My Lover's Addiction


Yes... things happened to which I had no awareness of.

The moment we meet skin to skin, he breaks the kiss as he confessed to having something to say. I was all ears as it sounded serious, as in the tone of his voice.

E: I am just going to admit it...I am addicted to you.

"Really? What about me is so addicting?"

E: All of you!

"Is that so?"

Every one of our responses to each other left us with the distance between our faces to decrease as they were given. I have to keep admitting, I truly love and desire his eyes, but more so him in general.

E: Maybe! I'm gonna fuck you so hard!

I just couldn't help but get lost in his eyes for a few seconds, but this time on purpose. I left a smirk here and there until he began getting flustered.

"Ooh! I like a man who knows what he wants!"

E: Damn right! But I like you!

Without his awareness of my actions, I anchored him down by the back of his head until I could taste him, and even smell the warmth of his breath.

Finally, my desires and fantasies that were so full of lust just exploded into one experience. His fingers hugged the skin of my ribcage and his nails made marks in my skin as he dragged them downwards.

He began fiddling with my legs as he tried to get me to grip him, but of course, I kept moving them. He grunted within the kiss as he kept getting flustered as he wasn't getting completely satisfied, which I kind of desire as it made him work harder and everything more...his muscles fluttering in his arms with his vessels growing visible in his hands.

E took hold of both of my hands to prevent me from disarraying around, he clamped my wrists against that of the comforter when he made me clench his waist with my knees. A few seconds of silence with nothing but a hint of breathing in-between moments occurred before finally entering my body. I couldn't feel anything but my knees tighten against his torso and my eyes expanded. I forced one of my hands free and scoured my nails in his back.

The way his body shifted again and again instantly became enough to send chills streaming through my spine and my core which then ended up with me having left a tear down my face.

I was sent into euphoric shock, or as I called it, Emiliofied shock. Sometimes I would call it Emilio-induced shock. The amount of intense pressure mixed with warmth and a small ticklish feeling was one of the best feelings within my body that I have ever experienced.

His cock urged my pelvis to feel like it was shattering as he jolted his hips further into my torso. I wasn't even doing anything but sweating profusely as only the air wasn't on, but It was a lot of work.

The need for him to cum was very heavy. He was just hitting the right places, especially ones that I desired for a long time. His back, smooth to the touch. His hair, still somehow perfectly styled. His eyes, still that fucking shade of blue that makes me lose consciousness. I started getting that heavy need for his seed to pour out of me as well as his ejaculation, which I call string cheese. I wanted to feel wet because I wanted to feel his control. I wanted to feel his dominance but yet I wanted to feel proud because he accomplished something himself.

I still had something for myself to attain. The need for orgasm. I needed to feel like I died and got sent to heaven, walked through the gates of God, then felt nothing but the euphoria and beyond. Lastly, I also wanted to taste him. Yes, I know that's kind of gross, but when you have a penis inside of you just about every damn day, you start to lose the will to care, or like I say, to give any fucks, even though I am getting one.

Have I ever told you the dreams that are made true when you have cum flowing down your legs for a second? Well, let me just say, it's flawless. But what can I say, the sex he gives is just even more excellent than life itself.

The constant need of being railed crosses my mind several times a day, along with the fantasy of being chained up and blindfolded and just fingered or something. Oh my god! That reminds me that just the other day, I was tied to my headboard and railed harder and faster than a horse and the friction of hooves on the ground as they run the pastures. I can't lie...there is never a dull moment where I don't just feel the impulse to scream his name as he fucks me continually and I mean scream until either someone's ears bleed or until my vocal cords burst. I mean damn, every time I feel his penis along with what seems like my vaginal tissue is about to tear, I don't even care. I just know I was meant to be hanging on the edge of stability or treasure...whatever it is labeled.

That man is just...oh my! Daddy? But then again...he is far more than just any daddy. He is a greek god but in daddy shape.

And his voice, every time he tells me to be a good girl for 'daddy', it just becomes that one thing that I am willing to let kill me, other than being railed by the only person who can do it right.

I also can't help the steamy dreams I have at night regarding the bed and lube. I can't get over the way his veiny hands feel as they travel up my waist, trying to comprehend that it sucks not being a virgin anymore, but at the same time It feels so wrong but amazingly right. His breath lingering down the surface of my neck, which travels to my ear as he goes to bite it and maybe even leave a whisper. The way he can get me under his spell is more than wizardry. His lips are soft and buttery, but taste like strawberries. My favorite part is watching the veins and muscles ripple through his skin as he fucks me into the heavens. But it's so fascinating laying there patiently while getting the opportunity of watching the lube being squeezed out of the bottle, just like his cum is squeezed out of him as he moves back in forth between my legs.

Finally, I am left breathing heavily, but yet I still don't feel restless. I catch my breath and dry myself off of my sweat. I go to bed and wake up the next day feeling energized and ready to go because my body was stimulated and so was my brain. Holy shit! What a time to be alive for sure! Of course, because of how sexy and hot it was to have my body realigned under daddy's commands, I can't help but automatically wake up in the morning with the strongest urge for the steamy fantasy to take over once more.

I feel like the party is just getting started!

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