for this chance all her life - shocking both Tsukune and Moka of how scary and intelligent she truly is.

“Wow Kanaka-san, you’re amazing - no wonder you were made the secretary - With your intelligence and strategy tactics, you can easily surpass even one of us.”

Tsukune asked as Sasha stares at him with wide eyes then softens them as she answers him honestly as she remembers the times whenever she’s been praised by others.

“Thanks for the compliment, Aono-kun but no thanks. I rather make an honest living than to stand out in the SPOTLIGHT and besides, there’s too much to do.”

For as long she can remember, Sasha has been trying to convinced other people that she could never actually surpass her classmates/friends’ prowesses and powers in terms of strength and speed.

“‘[Yeah, I’m nowhere near their levels when it comes down to those terms... But two nights ago, I was called up to the Headmaster’s office to discuss something with him...]’”

Sasha thought solemnly as she rethinks about her meeting with Tenmei two nights prior to the now.

~(Flashback - Two nights prior to the Summer Retreat - Approximately 11:39 pm)~

**For as long as I could remember - I had many thoughts concerning about my new-found life here at Youkai Gakuen...

The clouds shrouded the campus grounds with its shadowy darkness as the moon illuminates small portions of the landscape which can be seen through a window to room filled with candles acting as a source of light to the room - Flickering slightly as it caused the shadows to move almost like it was dancing.

A person ought to think that it was like rather cool and exciting to be in a new scenery to be exact but I knew otherwise...

“You may wonder why I called for you but I won’t beat around the bush so I’ll cut to the chase: The reason why I called you here is that I’ve spoken word to your teachers and along with the permission of your parents, it’s my deepest pleasure that you now have the opportunity to go with your club for their summer retreat.”

That my time here would be like a prison to me - A fact that had been made true upon that day...

Tenmei said as he chuckled eerily as Sasha’s eyes widened with shock as her mouth went agape.

At that time, I thought it was really strange - Unusual even... For the Headmaster to call for ME out of all the people that he had called upon.

“A-A-Are you serious, Headmaster Mikogami?! But what about the condition-?!”

Sasha said as scattered pictures streaked across the dark subconsciousness like light onto a curtain as three slits cuts through, revealing a young girl with uneven asymmetrical hairstyle - having recently chopped, hugging her arms close to her chest as tears streamed down her cheeks and onto the floor, narrowly missed patches of hair as it was accompanied by droplets of redness; glowing brightly as Sasha opened her eyes in a forlorn manner.

“‘As long as a part of you is on his person at all times, you are not to step outside the barrier’s boundaries’, am I right? Well, the condition was only IF a portion of yourself, like for example: a *tasukiretsu styled wristband created out of your discarded lock of hair that corresponds with you over such a distance - making it as an anchorage into maintaining his sense of self, however...”

Tenmei said as Sasha was taken back by the statement, slowly putting the pieces together as Tenmei chuckled softly.

The very verdict that had kept me shackled has lessen deeply for the Headmaster had found a loophole to that condition...

Sasha’s legs began to feel wobbly and collapsed to the ground as Tenmei smiled softly and resumed onward with his explanation.

“Yes - It’s exactly what I mean, Kanaka-kun... So long as *Shinsetsu-kun is within your 5m radius, you can keep a close eye on him anywhere as well as to let your powers blossomed fully... Congratulations, you can now enter the Human World, Kanaka A.S. Sasha...”

I didn’t know what he meant by that but one thing I knew is that from that night on, I absolutely think- No, I truly felt the world had suddenly began to brighten up.

~(End of Flashback - Present time)~

Sasha thought silently as they hear a couple of noises coming from the other side and saw four girls and one boy coming towards them.

“Oh wow, ‘Speak of the Devil and He shall appear...’ was true all along...”

Sasha said as she sees one of the five people coming from the corner – The first girl is Kurono Kurumu - A young girl with light ocean blue hair tied back with a headband and deep purple eyes with thick eyelashes - She wore a short-sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie followed by a pale yellow-colored vest and a light brown-checked skirt, along with white leg warmers and plain black dress shoes.

“Ara~ *Ohayo-gozaimasu, Tsukune!”

“Moka-san, Ohayo!”

The second girl is Sendou Yukari, a young girl with short brownish black hair and purple eyes - She wore a pink top with a matching corset along with green checkered-pleated skirt, a bright pale yellow over-the-knee socks and brown shoes followed by a black witch hat that droops down sometimes.

“Oya, oya, Kanaka-san; you’re here too?”

Piqued the third girl is Shirayuki Mizore – A young girl with short light purple hair and blue eyes - She wore a black singlet underneath a white sweatshirt with long dark blue sleeves and a yellow pendant followed by light brown pleated-checkered skirt along with long dark and light purple striped stockings with white sneakers and a belt tied to her left leg.

“Well, considering the fact that she goes to different clubs once a week, I’m surprised that she didn’t peel over and died of exhaustion.”

Said the fourth girl - who is much like Moka - is Shuzen Kokoa - A young girl with green eyes and red orange hair tied into two bushy ponytails with red bows - She wore a white shirt with a red sailor girl top with the buttons and tie split in two followed by a short yellow-green skirt and long auburn stockings with a white stripe at the top along with brown heels with bows and a little bracelet on her left arm – Had caused Sasha to jerked with annoyance.

“Kokoa-chan, did you forget of what I told a while back? ′BE RESPECTFUL TOWARDS YOUR SEMPAI’.”

“Now why would I do that? You’ve been a member of the club since Junior High still stands - You’re practically a *Sempai despite the fact that you’re a member of other clubs.”

Sasha said as she enunciated her advice once again to Kokoa whereas the latter herself shrugged it off and retorted with sarcasm as Sasha snapped briefly as she lashes out to the young girl.

“Ah just shut up already, will ya? You *Nekketsu-shonenrashii!”



Kokoa said with sarcasm gracing her voice as Sasha snapped briefly as she lashes out with insults to the latter causing the two girls to bicker amongst themselves.

“Ah – There they go again... Isn’t Sasha supposed to be a Sempai to the first years?”

“Well what you’d expect? Those two have been at each other’s throats since the start of the year...”

Hearing the fight had caused Tsukune and the others to stop of what they were doing and looked over to where Kokoa and Sasha are.


Bickering left to right, Kokoa and Sasha lashed out one another as the only boy – second to Tsukune and Morioka Ginei – is Huang Fong-Fong - Like Fuhai’s case, he also is a Bishounen and has black hair tied in a long braid and pink eyes - He wore a Chinese shirt underneath a robe followed by black silk pants and black flats - comes in between them to break up the fight before it turns into a brawl.

“Now now, Kokoa-chan, I’m much sure that Kanaka-san has her reasons...”

He said as Sasha massages her throat from the yelling as she and Kokoa glared daggers at each other before Yukari steps in and calms the two down.

“Never mind that, the point is that Sasha-chan is with us for the first time!”

Yukari piqued excitedly as Sasha laughs as she hears a revved sound of a school bus in the background, they are all greeted by their Homeroom teacher/club advisor is Nekonome Shizuka - A young woman with sandy-blond hair with slant-closed blue eyes and semi-dark red teardrop-shaped glasses - She wore a blackish-red shirt underneath a white blouse and a brown skirt with low heel sandals.

“Ah, Nekonome-sensei, Toujou-san, Ohayo!”

Sasha and the others greeted both the advisor and assistant - Toujou Rubi - A young girl with long dark black hair with two locks tied into ponytails on either side and reddish-pink eyes - She wore a Gothic pink corset with long blackish-brown skirt with frills at the end and high-heeled shoes.

“Are~ Minna-san, Kanaka-kun, *Hisashiburi!”

As everyone boarded the bus one by one, Sasha smiled softly as she steps on the bus halfway and turns to see the school in the distance as the sound of roaring waves crashing onto the cliff-side and trees rustling in the background.

“Hello there, everyone!”

Nekonome said as everyone had greeted their teacher in return while boarding the bus one at a time while Sasha looks behind her to see the clouds shrouding the landscape before her momentarily before sensing an unknown presence.

“‘[What? W-what this is? This feeling-?]’”

Sasha thought as a white-hot searing pain surges forth from her right eye as it threatens to draw blood from her socket thus causing the girl to grasp it in revelation.

“‘[Ow... M-my eye... It’s hurting something fierce...]’ O-Ouch...”

Suddenly, Sasha’s eyes went from blissful-clear to cloudy-shade as the silhouette begins to show itself clearly but luckily as the clouds shifted away out of the sun’s way, the silhouette disappears without a trace.

“Something wrong, *Komusume-san? You looked like you’ve seen a ghost or something..”

Startled by voice from the driver’s seat, it snapped Sasha out of her trance-like state as she looks away from the corner and over to the bus driver – He wore a train conductor-style royal blue coat with a white dress shirt followed by a black tie, along with royal blue trousers and black shoes.

“Ah No, nothing. It was nothing, nothing at all...”

Sasha replied breathlessly as she made her way onto the bus entirely as she sat across from him, setting down her bag next to her as she sat near the window as the sound of the us doors closed, the driver turned on the ignition and drove towards a exit as the engine resounds in the background.

“‘[Come to think of it, I haven’t had that feel in a long time... Not since that day...]’”

Sasha places her arm onto the windowsill and leans on her hand, lost in her thoughts as the bus enters a pitch-black tunnel while electric-like neon lights surging through them.

“‘[But seriously though, just what the heck was that?]’”

Sasha thought curiously as she was briefly pulled away from her train of thought to see three of her fellow female classmates arguing about how gets to sit next to Tsukune.

“Tsukune, is it ok if I sit here?”

“Sure thing, Moka-san.”

Moka asks cutely as Tsukune blushed lightly and gave his approval as Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore had pouted and sulked dejectedly as Kokoa gritted her teeth on a handkerchief as tears starts to well-up as a means of disappointment much to everyone’s surprise – The sounds of her friends begins to fade as Sasha went back to window gazing as she rethinks about the incident earlier but with this, Sasha’s adventure in the Human World had finally begun.

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