Sweet And Sour

Incubus Part 1

Jimin was pocketing every single man and woman on the dance floor with his coquettish yet graceful moves when someone approached him. He felt a pair of arms curling around his svelte figure and a chapped pair of lips grazing his ear shell whispering crudity, promising an unforgettable night.

He was totally in a playful mood which made him smirk at the bold suggestion. He took hold of the man's hand urging him to guide the way. He soon came face to face with three stinking rich and not bad looking men who were in their late forties.

Their bodies were radiating metallic red aura; eyes were glimmering with pure lust and evilness that he never thought a human can hold. Then again he remembered that humans can amplify both angelic and demonic traits whichever they want.

Even with an equilibrium of good and bad within, humans tend to lose easily to lust and cravings. Not his problem though. That's why he roams around this realm, sucking every ounce of energy he can. Humans are so easy to manipulate and misguide that he almost felt pity but being pity full is not his job.

As an incubus, he's here to suck energies through carnel activities. He is not interested in having any cambion (incubus offspring) like his fellow demons. His only goal is to quench his thirst by having his prey under him. He likes to cajole them to submit instead of touching them while they sleep. He likes it when their sweat and tear stained faces beg for him to do whatever he wish. A sense of hegemony course through his veins when he feed on their energies that they willing serve on a platter for him.

But today he wanted to get manhandled, to explore and expand his box. He wanted to moan in pleasure kindled by someone else. He was bored with his repetitive task which is why he agreed to give these three, a chance. It won't even take one second to have them bend on their knees, drooling like a dog who wants a bone but then where lies the fun?

Within few minutes of conversation, he realised that they were only big talks. They had absolutely nothing to offer him in return except for the energy that was almost dying like their manhood. His excitement died immediately but he had nothing to lose which is why he made a pact with them. They had no idea what they were dealing with since their eyes were already blinded by the gold that was dripping every now and then whenever the disco lights were hitting Jimin's silky dermis.

They still can't believe that there is someone as unholy as him exist in this human world. Little did they know that his authenticity is as mythical as fairies and angels. He indeed is an ungodly demon. The three humans were reluctant about getting their reputation calumniated which is why they begged Jimin to come along with them to one of their properties. Nothing would have interrupted their conclave but he wanted it wild. Where's the fun in doing stuffs behind the walls? He headed towards an alleyway beside that exorbitant bar. Little hip sways were enough to have all the three follow him like lost puppies.

They started groping his sinful body without wasting even a second. He didn't mind their impatience but it was not even close to what he wanted to feel. None of the touch, pinch or bite were making his heart race or core flutter. He was waiting for something exciting to happen from past thirty minutes but he ended up feeling sleepy. He let out a loud yawn instead of moan that made all the hands halt as if they were utterly dubious of their own capabilities now.

The beauty in front of them wasn't effected with whatsoever techniques they were trying in order to hear his melodious whimpers. Forget about the whimpers, none of their actions were worthy enough to make the beauty sway at all. That's exactly what the deal was. They get to spend the entire night, ravishing his body if only they were able to make him moan which seems pretty unachievable with the way he yawned.
Jimin wanted to evaporate from the humdrum moment. This was definitely not what he was seeking for. That yawn was the breaking point where he detached himself from his fondler's hold.

"I really wanted to have some fun with you guys but I guess we cant anymore."

He verbalized in a very chiacking way that sparked fury in others. Theylhave never been mocked before by someone insignificant, low in power and money. Even if Jimin is like a walking God for them, they saw him nothing more than a hooker looking for treasure. Being ridiculed by someone like him was not acceptable.

"We can pay double if you want. Come with us to our penthouse and you won't regret."

Jimin wanted to laugh at the foolishness, how humans think that money is the solution. He wanted to whip the arrogance that was brimming through gesture but he chose not to. Neither he is a punisher nor he has time to waste. So without any further words, he picked up his silk shirt ready to put it back where it belonged.

Before he could try to vanish from the dark passage, his shirt was yanked back causing him to fall onto a hard chest. His wrists were twisted forcefully and he felt the familiar callousness over his body again. There was urgency in each and every touch that boosted Jimin's disdain even more. He liked the lug but his distaste towards despoliation multiplied. He doesn't like to force or being forced. It made him angry as his situation appeared to be too much compromised.


To be continued......


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