Royal Lover

Chapter three

Chapter Three:

Rhage rolled over in his bed and quickly got back on his back. Being on his stomach was not a good idea. It was still swollen and hurting from what the beast had decided to nosh on the night before.

What the hell was wrong with him lately? He’d never had much impulse control but he’d gone off his rocker recently. He’d had the compulsion to go to glymera parties and find a shellan. A real female of worth.

None of them had been what he was looking for. One point of difference was those females were dull as a powder puff and some just as mentally endowed. Another, more important point was that they just wanted wild sex from him. No talking, no dancing or flirting. Just sex. As usual.

Rhage was so sick of anonymous one- night stands he wished he could vomit on his past so Fritz would scrub it clean. Like a stain that could be removed by cleaners and elbow grease. Though maybe he was just incapable of having someone love him. Just a good screw.

And those females called themselves aristocrats. They’d all just wanted to use him to get out of their safe zones. A warrior was anything but safe and with Rhage’s beast, he was downright dangerous.

It just figured that his reputation would screw him over. Now that he finally cared about having a personal relationship, no one believed he was serious. Even Wrath, his king and brother, thought he was joking when he said he wanted a shellan.

Which made him think he never would get one. Shellans weren’t a dime a dozen, not that Rhage wanted that many. One good female who loved him for himself was all he really wanted. It seemed too much to ask for.


Anghela knew she’d split the customer’s lip open and she didn’t give a damn. She was halfway through her shift at the Moonlight Bar and grill, a shitty watering hole in a bad part of Caldwell, when this jackass had started harassing her.

The guy had made lewd comments to her, slapped her ass, and hit on her already. None of that had bothered her; she was used to stuff like that in a place like this. But then he’d called her a stuck up whore and threw her against a wall, she’s decked him in his dull yellow teeth.

“Oh, you got some fight in you. This will be good.” The guy sneered as he wiped blood off his chin.

Anghela prepared to defend herself. The self defense and Tae Kwon doe training put her in a low fighting stance with her hand up to defend her head. The guy smiled mockingly, not knowing what the female in front of him could do.

The guy raised his hand like he was going to slap Anghela so she grabbed his wrist, spun him around and pinned him against the wall. The movement was fast and practiced.

“You wanna go back to your meal or should I put your head through the wall?” Anghela snarled into the guy’s ear, pushing her knee into his lower back.

“I’ll tell you were I wanna put my head, sweetheart.” The asshole smirked, twisting his hand up and grabbing one of her breasts.

With a rush of disgust, Anghela slammed the guy to the floor and put her boot down on his throat. His shit colored eyes stared up at her in shock. “That wasn’t one of your choices, asswipe.”

“Oh are you one of those dominating chicks? Like being on top and going rough?” he gasped under her black leather footwear. “That’s cool with me, sweetheart.”

Anghela stepped down harder and no one was coming to stop her. No one else out of the ten people in the bar gave a damn about the confrontation happening in their midst. It wasn’t uncommon in this neighborhood. Rape and fighting were ignored because as sad as it was, they were a weekly occurrence.

“New deal, you leave here on your own or I toss your sorry ass into the street.” Anghela was more than willing to take some pent up aggression out on this guy. She’d still have plenty to hit the streets with later.

“Only if you’re leaving with me.” He said, sweeping her ankle out from under her with a powerful forearm. It also helped him that her stepfather had broken that joint and it hadn’t healed quite right. She landed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around her. She tried to struggle away from him as she felt him plant sloppy kisses anywhere he could.

“You want me? Fine.” Anghela let him pull her face closer to his and felt his rough lips on hers. The guy tasted like beer.

Her stepfather had always smelled like beer when he’d attack her. Bruhtal had hated the stepdaughter he’d been landed with. He’d abused Anghela and her mother every time he got drunk. The only time the guy had ever touched her was when he’d been hitting her. Anghela was almost glad when she’d found him dead in the middle of their living room. The tragedy was that her mother, Carrshela, was lying bleeding a few feet away, not dead yet but on her way out.

Her mahmen had reached for her, trying to talk. “Find Roth… father…Roth.” Her mahmen had garbled out. Who was Roth?

Carrshela went unto the Fade right after that so there was no time to ask. Much less let Anghela say goodbye to the only person who had ever loved her.

Coming back to the present with a vengeance, Anghela head butted the bastard’s nose and kneed him in the junk. He let go of her and Anghela sprang to her feet. She couldn’t believe she’s almost surrendered to this guy. Her fighting drive had been what had kept her alive these last four years and she needed to keep it. The drunk human had curled into himself and was whimpering pitifully. Pathetic.

“Anghela, what are you doing?” one of the other employees asked as she bent down and grabbed the piece of meat under his arms and began dragging him.

“Taking out the garbage.” She grunted and tossed the guy out the open door. Who landed in a heap a foot away from the step. “What can I do for you?” she asked, wiping her hands on her apron. The girl she was looking at went by the name ‘Heaven’ and part timed as a freelance prostitute.

“Boss wants to see you in his office. Said it was urgent.” Heaven informed her, tossing her silver blond hare over a bare shoulder.

“Great. Could this night get any worse?” Anghela muttered as she headed to the back without so much as a glance at Heaven. She was probably in for an ass chewing so she didn’t spare the pleasantries.

Don’t shoot the messenger.’ Anghela thought. She needed to work on her people skills. Though no one was nice to her so she rarely felt the need to be nice to anyone else. Anghela would be really nice if she had the incentive. She wasn’t always a badass bitch.

Cruelty and grief had made her that way.

Can't change the past and she didn’t have much hope the future would be better.

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