My Lover's Addiction

2- Scandalous Gifts

Emilio arrived at my house. I opened the door, taken aback at the sight. Oh, what a gorgeous, sexy sight. He had taken the opportunity to wear a black dress shirt, with a few buttons undone, revealing his smooth, crave-worthy chest.

His pants were jeans, that happened to look a little tight, especially due to the visual ability of one particular area. Look, you naughty, dirty-minded teenage girl, what is Emilio going to do about the thought of that?

I couldn't help but let my attention settle on his necklace. Chains in which I liked the sight of, especially on a guy like Emilio. Well, in this case, Emilio himself.

To be honest, I was kind of thing about how I wouldn't mind the thought or feeling of his vein-filled hands around my neck. Mmmm, what a pleasurable time to be alive.

Emi: So, what do you want to do? Anything exciting in mind?

I knew exactly what I wanted, but for now, I decided to conceal that as it is still too early.

Me: Um, we can go upstairs to my room if you'd like?

Emi: Perfect!

Emilio also had a couple of boxes in his hands, which seemed to have a bow on each. I didn't know what to expect, but whatever it was, I was into it. I let him in and closed the door behind us.

He came in and followed me upstairs to my room. I opened the door to a thankfully, highly cleaned and organized room.

He walked over to my bed, and sat down, placing his boxes next to him.

His gaze caught my attention, leaving it hard to resist the temptation to engage. He cleared his throat, followed by the moment he indulges in a conversation to break the silence.

E~ So, how have you been?

"Dying inside, to be honest. The structure of my life is falling apart, but you aren't so bad, considering I just had the opportunity of running into you!"

He just chuckled out loud, wrinkling his beautifully freckled nose. He also formed a layer of blush on his baby soft cheeks.

Of course, I decided to look at him, sort of in a state of confusion.

I looked up into his eyes and noticed the amount of light, and happiness that surrounded him. I smiled as a way to show him how it makes me happy to have been able to hear that.

E~ you are probably going to hate me or kick me out for this, but even though you believe your life is messed up, I'm here to stay. I ain't taking that "get out of the US free card!" I rather use it for a "meet a cute girl and be happy free card" *whispers* kinda you!

"That is so thoughtful of you to say that. Thank you. Of course, you are Mr. Sarcasm!"

Emilio ~ No need to thank me! And yeah, I'm known for a lot of it.

Wow! He is charming! What just happened?

The next thing I know, my eyes directed me to the gift boxes Emilio had the generosity of bringing.

"I hope this isn't rude or anything, but what are the gift boxes for?"

Emilio ~ Oh those? I bought them for you. I hope you like everything. Open them if you would like.

I wandered over to my bed and sat down next to Emilio, who was nice to hand me the first box.

I carefully removed the bow from the box and lifted the lid. I saw a jewelry box with my name engraved on the top. Inside the box was this beautiful charm bracelet, that said:

"I will be everything you need for as long as you let me"

"Oh Emilio, this is beautiful. I love everything about it. Thank you so much. You didn't have to do this for me."

Emilio ~ You're welcome. I am glad that you like it, and yes, it is very beautiful because it resembles you and how I see you. See the other things I got you. I just hope that you like everything else, haha.

"Of course. I am certain I will. I usually love everything and anything that I receive."

I took hold of another box. I removed the ribbon and removed the lid from the box. I found my gift wrapped in what looked like tissue paper. After getting the tissue paper open, I could not believe my eyes. I pulled the gift out and unfolded it, revealing Emilio had got me sets of lace lingerie, which varied in different colors. They were absolutely beautiful and looked so expensive.

Me ~ Oh, Emilio. These are so beautiful. I love them a lot, but there is a problem. I have no one to use these for, or to impress for that matter. But hey, I love them anyway. Thank you.

Emilio looked relieved. He couldn't help but gather his thoughts on his feelings. I can tell by the contorted expressions. Somehow he knew I was struggling with thoughts, too. He smiled slightly to cover his impatient demeanor.

Emilio ~ I am glad you like them. I wasn't sure what you liked and didn't like. I also didn't know your size, so I got small. And about the nobody to impress thing, you have me. Always.

Is this him confessing his feelings without directly confessing? If so, he is too cute for me!

Most importantly, In the last gift Emilio had me open, was a beautiful baby blue dress. I opened it all of the ways to get a better look, and wow. It was absolutely beautiful.

"Emilio... these gifts are so beautiful. They are truly amazing as you are the sweetest, most thoughtful man I have ever gotten the privilege of meeting. Thank you!"

Emilio ~ It isn't a problem because you deserve it. About your dress, that is your dress for tonight's date. Or at least one of your options if you have any others. Which I'm sure you do! , he said with a majorly apparent red blush all around his face.

"Awe! Thank you. I am going to get ready. I hate procrastinating."

Emilio: I will go outside to wait.

"Wait! You're alright. You can stay here if you'd like because I trust you. After all, you aren't like those assholes that think they have brain cells!"

Emilio: Ok. Emilio sat back down on my bed, secretly nervous as all get out.

I organized my dress on my bed before slipping off my previously worn clothes. As my clothes fell to the ground, I could see in the reflection of my mirror his beautiful reaction.

He was as nervous as can be. I honestly found it adorable.

I proceeded to put on my dress, unable to find anything wrong with it. It was perfect and I loved it.

I turned around facing Emilio as I finished, and he just had the expression of how someone would look if they were to win an award or something.

"You ready? I'm interested in getting to do stuff outdoors, not being stuck in this hell trap all night!"

Emilio: Always! You look better than me, that's not fair!

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