Royal Lover

Chapter Six

“I don’t like this. Feels like a shifty deal.” Kyla said as she waited with Anghela on the front step of the apartment building. Obviously she hadn’t been able to tell her she was being interviewed for a training spot for another race’s warriors because she didn’t even know vampires existed let alone that she was one. Anghela had told her she’d gotten hired for a live in position as a maid at some rich guy’s mansion. Kyla knew she might not come back and that was good. It was time to sever this friendship.

“Duly noted. But I’m still going.” Anghela said firmly. It was time to get back in around her real people. Find out if she had any other family. Maybe even find a mate if any male could tolerate her.

“What if these people are criminals and want to kill you or something?” Kyla worried. She was good like that. Even though this was the end of their association, she still cared about her. She had no idea why because she was a pain in the ass.

“Then you’ll never know what happened. I wouldn’t worry so much though. I’ll be fine.” his concern made her uncomfortable. Kyla was more attached to her than she’d ever meant to be and she was to her too. She was the only one who gave a rat’s ass about her since her mother had gone to the fade. Her birth father, whoever he was, had never materialized to rescue her and she didn’t think he ever would. Anghela didn’t want Kyla halting her life because she was waiting for her to come back. This was a clean break.

“What makes you sure you’re gonna be safe?” Kyla asked as a Mercedes pulled up and Fritz got out. The old guy was tiny and dressed in livery, the definition of non-threatening.

“That’s why.” Anghela jerked her thumb toward Fritz as he walked around the car.

“Good evening, Anghela. Are you ready for departure?” Fritz asked as he eyed her bag then Kyla.

“Give me a minute, Fritz,” she said, handing her old bag to him. Then she turned to Kyla. “I left food and more of that medicine for you in my fridge. Use my place how you wish while I’m gone.”

Kyla smiled, her naturally full lips spreading wide. “I hope you come back. Take care while you’re gone.

Though Anghela rarely let anyone touch her, she hugged her friend goodbye. As much as she’d hated to admit it, this human had gotten under a barrier she thought all but impenetrable. Just the outer layer though; Anghela couldn’t let others in any farther because it hurt too much.

They broke apart and Fritz ushered her into the backseat of the car. She waved to her friend as Fritz got in and drove them away.

“Pardon me for asking, but are you close to that human?” Fritz asked from the drivers seat.

“She’s sort of a friend and neighbor. I’ve never lived among other vampires so I never picked up the prejudice for humans I’ve heard aristocrats have.” She explained. There were only a few civilians she still interacted with and they’d told her stories about the glymera.

“Then you should know that I am a subspecies of vampire known as a doggen. We are the serving class, in case you weren’t aware.” Fritz said. “You should also know that I am taking you to the Brotherhood’s training compound. It is also the residence of the king and thus its location must remain a secret.”

“I suspected as much on both accounts. The windows are blacked out to prevent passengers from seeing where they’re going, right?” Anghela said, finally getting a look at a doggen. Her stepfather had made Anghela and her mother do all the chores and civilians usually didn’t have servants.

“That’s right. Soon I’ll have to put up the partition so as to not let you see out the windshield.” Fritz said as he drove them toward the highway.

Half an hour later, after a blind trip with a lot of stops at the end, Fritz was ushering her up the front steps of a large Gothic mansion. She’d never seen such a large residence. The security was crazy, Fritz having punched codes and used a video monitor to announce their arrival before she went through two different doors. Talk about wanting privacy and security. No one was getting into this place unless they were supposed to be here.

“Wow. This is amazing.” Anghela muttered, taking in the splendor of the foyer. The floor was a stunning mosaic of an apple tree with a beautiful woman sitting under it. A grand staircase led to the second floor. The ceiling was a mural of warriors on horseback and festooned with gold sconces. The walls were also covered in artwork. It truly looked like a palace.

“Yes. There is a billiards room through that door to the left. The library is through that doorway directly ahead and the kitchen is on the other side of the dining room through the right. May I show you to your room?” Fritz said, directing her around the large area.

“I thought I was going to be interviewed by the Brotherhood. When will I meet them?” Anghela had dressed herself for fighting in anticipation of meeting them.

“They’ve told me to take you to your room until First meal. You will dine with them and then have your interview. All have already gone to bed for the day. Please come with me.” Fritz told her.

He led her up the grand stairs and turned left onto a hallway that overlooked the mosaic foyer. There were several doors on the other side of the balcony and Fritz stopped at the fourth door, took out a key and unlocked the room.

“Oh, wow.” Anghela gasped as she stepped inside.

The place was twice the size of Anghela’s apartment but that didn’t hold her attention for long. The walls and bed were silver and a green that was the exact shade of Anghela’s eyes. The huge bed was made up with green silk, lots of pillows, and a green and silver gossamer canopy. A TV, DVD set up and stereo system were hooked up on the opposite wall. A bookcase by the bed. On the wall she was facing were two doors, she assumed one were a closet and the other a private bathroom.

“Do you like your accommodations?” Fritz asked. Letting her take it in.

“If this is what you give a guest I cant imagine what the king and Brothers have.” Anghela was astonished by the luxuriousness of the place. She’d never had much and had been ok with that.

“Master wants you to be comfortable.” Fritz sounded like he hoped she’d be a permanent resident to this suite. “First Meal is a half hour before sunset. Please feel free to use anything in this suite and the first floor is free access. But anything on this floor or behind a locked door should be kept away from. Enjoy your rest and we shall see you at First Meals.”

Fritz bid her good night and left her to her own devices. It would be a challenge sleeping in this unfamiliar environment.

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