Royal Lover

Chapter Eight

Anghela couldn’t fall to sleep. The opulence of the unfamiliar space was only part of the problem. She was nervous about meeting the brothers and even more about not knowing who else was in the building. So after an hour of trying without success to sleep, she decided to get up and wander around. Books were one of Anghela’s favorite things so she made a note to check out the library downstairs.

After looking both ways down the hall, she decided to look farther down the hall she was in before going down stairs.

She didn’t get far.

Four doors away a male staggered out of the room, looking sick. But god, he was gorgeous. Blond hair like spun silk draped his forehead, almost reaching his eyes. His skin, even though a tad pale and covered in sweat was stretched over huge muscles. By far he was the biggest male she’d ever seen. A foot taller and a good hundred pounds heavier than Anghela’s 5′ 6" and 155 pounds.

And he was clearly sick. He looked unstable on his massive legs and dizzy. Looked like his stomach was killing him too.

Anghela couldn’t stop herself from getting closer to him. The world may have shunned her but Anghela was still essentially a good person who couldn’t ignore someone who needs help. She genuinely cared about others, though she probably shouldn’t bother sometimes. Maybe she just had a good heart that forced her to be like her mother; the female had been an herbalist who made natural medicine to help people.

So she reached out to help the gorgeous, sick male.

Only to have him snap around, grab her by the throat and slam her into a wall.


Rhage was getting out of his room. Couldn’t stand being there any longer. The beast had eaten ten lessers and he still felt sick. Eyesight still hadn’t come back and his muscles ached but he couldn’t handle lying in bed another minute. This time he was getting to the gym.

He had some trouble getting his fingers coordinated to work the doorknob and all but broke the door down getting into the hall. Which was a bad idea because the exertion made him dizzy. Rhage swerved and inhaled.

There was someone in the hall with him. A stranger.

Without thinking Rhage lurched forward, grabbed the intruder around the neck and slammed them against a wall. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” he barked.

The gasp that came out of the throat he held was high, feminine. Too late, he realized that he’d just attacked a female. When he didn’t get an answer, Rhage leaned down and sniffed her throat, which made her breath come faster. The smell of her fear mixed with the smell of lilies.

Jesus, she was a young vampire female who had some very pure blood. He’d aggressed on an aristocrat.

Rhage loosened his grip and willed his voice to be gentle. “I’m sorry I frightened you. But I need to know who you are and what you’re doing here.”

“My name is Anghela. I have an interview with the Brotherhood for a spot in the training class.”

“Say that again.” Rhage demanded, a bit unhinged.

“Um, I’m Anghela. Are you one of the Brothers? Are you ok?”

Rhage felt his body ease into hers. She had the most beautiful voice he’d ever heard and it both soothed and excited him. The skin at the female’s throat was so soft; he twisted his hand around to feel her speak. Her body was a bit soft too. There was muscle but with a layer of fat over it. He bet she had awesome curves. He wanted to hear her speak again.

“Um, you’re a bit too close. Mind stepping back from me?” she asked, a bit annoyed.

“Nothing doing. Talk some more.” Rhage needed to hear that voice again. That perfect voice. The tone and texture was silky, music to his ears.

She stayed quiet, the smell of her fear being replaced by annoyance that mingled in the air. Just as he was about to make the demand again, she shoved against his chest and said, “You look like you could use a doctor. Get off me and I’ll help you.”

Rhage didn’t pay attention to the words. The sensation of her voice made him feel like she was running her no doubt smooth hand under his skin, caressing him.

“More. Talk more.”

“Let me go. Right now or I’m gonna make you and you wont like it.” she threatened, shoving against him again.

He laughed, leaning his body into hers some more. She stiffened but Rhage could still tell that she had those curves. Her chest and hips cushioned his well. The thin material of her top had a wide v-neck and gave him an ample feel of her.

Demanding didn’t work with her so he tried another tactic. “Please talk to me. Your voice is soothing.”

“Insistent, aren’t you? Look, I’ll talk with you if you back away. Fritz said there was a sitting room down the hall.” she said that like his proximity bothered her but she wanted to help him.

“Yes, I am. And you like it.” Rhage said, rotating his hips into hers.

She laughed and the sound pierced him in the chest. “You wish, handsome.”

Without thinking about it, his mouth was on hers. She struggled for a minute, creating a delicious friction. God, her lips were soft and tasted sweet. He knew the instant her resistance melted. Now she pulled him closer.

“Talk to me, Anghela. Please.” Rhage murmured, moving his mouth to her throat.

“I, ah, I have nothing to say. Except that we shouldn’t be in the hallway and I don’t know you.” Anghela sounded flustered and getting hotter. Even without seeing her, he knew she was the sexiest female he’d come across.

So help him, he was going to have her.

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