Royal Lover

Chapter Nine

God, who was this guy? He was sexy as hell and knew what he was doing. She’d never been this turned on in her life and she was ten years out of her transition. The urge to have sex was driving her and she wanted it with this stranger. What would it be like to have him between her legs? That kiss he’d laid on her was not enough. She wanted him.

Whoa, slow down girl. She had no idea who he was and she wasn’t that kind of female. Actually, this kind of thing terrified her. And he was sick. His golden skin was sticky with sweat and he looked a little green around the gills.

“Why- why don’t I help you get back to your room? You don’t look good.” Anghela said, trying to keep her attention on his illness and off his huge body. She tried to shuffle him off her and support his weight. He didn’t budge.

“Would you go back to my room with me? I’d feel better if you were there.” he said, rubbing an impressively large erection into her belly. Something wet slid down her neck. His tongue, sweet Jesus.

“What the hell is going on here?” A deep voice boomed. Another huge male with long, dark hair falling from a widow’s peak and wraparound sunglasses was standing a few feet away. And man was he pissed. “Rhage get away from her. Now.”

“We weren’t doing nothing. What’s doing, boss?” Rhage didn’t ease off her but his hand did leave her throat.

The reply was sharp and in the old language. Anghela was not fluent so she didn’t understand much. The males spoke fast and angrily. Then Rhage turned those teal eyes back on her before finally backing off.

“See you around, Anghela.” he said and stumbled back into the room he’d come from.

“Are you alright, Anghela? He didn’t hurt you, did he?” the dark male said, his voice gentler than before.

“Um, I’m fine. Who are you?” she asked, bewildered by the absence of Rhage’s warm weight on her. He hadn’t repulsed her like she was with most males. Why?

“That’s good. I’m glad I decided to come talk to you. My name is Wrath. I’m the king and this is mine and my shellan’s home,” he explained with power and authority. It was like he owned the world. At least the vampire part, he did.

“I’m sorry for my rudeness. My name is Anghela. I wasn’t supposed to meet you until First Meal.” Anghela said, dropping her head into an almost bow.

Wrath put a hand under her chin and tilted her face up to look at him. “Don’t bow to me. You don’t need to. Would you come to my office? I’d like to speak to you.” he spoke with a familiarity she didn’t understand. Wrath scrutinized her face before putting his hand on her shoulder and steering her toward the staircase.

“Um, sure.” She was too stunned by him to protest.

Wrath led her into the room at the top of the stairs, a fancy office. He sat her down in an armchair, then took a seat behind a desk he made look like doll furniture.

“I’ve been waiting to see you again for a long time.”


Wrath couldn’t believe he was staring at the blurry outline of his daughter. She was here, finally no longer an abstract concept. And he couldn’t love her more.

But damn, what he’d discovered Rhage doing to her cranked his shit. She didn’t seem bothered that he’d been all over her. Rhage had sworn he didn’t know who she was and that was half the problem. He was out of his mind. You didn’t go around holding females to a wall and groping them in a hallway. Especially not a princess. Which is what Anghela is.

She was never getting that close-

“Is that guy going to be ok? He looked really sick.” Anghela said suddenly, her voice full of concern.

Which ticked Wrath off more Not at Anghela but at Rhage. Brother or not, Rhage didn’t deserve Anghela’s concern after what he’d tried to pull. “You don’t worry about him. You wont be seeing much of him if I can help it.”

“He needs a doctor or at least some medicine. I know how to cure a stomach ache.” Anghela persisted stubbornly. She didn’t know that he was her father yet but the fact that she was standing up to him as her king made her brave as hell. Like him.

“Why do you care about him? He attacked you?” Even though Wrath respected his daughter for her bravery, he wondered about her mental faculties for wanting to have anything to do with someone who had tried to force himself on her.

“I was brought here to fight and make medicine for the Brotherhood. If he’s a Brother, I have a duty to help him.” Anghela said fiercely, and then tacked on, “My reasons are my own. You may be the king so no disrespect but you’re not my father and I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

Huh, there was a deep-seated anger in her voice on that last part. Maybe she had an issue with people trying to take care of her. She couldn’t hate him because she didn’t know him. Yet.

“That last part isn’t true.” Wrath whispered gently.

The tangy scent of surprise and confusion mixed around her. “What are you talking about?” she demanded in a quiet but strong voice.

“Your mother, Carrshela never told you who your real father was, did she? You’re my daughter, Anghela.” Wrath said, hoping she wouldn’t freak out or get angry.

“Right, my long lost father is the king. Yeah, I believe that.” She said sarcastically.

“It’s true. If you actually look, you’ll see the similarities between us. I am your father, Anghela.” Wrath insisted, trying to take her hand. She pulled away and he got the impression she was glaring at him.

“Don’t touch me. If you are my father, where were you when I was growing up? You left us with a wife beating son of a bitch who is probably burning in hell right now. You abandoned me.“Anghela snapped and crossed her arms over her chest.

Wife beater? Man, what kind of life had she led with that male her mother had insisted on marrying? He was going to have to talk his ass off to get her to come around.

“You have a scar on the inside of your wrist shaped like this under your bracelet.” Wrath tapped a character in the Old Language on his arm that meant royalty. “I put that mark there when you were two months old before your mother took you from me.”

“You know about that? Mahmen made me keep it a secret.” Anghela whispered, rubbing her hand on the cuff bracelet she was wearing.

“Your mother insisted on raising you so no one knew you were a member of the royal family. My heir apparent and princess. It was to keep you safe.” Wrath explained as best he could. This was the first time he’d seen his daughter since she was a baby and he was trying to keep it together.

“If you are my father, why didn’t you ever come see me? I assumed you were dead or didn’t care, especially since I’ve been on my own for four years now,” he could tell she felt abandoned and hurt. And not really wanting to believe him.

“I didn’t find out about the attack until after you were gone. Your mom had severed communication with me and I thought you had died with her. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have found you alive. You are my only child and I’ve always loved you, Anghela.” It was true. The missive had been late getting to him because Wrath changed his hiding place so often. Now that he had settled into Darius’s mansion and onto the throne, He’d found his beloved daughter again.

Anghela’s eyes popped wide like she’d realized something. “Wait, princess? I’m your only young?

“Yes, you are the princess of the vampire species.”

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