My Lover's Addiction


Enjoy watching the love story aspire and thrive between two lovers who fell in love under somewhat odd, but romantic circumstances. Read on to learn about their experiences of learning how to express their true feelings for each other by interacting in romantically, sexual happenings between the two which help them discover their true calling as each other's lover. The main idea of this story is to reveal Emilio's addiction to providing his lover with sex and pleasure, and observe how that impacts their relationship.

Erotica / Romance
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1 ~ First Memory

I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was the day that I could say was the best day of my life. Why? It was the day that I started believing in true love. The day that I found my lover.

I remember waking up one morning with the idea of how I had the sudden urge to go out and indulge myself in any seventeen-year-old girl festivities.
I hurried to the mall in hopes of obtaining items that I'd like. I wandered into Victoria's Secret, peering around at the elegant and beautiful lace undergarments.
I was particularly taken aback at how beautiful a pair of dark, maroon lingerie sets were.
I took grasp of a baby blue assortment that I came across and held them in presence of my eyes to perceive a more careful glance.
As I was busy holding up lingerie, examining it out in the open, a tall, dark-haired guy came into the store. He also had company. Along with him was an exact copy of him, assuming identical twins. They both had the most beautiful blue eyes, as well as an accent of some kind, which I found that very attractive, as they were themselves.
I just continued looking through lingerie, checking the size tags.
When the moment finally came to try everything on in the fitting room, I got excited as I picked up my sorted pile, following with me turning around unexpectedly.
The moment I turned around, I ended up colliding with a guy. Thankfully, my pile of accessories was just fine. I look at the guy's face and just completely forgot what life was for a moment. It was him. It was the same guy. He snapped me back to reality to where I realized my accessories were in his view. He provoked a nervous smile out of me as he just devoured me with his eyes.
I decided to help things along, so I picked up the conversation.
Me ~ Hi. I am sorry about what just happened. It was completely my fault as I was expressing too much excitement rather than paying attention to my surroundings. I hope things are good between us now. It was nice to meet you.
I turned to go to the changing room, as planned like before. I started using my feet in front of the other and made it two steps until I heard his voice.
"Hey wait up."
I turned back around, immediately making eye contact with him and exchanging smiles. I slowly walked to him.
Me ~ Yes?
"I hope this isn't a problem or a possible problem, but I wanted to say how I believe that you are really beautiful, and adorable. I wanted to know if you'd be interested in coffee with me, or something?", he exclaimed.
I suddenly felt the sensation of tingling, and even a little bit of chills on the inside. As for the outside, I felt like I was still my normal self. I looked at him, looking down at me, with a somewhat seductive grin on his face.
me ~ Awe, you are so sweet. Thank you. No, it is no problem at all. I would love to go out with you. Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Kiarra. It is nice to meet you.
"That sounds great. You have a very beautiful name in my opinion. I am Emilio and it is nice to meet you, too", he stated.
I couldn't help but notice how Emilio spoke with an accent. I secretly found that as a huge turn-on for me.
It is bad, but I suddenly felt an urge of sexual desire for him. I felt like I needed him. Why? I just met him. Ugh. He is sexy in all different accounts. The main one being his features, followed by his accent, body build, everything. I had to have him. I just didn't know where to start.
We exchanged a countless supply of smiles and smirks. As for me... I was exchanging thoughts about Emilio, with myself including my sexual desires and fantasies.
After all of that, we exchanged numbers and social media handles.
We stayed in contact for a while and so far, it has been going amazing. Emilio is such a sweet guy who never seems to forget to message me about how I am the most beautiful girl in his opinion.
But in some of his replies, I couldn't help but notice his seductive and frisky side, as well.
I was in complete 'awe' over him. He was so handsome, although he did look at least 2 or 3 years older than me. But in all honesty that I can offer, I don't care. Right at that moment, I knew he was my lover. Everything that I felt while in his presence was everything I could have never imagined being possible.
He is the definition of everything that I always fantasized over, and dreamed the most beautiful learning aspect of life itself.
Over Text:
Emilio ~ Hi. I was wondering if you aren't busy if you would want to go out and do something together?
Me ~ Awe! Hi Emilio, of course, I would love to go out with you. You are so sweet to ask. Do you have any place in mind?
Emilio ~ Actually, yes. It is a surprise though. I will pick you up tonight. The date is at 6, but I will be by your house earlier as I have something for you, if you are alright with that.
Me ~ That sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see you. Awe, Emilio you didn't have to get me anything. You are so thoughtful. Thank you.
Emilio ~ It is nothing, in all honesty. I just wanted to do something nice for you as you changed me.
Me ~ Changed you? Changed you in what way?
Emilio ~ Let's just say that you opened my eyes and made me realize what I truly want in life, as well as to appreciate life's events, no matter the kind.
I looked at my screen, not knowing what to think as my mind is controlled by thoughts of my feelings towards him, and his possible feelings in return.
I replied to him as soon as I gathered my thoughts under control.
Me ~ Oh my gosh! That is so sweet of you to say. It makes me feel honored in some way. Thank you, Emilio. Wait, what time is it?
Emilio ~ It is... 4:15. I will come now so you have time to take care of yourself, as you deserve to not have to rush. Plus, to be honest, I just want to see you. You make me happy.
My heart kept pounding out of my chest the more I focused on his message.
Could this have been the sign of the attraction that surrounded us?
Me ~ Awe! Thank you, Emi. Nobody has ever bestowed such care in the world for me at all until now. And to be honest, as well, I also want to see you. I can't wait for you to get here, haha.
Emilio ~ Well, just know you have me now. You always will. And your nickname for me, I like it because I can use it to think of you in moments that we are apart, like when I am back home.
Me ~ Back home? Where are you from?
Emilio ~ Spain. And I also have a twin brother named Ivan, and an older sister, Rebeca.
Me ~ Oh that is amazing. I have always heard that Spain is a beautiful country. I also love the Spanish language and your culture. Everything is so beautiful. I would love to travel there one day to learn everything about it.
Emilio ~ Yes. It is very beautiful. And about you wanting to travel there, maybe when the time is right, I could take you.
Me ~ Oh Emilio, that is very sweet and considerate of you, but I am not asking for you to spend money on me just to travel. Thank you so much for settling me in your thoughts, though.
Emilio ~ Well, just remember my offer still stands. At least for you, it does, beautiful. Anyway, I am here. I am walking to the door.

And it proceeds from there...

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