My Lover's Addiction


After our rendezvous in my shower last night, my handsome prince and I laid in bed to enjoy a movie with snacks. As the night faded into a later setting, we took that as an opportunity to indulge in some rest.

The next day finally came, and I woke up to make breakfast. I sat up in bed and realized it felt lighter. I looked over to Emilio's side and noticed he was gone, but he left a note.


Hey beautiful! I am sorry about leaving but fear not love, because I am shopping for you as well as preparing for something else I may or may not have figured you'd want. Remember I love you, and I will be back soon! I also left you something in the kitchen. If you need me, call or text my phone.

P.S: I will always be your Spanish prince as long as you will be my princess, which will then turn you into my queen. Love you! And make sure you eat well! Just want to let you know that my brother is coming to check on you and to help you around the house.

~ Your Lover, E.

The feeling of butterflies expanded throughout my stomach as I read his letter. Oh boy! What is with him and his gifts? Men!

I set down the letter on my desk and made my way down to the kitchen, where I came across breakfast already made, plus gift boxes!?

I quickly sent E a text to thank him for acknowledging me and taking the time to do this. He is always spending money on me when he really shouldn't. But then again, I love everything he buys.

E: Hi my beautiful princess, you're welcome. I am glad you like the breakfast. I just hope you like whatever else you manage to find!

I ate as much as my stomach would let me, then worked my way to unwrapping the gifts. The moment I removed the lid off of the first box, I was in absolute shock with amazement.

E had to buy multiple sets of lingerie that he thought about me wearing. I took them out to get a closer look and they were beautiful. I just so happened to reach into the box only to find another note. This time, it only stated that they were custom-made. And according to the tag on them, they were my size.

Fuck! How in God's green earth did he remember my size? Then it hit me. He must have taken one of my existing pairs for sizing. Ugh! What a rascal! A sweet, handsome rascal! But my one question is, why does it seem like he wants to make all of the purchases that he knows I can take care of? Ugh, MEN!

I folded the sets and reorganized them in the box. I moved to the last box, which was bigger. I opened it, revealing, his white button-up dress shirt? Roses and candy? Um, I think this is the right time to have that 'what the fuck' moment. Yes indeed.

I adore this whole, spoiling my business though, I have to admit to that because there is just something about a hot, sexy, tall Spanish boy, spoiling the absolute shit out of his lover, that being me, yes indeed. But like they say, I'm gonna kick his ass. Or maybe I should let him kick mine! No no no, ew! Girl, get your head out of the gutter because it is so dirty. Unless perhaps you consider drowning yourself in holy water? No, in all seriousness, I am quite happy over my dirty mind as it gives him a good advantage.

I was organizing when I heard a knock at the door. I went ahead and opened it, revealing Emilio's brother, who looked so much like him, I thought he was back. As he entered through the door, he smiled. I couldn't help but appreciate his similarity in features as E.

Ivan: Hey cutie! How is my favorite future sister-in-law?

"Oh shut up and hug me you weirdo!", I exclaimed with a laugh as I pulled him into a hug. As he hugged me back, I noticed how he hugged like E. I know they are twins, and of course, they are going to be similar, but they were too similar. The only difference I could notice was their height, voice, and maybe their jaw shape.

I took the gift boxes upstairs as Ivan followed me.

I: So what did my brother get you?

"Clothes", I said as a slight lie as I didn't reveal the exact gift.

I: Oh nice. I want to tell you something. My brother ou, like really bad. He talks about you non-stop as you are the only thought to exist in his mind. What I am saying, I am glad you two met and stuff, as you seem happy. I know my brother will take care of you.

"That is so sweet of you to say. Thank you so much for making my day even better. I love E, too! He is wonderful."

I: That's great, he said with a huge smile on his face.

We went upstairs and ended up watching a movie, which made me fall asleep. Next heard a voice as well as the feeling of my cheek being touched. I woke up and made eye contact to see Emilio.

"You're back. I missed you!", I said in a raspy-toned voice.

E: I missed you, too. I am glad Ivan came to see you. He said you fell asleep watching a film. I am sorry I woke you though, you looked peaceful and beautiful like always.

"Where is he anyway?"

E: He is downstairs on his phone.

"Ok. Since I am awake, I will get up."

As I headed for the door, Emilio grabbed my arm, pulling me into him. He immediately went for a kiss, which resulted in his tongue swiping over my lip, and my bottom lip being bitten.

"What was that for?"

E: You said you missed me, si? Besides, I want you pretty bad as I couldn't wait to come home to see you.", he teased as a smirk grew on his lips.

The way he said a little amount of Spanish made my heart sink to my ass pretty much. But the good kind. Son of a biscuit-eating bulldog, the way he makes me feel and knows it. What a menace.

"Well maybe later, we have company to tend to first, my prince."

E: Wait! Can I see your wrist for a second?

I extended my arm out towards him, and he reached for his pocket. He pulled out a box covered in black velvet, which had the first initial of my name embroidered into the top portion of the box.

In an instant, the box was opened and he pulled out a bracelet with blue detailing. The bracelet was a blue-tinted, diamond bracelet. I examined the bracelet in Emilio's hand as he held it up for me to see. He had even made the decision to get a charm with our initials engraved into it.

"It's really beautiful. I love what you did with the charm. Thank you."

E: I'm glad you like it. I also chose to get the diamonds tinted blue as I know it's your favorite color. And I can't help but notice how beautiful you are even when you just woke up. Plus I admire you in your sleep.

"Haha real cute! But seriously, thank you, love. It is perfect!"

Emilio untucked his thumb from his gentle fist and used it to glide it over the center of my bottom lip, pleasured by the fast reflex of how it set back in its usual position.

We had a staredown, even with Emilio using his ability to smirk as an advantage. Eventually, I caved. I caved because of his seduction getting to me.

I entered Emilio's space as I walked fast, only having it turn into me grabbing him by his shirt and pushing him on the bed.

Yes, I did that. Want to know what else I did?

I climbed on top of him and we started making out. Emilio was about to flip me under him until Ivan walked in only to ask what was taking us so long. Then he realized what was going on.

I: I-I'm not even going to ask questions.

"Sorry Ivan"

E: You know bro, things like this could happen to you if you would get a girlfriend!

After Ivan left the scene, Emilio and I kissed once more, then got ourselves together before walking downstairs...

Authors Note: Things always await us. Until the next chapter and more!

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