My Lover's Addiction

Falling In Love (Smut)

*Disclaimer: This chapter is detailed with smut and sexual content.

Next morning:

I had woken up due to the beaming ray of light as it entered through my window, which had been positioned directly in Emilio's face as he continued sleeping. I sat up, still in the nude from our encounter full of hotness and passion mixed with lust and desire. Oh it was so sexy to get the chance to witness how Emilio is as he gets turned on and fired up. Mmmm! I can honestly tell that there is still more to discover about his sexual behavior as of the very look being held in his eyes, that he had showed me last night. Honestly, he was full of pure arousal since he ejaculated while in the midst of penetration. Guess I finally have a reason to put 'Daddy' to good use!

As I sat up in bed with the sheets still pinned to my chest, I continued looking at Emilio, mesmerized by his pure, loveable features that obtained so much beauty and innocence, which led me to admire my soulmate even more than before.

I gently and carefully stroked his glowing cheek as he continued dreaming in his sleep, somehow looking like a prince. I ran my hand over the back of his head, feeling his hair in the process. I love feeling him. He has no clue about the way he makes me go crazy for him because well...yeah!

The idea of getting ready and beginning my routine came to my head, which sounded great! I carefully got out of bed and walked across my room to where my towel came into reach. I wrapped myself, making sure to bring all of my accessories for my shower. I carefully walked out of my room and headed downstairs towards my bathroom, trying not to make loud noises in the process.

I got to the bathroom and did some important things first.

I was in the middle of washing my face with a wash towel, when I heard the bathroom door open. I thought nothing of it as it could have been the wind coming in from outside, as my mother left the window open for clarity. I had the wash towel over my face, removing excess makeup and dirt, when I suddenly felt my waist being gripped, and me being pulled backwards until I felt the feeling of warmth and skin against my naked back, with the presence of hands that still appeared to be on my hips.

I lost my train of thought as the warm sensation of air lingered on my neck, as I heard the seductive, but sexy voice that held an accent at the level of a whisper, which knowingly was that of my lover. Ugh! That will never get old. I could listen to him fucking seduce me every minute of every day, as that is what he is good at from my knowledge of earlier events that proudly took place.

E: You know if you wanted to be wet, you could have consulted me instead of the shower, right?

My heart begins to race as that was new for me to hear, which honestly I really loved it.

Emilio said as his lips suckled my neck, waiting for a response.

"Hi! Someone a little eager today? Or did you just miss me?"

E: Both. But mainly the second option. I couldn't wait to wake up to see you, but you weren't there. But here you are, looking sexy as hell, and you are already prepared for me which I love the sight of. Now what are we going to do about that? Hm?

In my mind, I honestly wanted him to take me again. I wanted him, including everything he offered like his ideas of satisfaction, and pleasure filled sex. I wanted to feel his skin against mine when he leans against me or lays on top of me. I wanted to feel the heat between my legs as he indulges his member in me. I wanted to experience the feeling of his warm ejaculation fluids stream down my thighs as he is further indulged between my walls, that surround his shaft. Finally, just by thinking about all of the details in my head, I came to an answer. Fuck! That is exactly what I wanted to happen. Ah! The exhilaration that can come into play has endless possibilities.

"I don't know! What are we going to do about that?"

E: Oh baby girl, I already know what you want. I can tell by your body language. Tell me what you want me to do!

"I want you so bad, daddy! Do what you think is best for a girl like me! Oh, how you make me go crazy with your sexiness, and the control you have with your hands when it comes to contact with me is everything I could have ever asked for. You're everything I could have asked for!"

Emilio clearly was interested in one-hundred percent of everything I had mentioned. He continued smirking, until his face went straight, but more on the description as a subtle angry expression. I was able to acquire that he was feeling the power of dominance and control, which I liked about him!

After the urge of taking me on had complete control of my 'master', he gripped my back as I was instructed to jump, as that was exactly what I did. I mounted Emilio, with my legs wrapped around his waist as his hands secured me by keeping his grip on my legs.

He pinned me against the wall of my shower as his hungry lips had dominated mine, devouring them with every motion. I moaned through the kiss as it was rough, unlike last night where it was really slow.

In an impatient, but romantic manner, Emilio immediately had begun the process of hitting my pleasure points, as he suckled my neck in every spot he could think of.

As my gasps made their way out of my mouth, out in the open where they ended up reaching Emilio's attention, he adjusted our position, switching sides of my neck to where he repeated the same deed as on the first side.

I released more noise which provoked Emilio even more. As I am still pinned to the wall, Emilio manages to free his one hand off of me, and he takes hold of his genitals. After locating my entrance, he positions the head of his member which soon enters between my walls. As they begin to grip around his wet shaft, Emilio uses that to his advantage by adding a more amount of force to his thrusts each round.

I couldn't help but release more sounds, indicating my moment of vulnerability with my lover. Even with more applied pressure, I feel he is still being gentle with me because he is giving me more time to react.

His member continues expanding my opening as he re-enters and withdraws with such confidence. His grunts reveal to me that his part in this sexual adventure of ours takes hard work, too.

I soon begin to understand Emilio is exhausted as he is breathing harder than usual and as his body feels weak, indicated by his movements.

"Hey, it is ok! I know you are tired and you need to take a break. It will be good for you and your body for you to rest. Ok?"

He looked at me and took gentle hold of my face, soon revealing his beautiful smile that I fell in love with. He surprised me with none other than a beautiful, sentimental kiss. After the kiss, I rested my forehead on his for what seemed like a heavenly version of forever.

E: I have never told you this, but I want to be honest with you. About my feelings for you. I know you are the one I've been looking for my whole life because of the way we instantly connected. When we had our first encounter in the mall when you were buying your outfits, even from your appearance from behind was enough for me to fall in love. And I was right to have walked up to you that day because if I wouldn't have, I would have thrown away the chances of having what we have right at this moment. You are the one. I always known. I am so thankful to have achieved my goal of making you my lover, and soulmate. I can't wait to see what our future holds together. I just hope that it includes you being here with me. You are my best friend and my entire life. I love you!

I looked at Emilio directly in his beautiful blue eyes, and I could see right away that having me was his plan all along. I started crying, as his words were more pure than church holy water.

"You are the one for me, too. And how I know? Because of the sincerity, and genuine feelings and emotion that you just had included in that beautiful speech of yours. For you to take the time in saying that to me was the most selfless behavior I have ever witnessed from anyone. You are the most amazing person, Emilio, and I am proud and even honored to call you mine. I just hope that in the future, you will still be mine, as I will always be yours no matter the uncertainty. I love you!"

E: I will always be yours, too! I promise.

"I know!"

We ended our session off on a great note, as we engaged in a few makeout sessions, and watched movies together.

Right then in there, we knew. We just knew. I am honestly proud to be alive in today's time, because I live in the same time as Emilio Martinez, my spanish-born lover. What a time to be alive!

*I hope you liked this chapter. There will be more chapters as I intend to continue this for a decent time period. Plus, I am not one to quit something once starting it. Thanks for reading.

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