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It was that note. Those few words had started this complicated mess of feelings. ~~~ Todoroki had claimed on the first day that he wasn't here to make friends- much less deal with romance. But his opinions completely changed after meeting her. But every time anything starts to finally progress- she would pull away, too scared of what he would think if he knew. ** Shinsou and her had been friends since they both first started high school. Her quirk was often looked down upon like his, hurting her greatly. But she always preserved and told him that it was okay because they both would become great heroes one day. She was always so optimistic and cheerful no matter what they said, and she worked incredibly hard. He had started to develop feelings for her, only to find another boy had, too. Who will she choose? And will they stay after they learn her secret? Will they ever really accept her? -Don't take everything in the story or the ships as cannon- Book cover is not mine, amazing book cover credit goes to hahanothx for making it for me!! **Season 5 spoilers**

Fantasy / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

They had been hanging out for weeks- ever since that day. Todoroki had gone to a cafe, one that he had been going to for a while now. He had been having a difficult day only to come home to his father and he just really didn't want to deal with that today.

He had been coming here often lately. He found it was a good place to relax and it was near his school, too. He always sat in the same spot by the window, finding the peaceful place calming to relax in away from people. He could do his homework or just drink tea or study here in the calm place. Since he always sat in the same seat and came at the same time every day, he had become to grow closer to the specific waitress that seemed to work every day he was here.

"Hey Todoroki!" A cheerful voice piped up beside him. He turned to see the h/l h/c haired girl standing with her notepad in hand. "You're here earlier than normal. The usual?"

"Actually, coffee today," He told her, tiredly.

"Coffee this late?" She wrote it down, sticking the pen behind her ear.

"It's a Friday," he said simply, as if that explained it. She left to help the next table, and Todoroki sighed as he watched as people walked by the side of the busy street, a pro hero on watch. As he finished his cup of tea and small dish, Y/n was back and put the small check on the table. After she left, he found a small note on the back, written in curly, neat handwriting.

I noticed you seemed kind of off today, so I wanted to ask if you were okay. Here's my number if you ever need someone to talk to

Underneath the note was a neatly written phone number. He read over it multiple times, confusion and a bit of shock on his face. He looked up to find that she was already off helping her next customer, tucking the small notepad in her apron and skipping off. He read over the note so many times he probably had her handwriting and phone number memorized before sticking it in his pocket and standing up to leave.

That night, he laid awake in his bed, staring up at the note from before that he held in his hand. All he really knew about was that she worked at that small cafe, her name, and that she went to high school, the same year as him, nearby.
Should he call her? He didn't know why exactly she had given that to him, or why he cared so much about it. He eventually set the note back down and got up to do some homework from English class. He didn't want to deal with Present Mic's loud voice tomorrow if he didn't finish it.

It was about a week later and he still hadn't called her. She wasn't upset though, she just smiled and gave him his tea at the cafe. After leaving, Todoroki went home to finish his homework only to remember he had finished it last night. He had pushed himself more today during class and was exhausted, so he decided instead to go for a walk.

Todoroki walked down the street and into the park. The sun was beginning to fall so not many people were there anymore- just the way he liked it. He sat on a bench and watched as children slowly started to leave and dusk grew around him. He pulled out his phone and scrolled through absent mindedly until he found himself looking at her contact name in his phone. He stared at the simple name, his finger hovering over it for what felt like forever before finally he tapped the name. A screen flashed over his phone, illuminating his face in the brighter glow. The screen flashed calling Y/n and he held it up to his ear.

"Hello?" A voice said on the other end of the line.

"Is this Y/n?" He asked. "This is Todoroki." He felt like he could practically see her beam at that.

"Todoroki? You called!" Then her voice was suddenly laced with concern. "Are you okay? Did something happen?"

"No, I'm fine. I wanted to know if you wanted to come to the park near the cafe with me? I finished my homework for the week and had nothing to do," he said in a flat voice. Todoroki heard someone on the other line faintly yelling.

"I'll be right there!" she yelled, her voice some away from the phone as if she were talking to someone else there. "Sorry Todoroki, I'm working right now. But I'll be off soon if you'll wait," she said, talking to him again before hanging up.

Y/n smiled a bit at her phone. He finally called. She saved the number to her phone and made the profile picture a cactus. "He basically has the same expression as one," she muttered, chuckling some.

"Y/n!" Her boss yelled.

"Right, sorry! Coming!" She said, hurriedly tucking the phone into her pocket and pulling the hat back on, running out the door and to the front counter. A bell chimed and she smiled at the customer.

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