Royal Lover

Chapter Four

As Wrath dealt with his troubles, Fritz was uncomfortable amidst the squalor of his surroundings in the human world. He had a wicked urge to start cleaning the desk he was sitting next to as he waited.

Master will be so pleased when he finds out what I’m orchestrating for him,Fritz thought to himself. He had been cleaning the master’s office last week when he found what his liege had been upset about for weeks now. Master didn’t know how to accomplish this particular task that weighed heavily on those royal shoulders.

But Fritz did. The happiness of his household was more important than his own. That being said, the uncomfortable reconnaissance mission he’d performed and now the follow through with it almost killed him. Fritz had no desire to offer this carrot but it would all be for the best.

The human sitting behind the desk was just as rough and dirty as his establishment. The sooner he got out of here with what he came for the better.

A knock came at the door and as soon as it opened, Fritz was on his feet. Doggen tradition demanded he be on his feet for the young female that came in and shut the door. Even if she didn’t acknowledge her status.

Dearest Scribe Virgin, she has blood on her own and a human male’s. The skin on the knuckles of her right hand was split, like she’d been in a fight. Frustration rolled off her.

Oh, but she was lovely. The resemblance between her and her father was quite evident. A perfect female. those eyes of hers. Emeralds framed by thick black eyelashes and makeup that she really didn’t need.

Fritz had the need to care for this female. To take her out of this desolate place and treat her as she deserved. The urge to take care as only a doggen did.

“You wanted to see me?” she asked the human. Her voice was a hard soprano, beautiful as a winter sunset.

“Someone here to see you.” the human grunted, sticking a thumb in Fritz’s direction. Then he stood up and left the room. As Fritz had suggested he do.

“My name is Fritz Perlmutter. Would you speak with me?” it was only right to ask for the privilege to converse with her.

“Umm, sure. My name is Anghela James. But the Boss probably told you that.” The female answered and stuck her hand out.

Fritz tried not to let the great courtesy go to his head, as she probably hadn’t been raised around doggen and didn’t know what she offered him. He clasped her hand with great care but quickly broke the connection. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss James.”

“Just Anghela is fine. So what’s this about?” she asked as she sat in another metal folding chair.

Fritz tried not to smile at her for the allowance. “Allow me to get to the point. I represent a powerful organization that is looking for those of your talent you might be interested in being employed by.” Fritz had followed Anghela for a few hours last night and the night before and had seen the female fighting lessers with fairly decent skill. He’d decided the best way to approach this was to offer her a spot in the Brotherhood’s training program.

“I’m not interest in prostitution if that’s what you’re getting at.” Anghela said bluntly, clearly misunderstanding his gaze on her.

“Fates, no. Nothing of the sort, I assure you.” Fritz said, mildly shocked. He wondered if she’d ever been asked to do that while she was in the human world and hoped the answer she had given was the one he’d just gotten.

“So what’s the job then?” Anghela looked a bit irritated as she cracked her knuckles. The sound made him uneasy but he pressed on.

“I would like to speak more plainly. I am a servant of the Brotherhood. They would like to extend an invitation for you to join their training program. Your nightly exploits have not gone unnoticed.” Fritz explained more plainly, avoiding alarming or descriptive words in case someone was listening. He'd heard rumors of a masked vigilante for lack of a better term and after finding and tailing her, the vigilante and Anghela had turned out to be one in the same.

Anghela looked surprised at first then grinned. “I wasn’t aware they accepted female members. How do I know this is legit?”

“Special circumstances. You’d be trained as a soldier. Please accept this as proof.” Fritz handed her the formal application that the rest of the trainees had been given. “There is an audition and you will need to meet with the leader.”

“And if I decide I don’t want to train with them? Any perks offered with this?” she asked, looking over the form.

“It is either join or stop your exploits. They will not tolerate unauthorized personnel in the field anymore. But if you accept, there will be room and board plus a generous pay. More if you have any special skills. It is in your best interest to accept.” Fritz wasn’t authorized to offer this but if it got her to the mansion, it wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Would a knowledge of herbal medicine be considered a special skill?” Anghela asked, still reading the form.

“I’d say so. We don’t have a doctor on staff right now.” he answered, wondering where she’d picked up that skill.

“Ok, I’ll go on the audition. Where is it?”

Fritz was thrilled by her answer. “I’m afraid I would have to drive you myself to the compound. We prefer privacy and seclusion for safely reasons. They request you spend the day today and I shall schedule your audition for tomorrow night if that is available to you. An overnight bag would be suggested too, as you’ll be staying the day.”

“Fine. Picking me up an hour before sunrise will be just fine.” Anghela said with a grimace then unnecessarily gave him her apartment address. Fritz knew where she lived already.

Now it was time to tell the Master. He might not be too thrilled to be surprised if he ran into her in his hallways. Master hated surprises and had wanted to find this female himself. Anghela is his concern as far as Master thought.

And Master and everyone else at the Mansion is Fritz’s concern.

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