My Lover's Addiction

Real Romance and Confessions

We walked into my room. The sight truly got my attention as I felt my eyes widen tremendously. Meanwhile, I can see Emilio looking at me with a huge smile laid across the bottom of his face from the view of my peripheral.

Lights? Roses not only in white, but in red? Candles? Gift boxes? Okay, what kind of trap is this? Damn, I have to be dreaming.

"Omg! Did you do this?"

E: Ivan helped me. I hope you like it!

"I love it! It's so beautiful! Look at the roses, so soft and delicate!"

E: Do you know what they remind me of, my love?

"What would that be exactly, handsome?"

E: You. Everything reminds me of you because of certain things that make you laugh, or the way I could feel how you do, especially with the way you look at me, or the way your body feels. Now, take a second to think, but does anything in here remind you of me?

I looked around, only to come across something folded and wrapped on my chair of my desk. I walked over to it, taking hold of it. I smelled the light honey scented cologne on the wrapping paper. I opened it only to find his dress shirt. I looked closer at the buttons only to realize the shirt was the one he wore on our attempted first date, the night I was growing up!

"This is perfect! Thank you!"

All I could focus on, was his beautiful smile that came with his blue eyes, clearer than the ocean.

I was just admiring how he looked in just a towel. Uh! Can I get some water? I think I just had a heat stroke.

E: What you thinking about?

"My next move!"

E: Take your time! I am in no rush!

"Alright!... sit down right here, I will be right back!"

E: Okay!

I went to the dresser and grabbed a hold of something just for E. I began walking towards the door when I just made a glance at him the bed and smirked.

"Wait here, ok?"

E: Always!

I walked out the door, into the spare room across the hall. I changed into the white lace dress that just so happened to be very open and sheer. I loved it a lot, because it made me feel good.

I went over to the mirror and brushed my hair out. I even managed to curl it a little bit as well as It didn't look right down and as a mess.

The time finally came for our date to begin. I walked towards my room and found everything to be set up. The lights, candles, and the bed. I found Emi by my mirror fixing his hair, wearing nothing but his boxers on, which his back was facing me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my hands on his stomach.

"Hi. You ready?"

Emilio looked over with a smile, but once he focused on everything else, his smile turned into satisfaction, sexual hunger, and desire.

I felt his eyes burn a hole into my soul.

E: It fits? It looks incredible on you, love!

"Thank you! I love it a lot actually!"

E: I love you the most!

An unexpected smile grew wider as I replayed the words spoken out of his mouth.

"I love you,too!"

A little bit into the night, we made a little conversation while snacking on fruit during a movie:

E: So, my love, how do you feel about the date so far?

"It's perfect! I love it a lot, mostly because it has you, a beautiful set up, and the thought that it holds."

E: I think there is something else!.


E: You mentioned what tonight has and you said everything but one. That one thing being you, love!

"Well, I suppose we can include just one more thing?"

A huge smirk grew on my face, which passed on to E.

He was already laying next to me as he moved to hover over me.

His face became only an inch or so away from my face in which gave me the ability of still feeling the remnants of his breath on my face. I could see his eyes shift up and down the center of my face.

Nothing came in contact with my lips but the feeling of his teeth followed by his tongue being swept over my bottom lip in the process. Mmmm!!!! This is nowhere near the end. This is just the beginning of my dreams coming true.

His hands slid up my body as he laid on top of me with his face a few inches away from mine. The center of his forehead met with mine, which allowed for both of our breaths to fade into each other as our lips became aligned. I got lucky enough to open my eyes to end up meeting the glance of his blue eyes. They were so soft and gentle, yet so filled with slight dominance and desire.

I had seen a strand of hair that had fallen into place on his forehead, just located a little above his eye. I moved it out of the way to give me more access to his eyes.

"Your eyes are just so mesmerizing!"

E: You altogether is mesmerizing!

"Is that so?"

E: You want to see?


Within that point in time, Emilio flipped me to where I ended up on top. Finally, I had control. I had a few plans up my sleeve.

I came to the realization that I was straddling him, which kind of felt good as his cock strained against my leg.

I was trying to admire his eyes once more until I noticed a bird feather in his hair. I couldn't help but laugh at the thought when he didn't go near my crazy pets.

" have a bird feather in your hair!", I said dying with laughter.

E: Wait what? Where?

"Let me get it!"


E: Is it gone yet?

"Yes daddy... chill!"

E: Where is it?

"There it is!"

E: And here you are!

"Stop being cute, you brat!"

E: I'm not your brat! I'm your daddy!


I looked down to find the familiar sight that matches with the feeling of what I imagined. He just so happened to be hard. Honestly, it felt so good as he rubbed himself against my leg during the time I grinded against his pelvis under his provocative commands.

Thankfully, his head was already rested on a pillow, so I moved backwards off of him and a sudden idea came to mind. Damn, who knew being this naughty felt so good!

I slid my hands up his legs, soon reaching the middle where his cock rested. I could feel my mouth water because I was excited. And I could see in his eyes the exact same thing.

I got carried away and ended up pulling off his boxers, leaving him exposed and vulnerable.

Without looking back, I focused on the taste of Emilio's lips. All I could taste was the remnants of the strawberries. I hovered myself over him once again to where my face my completely above his.

"My turn!", I said whispering with so much hidden lust that I somehow found deep inside my core. I mean, he is the reason after all. The way he looks at me is enough to send me into shock.

I quickly leaned down and push my face in the view of E's trembling cock, which at the same time was pulsing for entertainment. I was just that. A huge wave of dominance hit me like a stack of books as my mouth rushed open and just about engulfed his whole genitals in my mouth until the moment came for it to reach the back of my throat.

I felt the urge to choke, but I held it together. I used my tongue to the best of my abilities to sweep over the tip. I felt saliva running out of my mouth as well as E twitch. The shocking wave of his ejaculation poured into my throat, which gave me the feeling of life. The warm fluid filled my mouth. I finally released him from my mouth and swallowed what I gathered.

E: You're crazy!

"Yeah! For you papi!"

His eyes appeared to dilate faster than time, suddenly they went darker and I got a little nervous, but it was more excitement that was needed to be released. It needed to be tamed and I knew just the one thing that could do the job...him in control.

He lunged forward, throwing himself on top of me, scaring me into throwing myself flat on the bed. I soon began to feel the rush of adrenaline as my lover towered over my tense body. I suddenly needed to rely on his gentle sweeping motion of his finger tips against the surface of my skin. They moved upward until his hand extended to gently grip my throat.

I released a loud gasp, which of course provoked E into revealing that smirk that I couldn't wait for. I finally found myself being unraveled from my clothes. Finally being skin to skin was everything life was meant to be. Suddenly the room temperature increased in warmth, mainly because I was between the matress and his chest. I just got comfortable on my back as Emilio got straight into it. My mouth got covered in his saliva as he dominated the kiss, maybe a little too hard, but I didn't care.

Things happened to which I didn't expect, and let's just say they were positive....

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