Assassins journal

Chapter two

It was around 10 o’clock the next morning when me and Anthony met up again to begin the search for Henry brown we decided I would take enfield street and he would take derby street. I found a place and took a seat as I waited to see any thing that could lead to Henry brown but nothing happened for a few hours . So I decided to meet Anthony at our meeting spot he asked me if he asked,” you find anything.” I said,” no.” Then he looked at me and said,” I found a paper boy who knows someone who knows Henry brown he told me he lives on the corner of ever street by the bakery.” I replied,” well let’s go make a house call.” We made our way to the house it was a small slum with a broken window we couldn’t fit in through the window I saw the lock and looked around to make sure no one was around I used my hidden blade to break the lock. Then the door opened with ease we crept in we found him in his bed I tapped him on the head and he woke with a surprised look on him I pulled him out of his bed against a wall I said to him,” me and my colleague are looking for information on a man known as Henry brown. He replied,” I knew he was into something.” I said to him,” so you do know him.” He was quick to correct himself he kept saying he didn’t know anything about him. I said to him,” just tell us what we want to know and we’ll be on our Mary way.” Then he opened up real quick he told us Henry brown was a blond haired man with a shop on the corn of derby by a book store. I looked at him and said,” well then that was easy.” We left him to be and where off to meet Henry. We find him in his shop Anthony opened the door and there he was counting his money, Anthony said,” Henry I presume what a wonderful surprise.” He fell back off his chair and asked,” who… who are you.” Anthony replied,” your death.” Then Henry yelled,” help help me guards.” Then out of no where a dozen men in blue uniforms came running into the room Anthony quickly pulled his pistol and shot him. I busted through the window and ran around a corner with half a dozen following I ran right into an alley with a wall blocking my way I turned to see the men chasing me. Thinking quickly on my feet I pulled one of my pistols and shot the lead man then I ran to the side of one of the buildings and up the wall then I boosted myself off it and grabbed onto the wall and pulled myself over. Then I jumped on a cart and jumped onto a low hanging balcony and boosted myself onto the rooftop to see where Anthony was. I saw him on a roof three streets away. I made my way to him when I got there he asked me,” where’d you go.” I said around the corner.” I asked him if he got the emblem he said,” yes.” So we found a pigeon and sent the emblem to Birmingham.
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