Thè mîñèçràft Hàçkèr...


Thîs gîrl, wàs kñøwñ às `~Thè mîñèçràft Hàçkèr~` shè çõûld gîvè à Èñçhàñtèd bøøk tö sömèbòdy àñd lîghtîñg wòûld àppèàr... Thèy wôûld dîè. Ñøbødy ëvér gøt tō rèàd ït. Wóüld yóû rêàd ît îf yôû hàd å çhàñçè?

Horror / Mystery
Age Rating:

{°Mystèry Gîrl..°^~

The night has came, and a little boy was playing his game called, "Minecraft." Then, a Enchanted book, appeared.. "What's this, I never had this enchanted book. Somebody had Wrote something in it.. I wonder if I take a look inside to see." The boy was rich, and greedy. But most of all, Very curious. As he took a look, lighting struck his window. He couldn't read the book, Because the lighting Broke his phone. he couldn't call his dad, that was Sleeping, because he was ^Lazy^ "Ugh! I have to do this myself? why can't dad hire a maid. The other one was to nice. And the other one was to mean. We need a third one. If my phone Haven't had been broken I would call jàmès çhàrlès," He didn't know James Charles. He didn't even have his number like, he didn't have his phone. As then, his dad came upstairs crying, "My mom died. She is your grandma. You should cry to," The boy finnaly spoke... "it's ok!" He said sassy.. "GO TO HELL! YOU DONT CARE FOR YOUR GRANDMA."

"HAH! your right. the old hag Wouldnt live anyways. she was to old, And she could hardly breathe, she never slept until she had some air. She wouldn't give me money, and She was to broke to buy a house, We never visited her. And I hardly knew her, but if you want me to go to hell, then.. I'll meet grandma there to while I'm at hell. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad, grandma was never a angel. She was always grumpy. I ain't gonna feel sorry for the old hag if she hasn't done anything in her life, You haven't even seen your mom! The first time you ever saw her, is when you were Birthed, and she didn't want you anymore, And she gave you to the adoption center where you were raised by rich people. They spoiled you, but how are you crying about your mother that left you? You should laugh at her and say "Hah! That's what you get for leaving me as a baby. You never deserved me, I was to good for you, and I even have A mansion. I'm rich your no mom to me, your broke And your in hell. I'll dance on your grave and laugh at you when you finally understand how Your worthless and mean," the man sat there and froze.. "Son... my mother that adopted me died.. not My real mother," the kid froze. "HAHA! NOW YOU HAVE NOBODY! YOUR A DUMMY, PLUS YOU CANY DO ANYTHING TO ME. IM THE REASON WHY YOU HAVE MONEY, ITS BECAUSE I GIVE YOU IT,"

I walked in, I'm his sister. And I'm not that greedy, or selfish. I refuse money, and all I want was love. I'm kind and loyal, and I stick up to bully's and my brother. "Why in the world, are you being mean to dad?"

"Oh shut up, Your life sucks!"
"Well yeah because your in it-,"
Brother was frozen. He screamed and cried while me and dad ignored him, and walked out the door closing it, we blocked out the noice with music.

1 hour later...

"Hey dad? Is brother still crying? I hear nothing coming from his room. Not even a peep."

"I'm not sure. go check on him,"

"Yes father." As I walked up the stairs and opened his door, I found blood, and a knife. Brother was dead, and his fingerprints was not on the knife, somebody else stabbed him.


I yelled carelessly because he didn't deserve life. after we burried him, and the police showed up, I walked in my room and started laughing.

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