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Siberian Iris


A story about Hanahaki Disease told in three different scenarios featuring Present Mic and my oc Tsubaki Kubo. First and second chapters have no warnings, but chapter three does have death and sadness.

Drama / Other
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Siberian Iris: Confession

Present Mic was getting on Aizawa's nerves with all of the pacing he was doing in the teachers office.
"Will you knock it off? If you're that worried about Shikigami, then go over to check on her. Some of the students said she wasn't feeling well."
"Not feeling well? How so?" Mic asked, finally stopping with the pacing.
"They said she's been having coughing fits." Aizawa said as he typed away at his computer. "Why don't you take Midnight to check on her?" Mic nodded before jogging off down the hallway dodging students and found Midnight in the teachers lounge with Nezu.
"Nemuri, will you accompany me to check on Tsubaki?" Midnight nodded and followed Mic out the door.
"I've been hearing her coughing for a couple days now. I've been seeing petals under her door also. I'm getting a bit worried." Midnight said as they made their way to the teachers dormitory.
"Petals? Like rose petals?" Mic asked now even more worried.
"No, they're blue petals. Like those there." They saw little blue petals scattered around the door of Tsubaki's room which was next to Midnight's. Mic crouched down and picked up one of the petals.
"This is a Siberian Iris petal. My favorite flower." Mic stood and knocked on her door.
"Tsubaki?" They heard something fall and brake as well as coughing and retching.
"Tsubaki?! Answer us!" The only thing they heard was more retching.
"That's it." Mic took a step back before he kicked open her door. Mic ran inside with Midnight following to see Tsubaki kneeling in the middle of the room, Siberian Irises everywhere, including in a bloody puddle gathering at her knees.
"Tsu-tsubaki...?" Mic took a step toward her, his eyes wide before she turned to face him, iris petals and blood running from her lips, her white hair and clothes getting stained red from her blood.
"Is.. is that hanahaki?" Midnight asked quietly. "I'll call for Recovery Girl." Midnight ran out pulling her phone out. Tsubaki trembled before coughing up more petals and blood as Mic dropped to his knees in front of her and gripped onto her arms, not caring about the blood soaking into his jeans.
"Tsubaki, can you talk..?"
"I'm sorry, I didn't want to be a bur-" Another coughing fit cut her off, only this time an entire Siberian Iris fell past her lips.
"Little fox.. why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"I.. I didn't know how to tell you.. I didn't think you saw me that way..." Tsubaki panted out, her eyes tearing up.
"Little fox... I've wanted to tell you sooner, but I was too chicken shit to tell you, I love you, so much. Ever since I first met you." He caressed her cheek as she coughed lightly, a bit of blood landing on his arm.
"It hurts Zashi..." Tsubaki breathed out, her body still trembling before he pulled her close to him and pressed his lips to hers in a deep kiss. Tsubaki responded to the kiss, her hand weakly gripping his shirt, before pulling away from him. Tsubaki looked up into his yellow-green eyes that were full of worry. She reached up to wipe off a iris petal from his lip just before Aizawa ran in with Recovery Girl on his back. Nezu, Midnight and All Might followed.
"Look at all the flowers.. is this hanahaki disease?" All Might asked quietly as Recovery Girl walked over to Tsubaki to check on her.
"It looks as if you lost quite a bit of blood. It would probably be best to bring you to my office so we can get some fluids into you."
"We will clean up your room while you are in her office recovering." Nezu said as Mic stood pulling Tsubaki up with him before he picked her up in his arms. Tsubaki had a small coughing fit once more, but thankfully, nothing left her lips. She clenched one fist into Mic's shirt as he carried her to Recovery Girl's office, some of the students turning to look. Mic made it to the nurse's station and laid Tsubaki on one of the beds and sat in the chair next to her, holding her hand tightly, as Aizawa followed him in with Recovery Girl. She started an IV of fluids to help her as well as pain medication.
"Once you've rested, we can get you cleaned up with some fresh clothes." Recovery Girl said before leaving Tsubaki alone with Mic.
"I'm sorry-"
"Little fox.." They started talking at the same time.
"I'm sorry you had to find out about my feelings like this. I wanted to tell you, but I got scared you wouldn't see me like that." Tears welled up in Tsubaki's eyes as she spoke, Mic squeezed her hand before caressing her cheek.
"Don't apologize little fox. I shouldn't have taken this long to figure this out. Once you're recovered, I'll take you out on many dates, to wherever you want." Tsubaki sat up with his help before hugging him tightly.
"Thank you, Zashi." Mic hugged her tightly against him, burying his face in her shoulder.
"Get some rest now. And don't worry, little fox, I'm not going anywhere."
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