My Lover's Addiction

First Date or First Time (Smut)

Emilio and I walked outside to where his car came into view.

Me: Wow! Emi, you have a beautiful car.

Emilio: But of course, I have witnessed a much prettier sight!

I just released a smile at Emilio, who looked pleased with himself. Way to go Emilio. You never thought you had it in you, did ya?

After a few seconds of standing there, reminiscing in our worlds, our meaning me, Emilio spoke up as he realized we should get going for our date.

Emilio: Are you ready to go?

Me: Yes, sir. Ready when you are.

In the car, Emilio introduced me to some Spanish music, which I enjoyed. I looked out of the window frequently, as I was getting impatient to know where we were going.

Me: Emi, where are we going?

Emilio: You will see in a minute, my love!

Me: Ok.

Emilio: Just try to relax, sweetheart, ok? Everything is fine, I promise!

Me: Ok. Sorry.

A few minutes later, we arrived at a restaurant which of course was super top-notch and expensive looking. Even the clothes on the bodies of the other customers looked expensive. Jeez.

Emilio and I got seated at our reserved table and ordered sodas as I was underage.

From across the table, Emilio reached his arm out and gripped my hand, making sure to rub it with his thumb in the process.

Emilio: You know, you look absolutely beautiful tonight, darling!

Me: Thank you! You look very handsome yourself!

The next thing I know, he started getting this look in his eyes. I don’t know what that was about, but I was not about to ruin this opportunity.

Me: Hey, what would you say about us leaving and going back to my house? Hm?

Emilio grew a smirk on his lips, as his blue eyes seemed to dilate. The color of his corneas darkened in color, which became more vibrant.

We got back to the house and walked up to my room. I closed the door behind us. It was dark as it fell into night, but enough light filled the area of which we were standing.

"The moonlight is beautiful, wouldn't you agree?"

E: Yes! It is beautiful, but I could name plenty of other things or people that are more beautiful than anything!

I could feel my cheeks heat up, my palms sweat and tingle, and my smile grow wider than the ocean. Emilio picked up on my nervousness and my sense of being swept off my feet as his hand extended out to feel my face.

E: That smile! So desirable!

I further became a blushing mess.

We met each other’s gaze and continued inching our way closer to one another to fill that gap between us. Eventually, out of the inability to resist, our lips connected. Mine quivering as it was my first kiss.

Emilio’s hands traced my waist which led to him pulling me closer after gripping my waist. I couldn't help but let out a whimper.

"I want you!"

Emilio: I’ve wanted you for a long time, too!

As my answer, I kissed him. I wanted him, all of him, so I gave him all of me first.

I went to the mirror in my room and undid everything. I took down my hair, letting it all down. I started taking off my dress, revealing my black, see-through, lace undergarments.

I stood there, in front of Emilio, who seems to be at a loss for words, in a good way. Still facing my mirror, I can see his reflection. In that reflection, he appears to be inching his way closer to where he ends up snug, against my back.

My newfound lover wraps his hands around my bare waist, and rests his chin on my shoulder, just enough to where my ear is accessible for him.

Ugh! Emilio Martinez, the things you do to me that cause me to go wild over you. You sexy piece of a daddy of a human.

The way your accent changes the way words sound when spoken.

The way your hair is styled and textured.

The veins in your hands and arms reveal themselves at any god-given moment in time.

How sexy your appearance is overall.

The urge you give me to just call you daddy.

Your ability to be seductive, without even knowing it.

Ah! I love you. Everything about you.

Emilio rests his chin on my shoulder next to my ear from behind me, leaving me able to hear his breath, then leaving me able to feel his lips on my ear, working his way down my neck.

Me: Fuck Emilio, why do you have to be so hot?

Emilio: I can’t wait to lie next to you and trace my fingers over the soft, delicate curves of your beautiful body. To explore your desires and darkest fantasies. To find you!

Me: I can’t wait to feel what being loved is like. I want you to love me because Emi, I love you and I want you. I want your hands around my throat, to feel your dominance and satisfaction.

I turned around to face him. I reached for his face to feel his skin. In a matter of seconds, our lips connected, with Emilio’s being hungry and eager.

Without breaking the kiss, I unbuttoned Emilio’s shirt, revealing the sight of more than what I have always wanted. I ran my hands down his chest, to get a feel of my first love. I peered into his eyes, which appeared a darker shade of blue, then down at his lips, which I went for. I ran my fingers through Emilio’s hair, a satisfaction of mine.

Emilio’s hands traveled to my thigh area and brought me up to him, where I was mounted on him with my legs gripped around his waist. I could feel his hands on my middle back, which guaranteed me a feeling of security in some way or another.

My Hispanic lover carried me to my bed, where he had me positioned where I was sitting. He kissed my forehead and took a step back. He began the process of unbuttoning his jeans, and stepping out of them, revealing his blue boxers.

He also grabbed something out of his jeans pocket, which made me believe it could have been a condom. He walked over to me, and sat down, setting a packet on my nightstand.

We moved closer together.

He didn't talk. He just inflicted his seductiveness through me with a kiss.

His lips grew wet, making me feel wet all over from arousal.

Emilio reached behind me and removed me from my remaining clothing, revealing just my bare skin. He immediately went for my neck and chest, making me gasp at the sensation around my collar bone. He leaned forward onto me, giving me the sign that he wanted me to lay down to adapt under his commands. After all, my wish is his command.

Once I did, he hovered over me, which somehow allowed me to take in the feeling of connection, and admiration between us. Maybe with a touch of vulnerability as well.

He added a few licks down my stomach, before looking up at me to verify his next step. He set his fingers on the rim of my underwear, and looked at me, waiting for a signal to continue. I knew at that moment I was ready, so I nodded in complete nervousness.

Emilio grasped my underwear, and the only feeling I felt was a cold sensation as the air came in touch with my skin. Now I was fully exposed to him, feeling embarrassment, which honestly I was expecting to feel as it is my first sexual encounter, but with him it is different. I still felt safe and judgment-free.

Emilio laid on top of me, between my legs that I positioned around him, and reached for the packet that he had placed on my nightstand.

Emilio: Look straight up. It should help take your mind off of it!

I did as he recommended, and I heard the sound of clothes being pulled. Turns out he was removing his boxers. Next, I heard the sound of plastic being torn open.

Finally, the sight of my lover came into view above me. He had a reassuring smile plastered on his handsome face.

Emilio: Ok. Just take a deep breath and if it helps further, try to look at me. If anything is bothering you, let me know!

Somehow he knew it was my first time. How? Did I tell him and not remember?

He continued smiling at me from above me, which turned into me leaving a small smile in return.

A few seconds went by and I suddenly felt this huge amount of pressure, followed by a little bit of pain and the feeling of stretching. I took a huge breath out and followed his lead.

My breathing quickened in pace. as my heartbeat.

I released little whimpers here and there, but as time went on, the feeling of his size got easier to deal with, more comfortable.

To distract me, he suckled on my neck and even my bottom lip. His hands traveled around my body, creating new sensations at the same time for me to feel.

As he continued thrusting and bucking his hips forward, his hands grasped the sheets with so much force, allowing me to see his veins appear in his hands.

Ahhh! I love it.

My hands took hold of Emilio’s back and he allowed me to slide my hands around his skin, feeling him and the warmth that his body holds within.

The only sounds that were prominent at the moment, were his breathing and grunting, mixed with my moans and gasps.

Me: Fuck! Is this what pleasure feels like?

Emilio: Haha, I believe so, yes.

During the middle of our enjoyment, Emilio took a second to look at me. He just figured that he needed to say something.

Emilio: Woah! That was...


E: More than that

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