Arnav Singh Raizada was a young and growing businessman. He reached the peak at a young age. He created a very big empire as well as the big enemies list… But he was unaware of the enemies. He doesn’t even know he had a huge rival list because he never thought his achievement is big…in fact, he didn’t even consider it as an achievement. They were expected a chance to FINISH him. As they didn’t get any, they themselves created one. Are they succeeded or… what happened?

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Arnav Singh Raizada

Part 1 Arnav Singh Raizada

Aman rushed into Arnav’s cabin. Arnav looked at him raising his head who was checking a file.

*ASR, our sources say you have a life threat. * Aman said stumbling.

Arnav leaned on his seat smilingly.

*This is not funny. * Aman scoffed.

*This is funny. Am I that worthy of it? *

He laughed.

*Stop it, ASR… understand the seriousness. * Aman said wearily.

*Tell me… what do you want me to do? * Arnav asked.

*You should be careful. Wherever you go, take the security guards with you. *

*We will discuss it after I come from Nainital*

*It’s not necessary for you to go to Nainital. Cancel the program* Aman took his mobile out.

Arnav who was so casual became serious.

*What do you say, Aman? Don’t you know I won’t back off from anything …? *

*Of course, I do… but the situation leads us to do so…*

*I will take care of myself. This conference is an important one…*

*But, ASR…*

*I’m going to Nainital and that’s final*

Aman sighed. He knew Arnav won’t back off of his decision ever and when it comes to the GIVEN WORD, he won’t get compromised.


Arnav was on the way to Nainital. He denied taking protection. This is the most expected conference for Arnav because the most important businessmen were coming to the conference. But no such conference was going to take place in Nainital. He was unaware of the conspiracy. He was invited to the place at the top of the mountain.

Arnav likes to drive cars very much. So, he went to the conference, driving the car even though it’s difficult to ride in the hill station. Not that he has guts. It’s because he was confident. He rode the car, admiring the beauty of the hill station.

When he came to a U pin bend, the car went out of his control because the brake oil had been spread all over the road. Losing complete control, the car fell into the valley. Guessing it in prior, Arnav jumped out of the car. He rolled down on the thick forest, getting brutally wounded. Blood oozed from his body. He tried to get up but he could not even move his legs. As time passed, Arnav lost his consciousness completely.

After a while,

A man in his late fifties came there with a bamboo bag and collected some herbs. He was shocked, seeing a man in a pool of blood. He rushed to him and checked his pulse rate. He ran to the ridge of the hill and shouted for help. A few men who were working in the field rushed towards him.

*Please come with me. A man is struggling for his life…* the man instructed them.

They followed the man and picked Arnav up. After fifteen minutes of walk, they came to a small house that looked like a clinic…Ayurvedic clinic. They kept Arnav on a hard bed.

*Thank you so much* the man said.

*Our pleasure, Shashiji* the men said and left the place.

Shashi ran to the next house. A girl smiled at him.

*Babuji, I’m ready…* she said excitedly. A bag was kept on the floor fully packed. It seems she was ready to go somewhere. The girl looked decent.

Without giving heed to her, Shashi went to the cupboard and took a few medicines. He again came to Arnav. The girl came to the clinic following him. She saw a man laying down on the bed drenched in blood. Without wasting time, she boiled water and brought it to Shashi.

Shashi removed Arnav’s dress cutting them with scissors and wiped the blood using hot water. After checking the wounds, he started treating him. The girl kept necessary things near Shashi.

Arnav’s leg was broken and his hand was also fractured. And there were numerous injuries on his body. Shashi did dressings the fractures with medicines. He saw Arnav’s purse in his pant pocket. Taking it out, he gave it to the girl.

*Keep it safe. Give it to him when he gets his consciousness*

*Jee, Babuji*

The girl secured the purse in a plastic cover and kept it in the cupboard.

Shashi finished the job and stood from the bed. He came to the girl, wiping his hands.

*I’m sorry beta…I know you had been waiting to go…but we can’t go, leaving a patient in this critical condition. Hope you understand* he said regretting.

The girl was silent.

*Don’t think I don’t know your passion. I was absolutely fine with your decision of joining a job. But this time, you can’t attend the interview… but don’t lose hope. You will get a job definitely and your dream will come true…*

The girl smiled at him painfully.

*Thank God, we didn’t reserve the tickets. It would have been wasted…* she said.

*I don’t bother about it…KHUSHI*

Cutting her,

*I know Babuji… I will apply for another job…* she said plastering a smile.

*Yes, if you are eligible, you will get a good job. And don’t forget, if something slips from your hand, you will get something better than that* Shashi said.

Khushi nodded yes.

Though she nodded yes she had no hope of Shashi’s words. What will she get better than what she wants? She knew the potential of the job she applied for. She wanted to join one of the best companies in India… AR. It was her passion land. The reason for her passion was its CEO Arnav Singh Raizada. Arnav inspired her a lot just like he inspired many youngsters in India. Arnav’s hard work and skills spread all over India. Many youngsters considered him as their inspiration. Khushi was also one among them. So, she wanted to join AR and work for Arnav Singh Raizada. She was sincerely following AR’s recruitments. And she got one. She applied for an assistant accountant post. She struggled a lot to get permission from her mother Garima who was very conservative. Khushi got permission, only after getting a lot of lectures from her mother. But she couldn’t attend the interview. Her father was an Ayurvedic doctor in the village. He considered his job as GOD. Saving a life is more important than anything for him because there is no clt+z button in LIFE. We can’t UNDO anything to bring a life back, he thought.

Now, Khushi missed the interview which was about to be held in Delhi.

She looked at the man who was laying down on the bed who stopped her to reach her dreamland. She pouted at him. She never had shown her dissatisfaction with any patience of her father but she was a little bit angry with the man. Don’t know when will AR company conduct an interview again… This man spoilt everything… she felt bad. Unaware of the truth, the man who was lying on the bed, in front of her is the one who inspired her a lot. Poor girl, she had not seen Arnav Singh Raizada ever before. how could she think Arnav Singh Raizada himself will come to her place one day? She wanted to see him. She so eager to meet Arnav Singh Raizada. He is here… don’t know what fate has written in their story…let’s see.

To be continued…

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