Royal Lover

Chapter Twelve

Rhage opened his eyes and saw the room around him. He could see the hangings of his bed and the table with the teacup on it. And the spot where Anghela had lain next to him. Now he had to find her so he could see her face.

Sitting up, his body no longer ached. He was back in perfect working order. Finally.

Rhage got up, threw some clothes on, grabbed the cup and left the room. Where would she be?

He checked the room she had said was hers first. The entire thing was varying shades of green. The silk sheets of the bed were a bit mussed, like she’d taken a light nap earlier. A bag of clothes and other stuff belonging to a woman was on the chair in front of a dressing table. There was a hairbrush; face wash, black eyeliner, and some other personal toiletries were on the table. There were black workout clothes laid on the bed.

A book was on her bedside table and he picked it up. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The book was a little worn, like she’d read it a million times. Rhage put the book down, making a mental note to watch the movie sometime.

Then he headed downstairs.

Rhage crossed the foyer, intending to go through the dining room and butler’s pantry to ask Fritz if he’d seen Anghela. He stopped as soon as he got to the dining room.

The female he saw was dancing around to music that was coming from the kitchen and singing as she set the large table.

It had to be Anghela. No other female’s voice was as beautiful and heart stopping. She was graceful as she moved, even in the apron she wore. Rhage stood appreciating the view because she hadn’t noticed him and didn’t want to draw attention and stop her concert.

Then he heard a familiar male voice just before Anghela was grabbed around the waist. Zsadist held her off balance.


Rhage didn’t think. Just lunged at the pair and snatched Anghela away.

“What the-? Rhage what are you doing?” Anghela yelled as Rhage pushed Zsadist away. The male was dangerous and he had to protect the female from him.

“Rhage, let her the fuck go.” Zsadist growled, getting into a fighting stance.

“Anghela, go into the kitchen.” Rhage shoved her to the door, keeping his body between her and his brother. He didn’t want to hurt Z but the male had a bad rep with females. Hopefully he could get Anghela away before she got hurt.

“No, Stop it!” Anghela shouted, trying to get between them.

“Go, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Zsadist barked, trying to get her behind him.

What the hell?

“Stop! There’s no need for this. You’re both overreacting.” Anghela was determined to push them apart and he couldn’t throw a punch with her in the way.

“But he attacked you!” Rhage said, trying to make sense of things. Zsadist would not protect a female or even be near one if he didn’t have to. He was mean and hated people.

“Me?! You were the one who ripped her away and slammed me into that door. You attacked us.” Zsadist snarled like he wanted to rip Rhage’ head off. He was still trying to pull Anghela behind him and Rhage wasn’t going to let him. Anghela was his.

“Guys, it was a misunderstanding. Rhage, Zsadist and I were dancing. That’s all. He didn’t attack me,” Anghela said, pushing him back again. Rhage was so surprised, he let her.

“Really? I find that hard to believe. Don’t you prefer more violence, Z?” Rhage wondered what Z was actually doing.

“Look asshole, I just came down to get food before going out and she was there. Anghela convinced me to stay and help her cook. That’s all and if you don’t believe me, you can fuck off.” Zsadist’s hands went to the apron he was wearing over his leathers and black turtleneck. Rhage hadn’t noticed the thing until now.

“Nice apron, my brother.” Rhage chuckled, standing up.

“Screw you, Rhage. Come on, Anghela. The potatoes should be done by now.” Zsadist said, putting a hand on Anghela’s shoulder.

“One minute, Z.” Anghela said, looking at him kindly. Zsadist stared at her for a minute, apparently not wanting to leave. “I can handle it. I’ll yell for you if I can’t.” she reassured him.

“You’d better.” Zsadist said, grinning at her. Then he shot Rhage a look and disappeared to the kitchen.

Anghela had a warm smile on her face as she looked at the door Zsadist had gone through. “He doesn’t want to admit it, but Zsadist isn’t that bad. Just misunderstood.” she said like she could relate.

“Anghela,” Rhage said, lost for words. He wanted to say alot of things to her. Like thank her for helping him. Demand she stay away from the scarred brother. And he wanted to take her back to his room and have sex with her in every possible position to mark her as his. Which was insane because he barely knew her.

Anghela shook her head again and pivoted to face him. “What are you doing out of bed? Get your butt back up there before I kick it there.” the female said fiercely.

“I’m fine. Your tea fixed me up.” he said with a smirk and looked around for the cup that had been in his hands. Apparently he’d had enough manners to put it on the table instead of dropping it in his urgency to protect Anghela. He picked it up and gave it to her.

“Bend down, Rhage.”

Rhage’s heart kick started, like his body anticipated getting hot and heavy with her. His skin tingled as he put his face in front of hers.

She took his face in her hands. They were gentle but commanding and he couldn’t help imagining how they would feel on his body. Anghela locked eyes with him and his breath caught in his throat. Beautiful, hard emeralds framed by black lashes stared intently at him. They were the eyes of a warrior that boiled Rhage’s blood.

“You’re temperature seems normal and your pupils are responsive. How’s your stomach feeling?” Anghela murmured, her hand going to his belly. His body hummed as he prayed for it to move lower.

Anghela had to clear her throat and step back before he could answer the question. “Alot better. My appetite is coming back,” he answered. Was it ever? Rhage wanted to devour the female in front of him. And not the way the beast ate lessers.

“Good. Fritz and I almost have dinner ready.” she said and walked back into the kitchen through the butler’s door. A delicious smell wafted out and pulled him forward.

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