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Golden Boy


DISCLAIMER: MATURE CONTENT, 18+ ONLY. This story contains graphic sexual material, language, drug and alcohol use, and violence. Reader discretion advised. The world is recovering from the destruction of the Second Wizarding War, and life seems to be going back to normal for the witches and wizards of Great Britain. People are healing, going back to work, rebuilding their lives... and crushing on their friends' older brothers? While she and her friends begin to step into adulthood after Hogwarts, Camellia Larke seems to be caught in a schoolgirl crush on her friends' brother, Fred Weasley. A good friendship can only last so long with the boy you like, especially when he seems to always be around, practically taunting her with his good looks and charm... "Golden Boy" follows OC Camellia Larke in a story full of friendship, drama, sex, and conflict, all while she tries to define herself as an adult living in post-war England. Moments of joy, laughter, and tension prevail throughout the story- characters you know and love from the Harry Potter universe join together in a band of inseparable friends, hopefully to stay strong when trouble inevitably arises.

Erotica / Fantasy
samine ✨🦋
4.9 191 reviews
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Before You Read...

Hi! My name is Samine, but I’m better known on the internet as @boyifyouknew. Before you dive into Golden Boy, please take the time to read through this part.

Golden Boy is rated 18+; in other words— mature, adult audiences only. This story will contain heavily explicit sexual material, language, the use of drugs and alcohol, domestic/familial conflict, emotional unrest, mental illness, discovering sexuality, as well as other less specific topics that some may find triggering. I respectfully ask that if any of the aforementioned topics disturb you in any way, or if you are an easily upset person, that you exit the book at this time. I also ask that any readers under the age of 18 refrain from commenting (or at least commenting your young age, which I’ve seen too many times) as it makes me and other of-age readers extremely uncomfortable. If any underage readers insist on continuing to read, please do so relatively incognito.

This book is not intended to replace sexual education in any way. Some adult scenes depicted will not contain certain aspects of sex in the real world, and thus should not be used as a blueprint or example of realistic, healthy sex. For reputable, medically-verified information on that subject, visit plannedparenthood.com.

Because this story will contain scenes such as rough sex, physical violence, and substance use, I ask that all who are sensitive to such subjects exit immediately. There will be trigger warnings within the book itself, but not extremely detailed, as I’ve found some chapter warnings to spoil the upcoming content. This is the main content warning, and I take no responsibility for anyone who insists on reading and consequently becomes offended. Simply exit the book if you become uncomfortable— you’ve been warned ahead of time, and I don’t want to see the comment section flooded with people who insist on reading content that they find offensive.

I ask that returning readers refrain from commenting spoilers or anything to do with the old Golden Boy. I’ve observed that the comment sections are often more influential than the canon book itself, so please— do not discuss anything about the old version of the book. This go-around will be very different in many ways, and comments referencing the old version will do nothing but confuse and anger new readers. That being said, reactions and hindsight comments are perfectly acceptable. Just please don’t spoil the book or confuse people.

If you made it this far, I appreciate you so much. The support I’ve gotten throughout this absolute rollercoaster of a year has never failed to humble and honor me, and if I could thank each fan personally, I would. Thank you so much for giving me the platform to not only redeem myself, but to continue doing what I love most. I owe it all to you, my sweet lil’ horny toads.

That’s the end of this much-needed informational chapter. I promise the next part will be a lot more fun— I love you all, and I hope you enjoy Golden Boy!

~ Samine 🦋

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