My Lover's Addiction

Loss Of Innocence

The surprise was everything a girl like me could ever dream of, especially from a guy like him. I walked in to see the sight of Emilio in just nothing but wet hair and a bath towel. The way his muscles contracted in his shoulder blades to how his veins made an appearance that I was sure was going to be permanent.

While his back was turned to me as he was preparing his clothing, I stood against the door in the doorway and laughed slightly.

Emilio turned his head in my direction and smiled. The way his teeth glistened in the light like snow in the sunlight. The way his wet hair seemed to be drying, and the softness within the texture of his skin made me yearn for the moment he comes to rail me and grind me into the mattress.

Still wrapped in his towel, he sat down and checked his phone. I directed myself in his direction just to slide my hands down his shoulders to surround his neck, and gently bit the lobe of his ear.

"Mmm. I never thought getting to see you like this when I just so happened to get home from a long, exhausting day of school, could make me so motivated. Want to help me with my homework?"

E: And what would your homework have anything to do with me, love?

"Oh, you know exactly what you have to do with it!"

His eyebrows raised while his smile only grew more sexy and scandalous.

He positioned me on his lap as he sat on my bed and his legs hung off. He supported my lower back as he ground against me, more like made me rub myself against the length of his erected cock. I couldn't hear anything but the beautiful sounds of his grunts and moans as I pushed down to create harder friction.

Then the look of seduction in his eyes gave me an even bigger idea. With me still, on him, he laid down.

I walked my fingers up that of the base of his torso. Then I licked a stripe of saliva up his stomach from the placement of the towel and didn't stop until I reached his neck. Hearing him moan was enough to make me drip in cum, or just to piss myself either-or. I felt myself getting turned on as I saw that I was capable of getting him not so dominant but submissive. I like that he allows me to take his place from time to time, but the last time this happened, he played me. But boy I didn't mind one bit. As they say, girls need to show men what they are made of, and I am made of nothing but the pure desire of completing my fantasies and desires.

I backed onto his knees and undid his towel. I removed him from this barrier between us and saw how unbelievably hard he had become. I loved it, just like I saw the sight of what had been his precum dripping out of him like an erupted volcano. I encased his tip down to his balls with my mouth and swallowed his ejaculate as it continues to squeeze out of him like icing in a piping bag. I inhaled every last drop until he was dry, except his delicate skin on the shaft of his bulge which was wet in saliva and possibly sweats. Muy Bueno!

E: What just happened?

"You know what just happened, love! I need to start my homework or I am going to fail!"

As he lays back on the bed trying to comprehend my actions, his face shifts into a smirk from a shocked expression. "

E: I can help you longer if you'd like?

I just smiled. He crawled towards me, hinting at me to lay down. I did just that. He didn't hesitate one bit to first start with my clothes.

His hands traveled down the curves of my hip bones and gripped my legs. He wrapped them around himself. I felt myself trembling until E bit my neck which somehow made my body relax. His blue eyes sent me into euphoria.

He gripped my bottom lip and bit down. It left me giving the reaction of a moan. His eyes met mine, except with a gentle smile.

I got the sudden urge to make a move. I kissed him a little roughly, trying to not have him expect it.

My legs tightened as my legs got gripped. He continued the tactic of biting my neck and little patches of skin until the second came where I relaxed. My breathing slowed, but the temperature between my chest and his increased.

My eyes shot open as the divine feeling of testicles filled the rim of my body. I swear I felt my eyes dilate as I began to tremble underneath the weight of E. I could feel sweat forming on my face as it trailed down my nose. I was clammy to the touch.

Over and over again, my body was being shaken like an earthquake or volcano eruption. Emilio continued sending waves of pleasure throughout my skeleton. I kept getting this feeling like I was floating, similar to that of floating on waves. Loud whimpers took up the space as each pleasure point was being hit harder.

My body being shifted from our rough encounter caused the bed to feel like it was erupting like a volcano.

A volcano isn't a volcano without lava, because as time progressed, E's member started to twitch and splurge of cum. It felt like a thick watery paste running out of him, but out of me until it reached my thighs and my sheets.

As cum had been released, his grunts became more in sync with the pounding motions of his hips against my pelvis. I could feel his abdomen sweeping against my pelvis, which left me in a state of feeling drunk, or just super tingly.

I wanted him to take further control over me, and do anything to me in any way he wanted.

But there was something in particular I wanted, which was to ride him and go deep to the point of feeling him in my intestines.

I rolled him over onto his back and sat up. I aligned myself to his waist and slowly got used to his size being engulfed into my valley, especially vertically.

The only moans I heard at the moment were his as he kept clawing at the sheets. His legs bunched up in pleasure as the friction built up.

Before he made me remove myself, he summed once more, making me feel better at this little love show. It ran out of me like melted butter, forming a puddle on his skin.

He flipped me over and left deep marks all around the surface of my neck and chest.

It had appeared that I grew bruised, but only because It wasn't over yet.

The way his body created divine friction between our hips was more than enough to send blood piercing through my veins, along with adrenaline. His fingers overpowered my waist as he gripped me into completely satisfied arousal. I looked at him to notice my eyes were not the only ones to be dilated. His eyes were dark and his pupils were enlarged. His body filled with sweat but so much masculinity.

His veins seemed to appear like they were going to burst like a bubble as he clenched his fist within the bedsheets. His muscles continued to contract as he flexed his shoulders, allowing me to feel numb, but in the best way possible.

E: Jesus! You've unfortunately been around me too long to know how to be seductive like that.

"How is that unfortunate? It just means more fun! Thank me later!"


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