Royal Lover

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Rhage laid against all his pillows and thought of Anghela. She was the princess, Wrath’s daughter. Messing around with glymera females was frowned upon at best. Being caught in a compromising position with a royal female by her father could get him beheaded.

Wrath was angry with him and that should have cooled his jets. He’d known she was something special though and couldn’t help himself. Rhage had wanted her so badly and not just for sex. He wanted her in his arms as she told him her life’s story. But he was never going to even be allowed near her again. And he’d never actually seen her.

If he knew Wrath, He’d keep his daughter as far away from him as possi-

Rhage’s door opened and he immediately jerked up. Then he was enveloped with the luscious scent of lilies and ginger.

“Rhage? It’s ok. Just me.” the most beautiful voice he’d ever heard said. The door closed as she came inside.

“Anghela? What are you doing her?” Rhage tried to sit up and failed. At least it wasn’t Wrath coming to kick his ass.

“I brought you something. Come on, I’ll help you sit up.” Something was set on his bedside table as she spoke. Her scent got stronger as she got closer until it was all he could smell. Like springtime in his room. Anghela’s fingers were gentle and warm on his bare skin as he settled his weight on his hips.

“Did Wrath say you could be here?” Rhage asked as she brushed the hair out of his eyes. He felt the sensation through his entire body. As Mr. Bad Idea under his blanket gave his opinion, Rhage had to tell his dick to pipe down. Wrath was territorial about what was his and Rhage didn’t want to chance having the king stake him by the balls on the lawn for the sun.

“My father has never been there to tell me what to do so why should I have to start now? Here, drink this.” Anghela said, tilting Rhage’s head up and bringing a cup of something hot to his lips.

“You know about that now?” Rhage said, confused. Wrath had told him she’d been raised as a civilian and had no idea that her father was the king. How much had he told her?

“Yeah. I know I’m a princess and I know Wrath abandoned me. This isn’t some fairytale where everything is ok after I become royalty. The king has little effect on me. You need to drink this now.” Anghela whispered and brought the cup closer to his lips. It smelled good and Rhage wanted to listen to what she said. Her voice was a symphony and it played to her emotions beautifully.

“That ain’t alka seltzer.”

“No, it’s ginger tea. My mother used to make this for me when my stomach was upset as a pretrans. It will settle your stomach better than Alka-Seltzer. Please try it.” Anghela said, reminiscently, like she really missed her mom.

Rhage took an experimental sip. It tasted good and the warmth spread through him fast. He drank every drop of it and wanted more. But exhaustion quickly took the place of the pain in his gut. His muscles finally relaxed thanks to her. He couldn’t see yet but he caught a blurry outline of Anghela as his lashes lowered.

Anghela put the cup back on the table and moved like she was getting up. When Rhage pulled her back down, she made a sound of protest. That was still beautiful. “Please, will you stay a little longer? At least until I fall asleep?” he begged, feeling more comforted by her than he had with his own mother.

“Ok, I’ll stay.” Anghela said and shifted so she was lying next to him. Her fingers traveled up his arm and to his hair, stroking it. God, that felt really good and he struggled to hold his purr of contentment in. So he settled for putting his head on her shoulder.

After a while Anghela started to hum and then sing a pretty tune. It was the best lullaby he’d ever heard.


Anghela couldn’t believe the crazy path of her life sometimes. She’d learned a lot about herself from Wrath. The male was her father and he’d proven it without a doubt to her. He’d known about the scar on her wrist and his story had collaborated with what her mom had told her. Wrath had made that mark on her. She’d always kept it hidden just like her mahmen had told her. Rubbing the cuff bracelet, she thought of Wrath taking photos out of his drawer. They were all of her and her mom. Anghela had taken a photo of her in Carrshela’s arms that was taken right after she was born. Wrath had the same picture and also ones with him in them, some with him holding her.

Wrath really was her father.

Rhage was obviously a Brother. He was way too big and muscled not to be. As he sighed in comfort, the male looked so beautiful lying there with his head on her shoulder. She continued to sing and his body relaxed further into hers. Anghela was terrified and comforted by him.

Rhage’s soft breathing mixed with the song she was singing. It had been a long time since she’d sang it. It was another thing her mom had taught her, to sing it when she was hurt or scared. They’d sang it together every time Bruhtal had attacked them.

She’d been too good for that bastard. Carrshela was a purebred, the daughter of a chosen and the Brother Hharm. Bruhtal had been just a soldier. Maybe he’d always felt inadequate and resented Anghela as the proof of her mother deserving better.

What the hell was she doing? Reflecting on her family past? Anghela needed to leave. Now. Before she got attached to anyone here. She didn’t trust anyone.

So she really should leave Rhage’s room too. He was trouble wrapped in an extremely attractive package. There was no way she could stay here with him and not let her guard down. She just couldn’t allow herself to do that.

“Why did you have to kiss me?” she said to the empty room, breaking off her song.

“I wanted to.” Rhage whispered, startling her. Hadn’t he been asleep a minute ago?

“I was only resting. Wanted to hear you sing.” He muttered, seeming to answer her thoughts.

“Why would you want to? You didn’t know that I was a princess yet.” Anghela said. He was an idiot to like someone as broken as her. She didn’t have much to offer him.

“Ya know, you don’t seem surprised to find yourself under the same roof as your father.” Rhage said, keeping his eyes closed. He seemed more comfortable like that. Like his eyes hurt too.

“I knew he was out there but had no idea who he was. Knowing who he is will not change me. I came here to be trained to fight and some estranged father isn’t going to change my goals and why am I telling you this? I don’t know you.” Anghela shrugged Rhage’s head off her shoulder in exasperation.

“That didn’t seem to bother you so much in the hallway. You liked it.” Rhage said cockily.

“Momentary lapse of judgment. Wont happen again.” Anghela said, waving her hand dismissively.

“Oh, that’s cold. It’s also a lie.”

“You’ll never know if it is.” Anghela replied, getting up quickly and moving across the room before he could grab her again. It felt so weird to be that close to him. She didn’t want to like it.

“Where are you going now?” Rhage demanded to know, sitting up so his magnificent chest was exposed. That brand on his left pectoral was sexy and she had to force her gaze away from him.

“Lay down and get some rest. I’ll bring you food later.” Anghela told him before leaving like the room was on fire. She needed to get her head on straight before she met Fritz later.

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