Royal Lover

Chapter five

“You did what?” Wrath bellowed, furious. Fritz had just walked into his office to give what he assumed to be good news. The doggen shrank away from him.

“Wrath, what’s wrong?” his shellan ran into the room. She was worried for a split second until she saw her servant cowering in the corner. “Fritz, is everything alright?”

“I was only trying to help. Master wanted it done and I figured out how to do it.” Fritz stammered and Wrath saw that he was overreacting. Fritz hadn’t done anything wrong really. he was just upset about whom their rogue fighter had turned out to be. The doggen had done solid work finding her and had handled getting her here better than he would have actually.

“Wrath, back off him. Tell me what is going on.” Beth snapped at him. His shellan did have a soft spot for her father’s most trusted servant. Shit, he was going to have to apologize. To both of them.

“Fritz, you did good. I’m just pissed about the circumstances. Thanks for the help. So she accepted your story?” Wrath said, placing a hand on the guy’s shoulder.

“Yes, she is expecting me an hour before sunrise to bring her here for an audition and she will stay the day.” Fritz answered, practically levitating from Wrath’s praise.

“Good. Prepare a room for Anghela. Make sure she’s comfortable when she gets here.” Wrath instructed, aware of Beth’s eyes on him the whole time.

“I shall make her room as lovely as she is, Master.” Fritz bowed and left with a spring in his step.

“Who’s Anghela?” Beth asked as soon as the door closed.

Shit. Wrath had hoped to postpone this conversation. it wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“She’s a female who is a candidate for the training program.” Wrath gave an honest but ultimately bullshit answer.

“Who’s coming to stay here?”

“If she wants.”


“She needs a better place to stay. I want to help her.” Wrath stayed vague. He knew Beth would take it the wrong way when she found out whom Anghela was. But he couldn’t keep her a secret, especially after discovering the female wasn’t dead as he’d thought.

“And you want this female here.” It wasn’t a question. Beth could see Wrath’s undisguised desire to have the female at the Mansion. Especially after hearing from Fritz the shitholes she lived and worked in now. Wrath wanted her out of there.

“Yes. Anghela needs help and a better place to live. I want to take care of her, leelan.” Shit, Wrath really did care about this female, though he hadn’t seen her since she was a baby.

“Why do you care so much about this female, Wrath?” Beth’s expression hurt. she felt betrayed. it was a sour scent in his nose he couldn’t escape.

“I just do, leelan.”

“Tell the truth and stop trying to bullshit me Wrath. What is she to you? Are you taking another shellan?”Beth’s voice cracked with pain. Wrath could smell her crying and it killed him.

“No way would I take another shellan when I have you. But she is mine.” He had to do better than that. Beth was his one and only.

“Your what? What is she to you?!”

“She’s my daughter!” Wrath exploded. His shellan’s fury had amped up his emotions.

“Excuse me?” Beth asked, like she hadn’t heard right. She was startled but still felt betrayed.

“Anghela is my daughter.”

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