George weaslys love💘


U are a ravenclaw ur lunas sister ur best frends are the twin but u fall fo george.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ur at the train station u see the twins and run up to them and hug them u say hi to Molly ginny and ron harry Hermione and hug all of them


U guys are at the great hall not listing to Dumbledores speach when snape sits down ALLthe great hall is laughing cuz u and the twins but a fart balloon under his chair but Dumbledore is giving u and the twins detention in the night u guys are going with hagrid to the Forest fred got hagrid u got george u guys are looking for a creature u guys found it but u and geroge got lost in the Forest and u were cold so u and george cuddle (btw u gust are spending the night there) fred finds u guys and teased u guys about it.
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