My Lover's Addiction

Fuck Me Raw

By “thank me later”, of course, I meant absolutely nothing except sex and using my brain to seduce him with my voice, like a siren seducing sailors to their death, only I am not going to kill him, I am going to rail the absolute shit out of myself using him. I just need him to do the work. In this case, I was a lioness, and E happened to be my lunch and dinner, or a gazelle falling into my trap.

It grew into the evening, and my idea of “thank me later” had just begun. First I thought a movie sounded nice as it could be something calming and prone to make us “come together” which is just perfect in the case of having sex or a hot case of making out.

I decided to set up the movie night. First I prepared my room into what had the imaginative appeal of a red room. I mean, what can you do when you have sex on an hourly basis? I started up the TV and set the program to Netflix.

Emilio happened to be in the shower which would be my dessert, as he in general would be my full course meal x10. Plus you know how it be, a guy like him, especially Spanish and tall, would be unfair to not assume that he is a greek god or the hottest, sexiest daddy on the planet of rail me.

Like, have you seen his dick size? The way it doesn’t seem to fit right in his jeans by the way his boner is apparent every 5 seconds. I am not disappointed in the slightest.

I went down to the kitchen after setting the mood in the crime scene and prepared snacks. He was just finishing up when I quickly hurried upstairs.

Lights were dimmed and had the Tv set up. We played “The Notebook” as I thought it was perfect. We made it through half of the movie when my plan was in place. I kept taking glances at him, provoking him to look at me and smile. I got lost in his eyes as they looked in my direction. I felt a smile come into play as his hand came in contact with my cheek.

His thumb seduced my bottom lip, making my mouth water and my lips go numb. We exchanged smirks until he ate me for dinner.

His lips were in a hurry to please me and his hands didn’t stop clenching into the sexy veiny fist that I love so much. The more he gripped the sheets as he hovered my petite body, the more I thought about me bursting like the possibility of his veins through his hands.

“Be my chiropractor and work on me!”

E: We’re only getting started, love!

“Do that stimulant that you did on me, the one where you relax my body with just your mouth!“, I requested.

I couldn’t help but analyze his muscular shoulders as he tensed them while hovering over my defenseless body.

His mouth at the moment became infatuated with my neck. I loved the sensation of being controlled. But It was his turn to be the victim. I got his attention and slowly flipped him onto his back just so I could mount him.

I repeated his actions to him, but I had other plans. I took him to the bathroom and pushed him into the shower.

The way his skin glistens when wet. The way his hair looks so soft. The way his muscles through his body, plus his beautiful veins became most apparent. My mouth just watered as he further acted like a magnetic force pulling me inward. I caved. I gave him a stare that defied all odds. I bit the delicate skin on his neck and ear, traveling my hands down his chest in the center of his body.

His cock almost grew larger within 5 seconds because my undying hunger for the feeling of pleasure crossed my mind. I caved once more, knowing this time I could hopefully manage to get his cum more consistent, and more rapidly splurging out of his award-winning piece of flesh. Together they make a great team. And I am the product tester.

His trembling membrum virile continued calling my name and indicating its undoubted presence. I acted on my desires and fantasies as I realized that everything is what I wanted and what I still want. My hand acted as a claw in an arcade game and clenched my prize. His face jolted in surprise as he didn't expect me to get lured so quickly. But obviously, I have and that would never change!

I continued the act of giving him an unpredictable amount of head as his groans were the only thing the whole neighborhood could hear. It was enough to keep you up at night and by the time I plan to be finished, you will continue hearing the sound of his fantasies in the morning as you wake up.

The rate which I continued, was multiplying the rate of which Emilio’s cock erected, plus splurged more cum than the amount of shaving cream in a can. I love being able to consume it all, having the ability to taste him further into a dream.

I stood up after giving us both a breather, realizing I had excess cum running down my chin, plus some on my hands.

E: What the fuck was that?

“You know what that was, love! That was my love to you... because you know. you’re cute!”

E: Well, thank you! Tha- that was fucking amazing! Holy hell! How the hell did you do that, anyway?

“Let’s just say, I am letting my imagination take over!”

E: How about letting daddy take over?

“I’d love to let daddy take over! One request, though!”

E: Anything!

“I want you to rail me raw. Nothing in between us unless it’s your seed traveling down my thighs, mixed with sweat!”

E: Damn! Daddy loves a girl that knows what she wants, and gets it!

“And I will show you how much I love you with cuddles later, deal?”

E: It’s always been a deal, shit! But I was already planning to do anything for you!

“Even rail me?“, I asked sarcastically.

E: Much more!

“Hmmm...I can get used to this, but yet I already have and I love it!”

E: Then how about this? he said so slowly and so low as he inched his way into the crease of my neck. The warmth of his breath sent me into shock as it created a lingering spiral down my whole body. I felt him gripping my waist with his fingers, which I knew he was trying to tell me what he had planned to do. His tongue moved in sync with his nails that were creating divots in my stomach. I felt the force of being pulled closer until the slight, delicacy of his skin made its way onto mine. Being stomach to stomach and eye to eye was miraculously enchanting.

The way his eyes called my name as he revealed his profound, unjust seduction and desires. It was so wrong, but It was sexually right. Just perfection in just the small moments such as being caressed to heaven and back by the person you love.

Time continued getting lost as I kept getting stuck in a daydream, even in the moment of being kissed and touched repeatedly. I could hear his soft, delicate moans and breaths within each kiss.

As the shower filled with an unjust amount of steam, it gave the lust more power as it took over my body.

Moans and whines echoed through the bathroom as the thought of defying my mother’s orders by invading personal space. She probably meant hers but I took it seriously as in not caring at all. My fingers gripped the nape of Emilio’s neck as he devoured my face, like a death-eater.

A sudden thought came to mind when he came in possession of a condom packet. I felt myself get hot, and get the face of mischief, or what I call daddy getting reprimanded.

“No no! If you truly are willing to give me all of you, with no strings attached, then you can’t cover yourself, daddy! After all, I have been a good girl, wouldn’t you agree?“.

I could tell what came out of my mouth sounded like a twisted game, but I felt proud of myself. The look of disbelief on Emilio’s face was honestly the hottest thing ever. Soon it turned into a devilish expression which I wanted more of. I wanted him to rip me a new one. I wanted him to take me completely raw.

E: You want it raw, huh? You got it!

I slowly walked back against the wall, leaving him with me by his hand. The way he towered over me was the greatest feeling in the world, besides having my body realignment surgery.

My hands traveled the surface of his body down to his v-line. I went a little further as I made him watch his dick being toyed with like kids' toys. His breathing became heavier from time to time as I formed a ring with my fingers and pumped him like air in a bicycle tire to the point where he exploded like a volcano. Having reminiscence of his cum coating the surface of my palm was enough to give me life, more of it anyway!

Within seconds, my back hit the wall and got pinned. I felt his weight on me, which was exhilarating. I got sent into a daydream while I got fucked raw. Damnit! He’s so fucking hot! Jesus Christ! Or Jesus Daddy one of the two!

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