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Assassins journal


Follow James as he and his friend Anthony fight the templars through England Wales and parts of the West Indies

Adventure / Action
Wyatt trail
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Chapter one

Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent, hide in plane sight, never compromise the brotherhood. Those are the tenets of our brotherhood those are the tenets I hold to my heart and base my character around. This is my story of how I played my part in riding the plague that we call templars and others call hero’s of society. My name is James and this is my story, It was 1715 I was part of the assassins brotherhood that was when the templars presence was picking up, they had the upper hand and my friend Anthony and I were tasked with putting as many templars to rest as we could. We were told by the grandmaster of the order to send there emblem as prof of there death our first target was printer by the name of Henry brown he was paid to spread their agenda to as many people as he could. He was located in the upper most part of London but we didn’t know where at all we had to go on was a member who put his shop between derby and enfield street. So we set off on horse back from our temple in Birmingham to London while on the way Anthony asked,” what do you think of this Henry fellow.” I replied,” he’s just another rat spreading a disease that infects the whole world the more rats we kill the less lethal the disease becomes.” He said to me,” that seems like a pretty black and white way of looking at it,” I replied,” because that’s how it is when you have a disease you don’t look at it directly to kill it you look at the symptoms to identify and ratify it,” he responded,” I guess you do make a point.” After that conversation we had just crested a hill I saw the city entrance I looked at Anthony and said,” race you to the city entrance.” As soon as he herd me utter those words he was galloping to the city before I had a chance to realize what happened, I took off after him in a hurry but he had a 30 yard head start on me and he beet me to the city. He looked at me with a grin on his face and said,” I won.” I replied,” that you did.” So we gradually made our way to where we were to meet our contact being ever weary of watchful eyes two strangers come into town where black hoods. We did get a few looks but no one that seemed to pop up numerous times we made it to our meeting spot we had gotten there an hour early so we decided to stay in the shadows and watch. Our contact showed up from behind a cart and signaled us over he spoke softly he told us it isn’t safe at night and he gave us a map of where to look if we wanted to find Henry brown. It was already dark so we decided to find housing and start our search in the morning.
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