These are the words that trail behind me...


It's only been eight hours since he left me, but the incident has been vividly repeating itself in my mind and I clearly remember the words he told me. They seem to be embedded in my mind...

Drama / Thriller
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These are the words that trail behind me...

It's only been eight hours since he left me, but the incident has been vividly repeating itself in my mind and I clearly remember the words he told me. They seem to be embedded in my mind and now these are the same words that trail behind me like a shadow.

I went to see him eight hours ago. He called me on my cellphone and he told me that he wanted to speak to me. His voice sounded quirky but I ignored that fact. When I reached the place I was supposed to meet him, I sent him a text and he replied by saying that he'll arrive in ten minutes.

I stood there waiting with the moon above my head and the stars to light up the night. Then I heard footsteps, I looked back and I saw him. He came dragging his feet as if he carried a burden on his shoulders.

When he was close, I reached out to embrace him but he moved back and faced the other direction. I was surprised by his reaction so I asked him what was wrong. He turned around and faced me, instead of a beautiful bright smile. I saw a face of a stranger i couldn't recognize.

His eyes were so dull and hollow and his lips were so pale and dry. I reached out to touch the bruises on his face, but he chunked my hand away. It irritated me, so i gripped his shoulders real tight and asked him again, what was going on.

He looked at me and shut his eyes, tears began to fall from his eyes, every drop reflecting the moonlight. Then I really got worried. I tried to wipe away his tears , but he pulled away from me. Then he said
"I leave your world tonight... and I'm never coming back". His words chocked on my throat. It made it hard for me to swallow.

He turned around and began to walk away. I called out to him but he didn't look back. I screamed his name to the night hoping that he would hear me and come back, but he never did.

I sat there devoided of a reason to be happy. My insides felt so vacant and empty, like I had lost a part of me, maybe I did and now his words trail behind me like a shadow, to which I'll forever be bound...
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