My Lover's Addiction

In Your Arms

We had just finished doing our little deed. We ended the night with us laying in bed, talking and trying to understand the thought about what just transpired. I don't regret it one bit, but it was that exhilarating.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

E: Sure, what's wrong? he asked concerned.

"Was I alright during the...well, you know?"

E: You were more than alright, my love. You were lovely.

" You believe so?"

E: I know so.

Emilio smiled down at me with a warm, reassuring smile that just made my butterflies increase.

"I had fun tonight. Thank you for making my first experience so memorable and special!"

E: I am glad you had fun, especially during your first time!

Emilio initiated a kiss, revealing his true intentions as my lover. I realized I wasn't living in my right mind without him. He is a part of me and will always be, even before our first encounter has ever happened.

I sat up and got on top of Emilio's lap. I set my legs around the sides of his torso and wrapped my arms around his neck. While the kiss grew passionate and intense, He was constantly pulling me into him, creating friction between me, and his erection.

"Omg! That was amazing!"

E: Why don't we go for round two?

"We just got done with the first one which makes me believe I can't walk right now!"

E: Real cute, haha!

Me: I am so thankful for your presence, in my room with me in my bed, doing what lovers do. And as always, I love you, too.

Emilio quickly took the opportunity to stroke my cheek with the back of his hand. As we realized that the time kept falling later and later into the night, we laid down and took a second to appreciate life.

For the rest of the night, we stayed in bed. We picked up conversations here and there, but we mainly tried to focus on sleep and each other's presence.

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