Lost memories in Seoul


It's the year 1940, you and your childhood best friend Taehyung have decided to run away from home and pursue your dreams. Taehyung always wanted to play the saxophone and you always wanted to dance. After searching high and low for a job Taehyung finds the perfect club to work at, but unfortunately with your new job comes dangerous tasks Action, drama, lies, angst, comedy and romance all taking place in Rhythm Room, the hottest club in Seoul. Mafia AU WW2 AU 1940's AU

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

It's a chilly afternoon in the outskirts of Busan. My family and I are currently harvesting the last of the fruits and veg on the farm.

The season is autumn, the month is November and the year is 1945. Korea is still dealing with after shock of the war. There were obviously some horrible and devastating impacts, but we're making it work and slowly getting back on our feet.

It's very windy today so I tye my hair up in a bun, and wipe the sweat from my head. I stare up into the sky, lost deep in my own thoughts.

It's been precisely 3 years since I've last seen Taehyung. My childhood best friend, my only friend as a matter of fact.

I haven't gotten a letter from him in over 5 months. The last thing I remember him telling me was about how scary the war was, and how it changed him and made him look at the world differently.

We were both dreamers you see. I dreamt of dancing till my heart's content and he, he dreamt of playing the saxophone.Man, he was really good at it, all the songs he used to play for me, it made me so happy.

I felt a tear run down my cheek as I was reminiscing of the good old days. I missed Tae terribly, I know I shouldn't think the worst but everyone at the village already is. Even his own mother thinks he's dead.

Both of our fathers were too old to participate in the war, but it was mandatory for all the young men to go. I watched him leave me with a smile on his face.

He played me one last song on his old rusty sax, and promised me he would come back safe and sound. I could still feel his soft lips pecking mine ever so softly, kissing me goodbye. A memory that will forever be imprinted in brain.

I wiped my tears away, looked up and saw the sun had completely set. I grabbed my basket with the last of the strawberries and made my way back home.

It was supper time and my mother had made us kimchi stew and rice. We sat at the table and listened to the radio while eating.

" Although the war had only ended 2 months ago, Korea as a country is still going strong. Our economy is doing good, our banks our recovering and more jobs are slowly becoming available. Our agriculture is not facing any problems as of now and many of our brave strong soldiers have become back alive! Many have been injured, but your sons and husbands will be returning home in a short while!" The man on the radio said.

His words gave me hope and I cracked a smile, a genuine smile. I had never felt so happy in my life.

I have no siblings and the people in our village that are my age tend to steer clear of me. I lived a very lonely life, that was until Tae came along.

Our parents told us we'd probably get married beacuse we share the same personality traits. The thought of that would make cringe 10 years ago, but now... Now I look forward to seeing Tae. I sometimes dream of starting a family with him, having our own little babies running around, us farming, living a quiet simple life.

I think that I've developed a little crush on Taehyung. It was never there before but now, spending 3 years apart made me realize how much I need him, how much I depend on him, how much I love him.

" Any letters come today?" I asked my dad.

" No, sorry sweetie." He replies and I nod sadly.

" Here give this to Mrs.Kim." my mom said and gave me a bowl full of radish kimchi.

I walked nextdoor, and entered the house. You see Tae's my neighbour and I'm very close to his parents and his little sister, so no formalities were needed.

" My mom said I should give you this aunty." I said while laying the bowl on their kitchen table.

I then smile at Mr.Kim who was sitting down in the living area smoking.

" Thanks Y/n dearie, give this to your mom." She says and hands me a bowl of seaweed.

" Thank you aunty." I bow.

" Y/n- ie!" Tae's little sister Areum yells and runs up to me and gives me a big hug.

" Hey cutie!" I kneel down and pinch her cheeks.

" Have you heard the news?" I ask silently, the question directed to his parents.

" Many soldiers are alive, did Tae maybe give you guys any word?"

" No, I'm sorry Y/n. I think it's best if we just accept that Tae might not have made it back." She sighs.

"No! If anything happened they would inform us but they didn't!" I yell tears formed in my eyes and anger laced in my words.

" I know this is hard to except but this is the reality. Tae wasn't very strong and-

" I have to go, my mom is expecting me to clean the dishes before bedtime." I say and kiss Areum on the cheek, I bow to Mr and Mrs Kim and exit the house.

I know Tae isn't dead, and I won't give up hope. Those are the exact same words that I've been repeating to myself for about a year now. Why do not believe in them anymore?

Before going home I walk to the river nearby, it's ice cold by now and I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion, but Tae and I used to come here alot. I lay down on the grass and stare at the stars. The last time I've been here was with him, I've been avoiding this place because it hurts being here without him.

" How am I supposed to dance without your music Tae!" I shout tears running down my face.

My body starts to shiver and shake due to the icy temperature I'm surrounded by. The cold wet grass only worsening my situation, but I could care less.

" You broke your promise you jerk!" I then stand up and kick a stone into the river.

" You make so mad!" I cry harder with my head in my hands. It's getting a little harder to breath now, and my throat starts to burn.

" Hey, hey, hey, calm down, I'm here. I'm here." A deep voice laughs.

I look up and see Taehyung. He's taller then before, his hair is longer and he smells...he smells expensive?

He hugs me and runs his hands through my hair.

" Still as beautiful and crazy as ever." He smiles.


" Yes , it's your Tae."

" Here put my jacket on, it's freezing Y/n." He instructs and wraps his suits jacket around my shivering form.

" Bitch you just came back from the war! Shouldn't you be wearing I don't know a uniform? With those little stars on it?"

He laughs and looks me directly in the eyes, his gaze is strong. He looks like a new person.

" Didn't you miss me?" He asks caressing my cheek.

I smack his hand away and turn around, my back facing him.

" You stopped writing to me." I cry silently.

" I know and I'm sorry but I'm here now." He whispers and back hugs me.

" Shit, you're ice cold Y/n."

And that was the last thing I heard before everything went black.


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