My Lover's Addiction


Emilio and I made our way downstairs to meet Ivan after he caught us bonding. I walked down the steps as Emilio stayed behind me. He held on to my waist as we made our way into the living room, where Ivan was sitting on the couch using his phone.

He saw us and quickly showed a huge smirk that he plastered on his face.

I: Well, if it isn't my brother and his American lover! he remarked in a joking tone.

E: Very funny bro!

"Hey, Ivan! About earlier, I am sorry!", I spit out with guilt, as I felt like It was possibly going to make Emilio think I didn't like our occurrence.

I let the boys talk while I went to my room upstairs to lay down. I was half asleep, with my heavy-set eyes, until the sound of my door opening echoed through my entire room. Next, I feel the warm satisfaction of hands inch their way down my arm. When I felt a kiss being planted on my shoulder, I just knew by the feeling of the lips that they belonged to E.

The feeling of his hands separated from my skin as I heard footsteps coming around the other side of my bed. I then felt pressure as the open side of my bed got weighed down. My view was covered by blankets as I had my face buried. Pretty soon, I felt the same warm sensation around my stomach. Then I heard him.

E: Baby, wake up! I have something for you!

I uncovered myself from what seemed like a death trap at its finest. I truly felt like I was suffocating to death and yet I am the one who did it to myself. Who knows what goes through my head anymore.

I made eye contact with E. An instant smile formed on my tired face as I got to see his. I extended my arm as his face came in contact with the tips of my fingers, but Emilio's plan was different because he gripped my wrist and pulled me on top of him.

I was sitting on him, but leaning down to where our faces were only an inch or so away. I could feel his hands maneuver their way up the sides of my torso.

He stopped when he reached my face. He seemed to be paying attention to my face for some reason, which I would never mind as he is special.

I bit my lip, purposely trying to get his attention to see his next move. Unexpectedly, I felt my body being pulled down, realizing Emilio had taken my choice as his opportunity to take this even further. His lips glued to mine. Within seconds, he is dominating my mouth as he keeps biting my lips. He finally managed to bite my lip so hard, I moaned which gave him his goal of entering the world of my mouth with his tongue. The tip of his tongue kept interacting with the roof of my mouth, which easily became ticklish for me. He finally made me unable to help the fact that I have become succumbed to his seduction and lustful games that had a desire for dessert. And it was a pretty good dessert!

While giggling, I sat up and removed myself from Emilio's body so he can be comfortable.

"Alright daddy, I am going downstairs to chill with Ivan and play cards and whatnot. I love you!"

E: While you do that, mi amor, I on the other hand am leaving as I have something planned for a special someone and me, tonight!

"Well, I will be waiting for you!", I exclaimed with a huge smirk that can be seen, probably even without me even displaying one at all.


I was in bed, watching a movie on my laptop when I got a message from Emilio. He indicated that he was here with the surprise and he wanted me to come downstairs. I put my laptop away and went downstairs to find the house empty, with only Ivan asleep in the living room. Weird!

I walked around, making sure to check everything before going back upstairs. I walked in the door, not paying attention to anything but getting back in bed.

I suddenly heard my door shut, leading me to spin around as fast as I have ever expected to as I was taken more by surprise by Emilio grabbing my face just to kiss me.

I pulled away with relief filling my body, as it was just the appearance of my estranged boyfriend. I rolled my eyes and just laughed it off as if it was nothing. I stood there with my arms crossed as a smile stuck to my face.

"Emilio, why did you have to scare me like that?"

E: Sorry! Did you like your surprise?

I began looking around my room for any sign of a box of some sort as Emilio was the CEO of gift boxes. I jerked my head back towards E as I heard the sudden sound of his throat being cleared.

"Emi, nothing is here!"

E: Think about it for a second!

I looked at him confused, then noticed him touching his suit. That made me realize what the surprise was. My expression shifted into what seemed like I was in "awe" or just in love.

"Omg! You are my surprise! I love it!"

E: Bingo! How do you like my suit? Fancy, am I right?

"Very sexy if I am not mistaken!"

E: Damn right! I wanted to look like the daddy I am. Your daddy to be exact!

He just smirked as he felt pride in his choice of words. Fuck this, he thinks it is ok to look as hot as he always does and walk around with knowledge in it! Damn, honestly he can just impregnate me, choke me, rail me, anything really because I don't care! I wouldn't care if he bent me over right here and right now, and gave it to me good!

"Definitely. What do you think about showing me how much of a daddy you are?", I said trying to provoke him into that act of which I truly adore as well... he gives me that need for it.

He took that opportunity as he rushed towards me, not hesitating one bit to glue his lips on mine, not even thinking twice.

As he was too busy enjoying himself in my neck, I was unbuttoning his shirt, not realizing the scent of his cologne was beginning to make its way around me. I liked it, as it was subtle, but to me, it smelled of honey or something.

I made it to the last button, which gave me the advantage of the sight of his beautiful skin. My hands began to tremble as nerves grew in my body, but I didn't let that stop me from gliding my fingertips along the center of his chest, down to the waist of his pants line.

He realized I wanted more, so he looked into my eyes as they looked back at him. He smirked as if he truly was up to no good.

E: Here, let me help!


As he removed his jacket, plus his shirt that I had previously worked on, he was bare. I just needed his pants off and something else... to see him completely bare as if that was the only way I could survive. It was almost like food, it was that much of a necessity for me. I needed to feel his delicacy leave its gentle touch on me, like when his stomach rests on my bare body.

E: What are you waiting for, mi amor?

I glanced at him and smirked before taking a step backward. I stretched my arms completely above my head, indicating that I was asking him for his guidance.

Emilio instantly responded with the swift motion of my shirt somehow being tossed behind him. He just stood there smiling, full of pride.

"No, the real question is, what are you waiting for?"

Without any warning, I got pushed on the bed, with my seductive gift hovering on top. He instantly tasted my lips, which tasted like nothing as I ran my tongue over them when he pulled back.

"I want you to touch me, daddy!"

As the response, his fingertips immediately rewarded my skin as they slowly embraced the feeling of delicacy as Emilio gave a sign of his intimacy, which he was expressing towards me.

He stopped once his fingers reached the lining of my underwear showing from under my gym shorts. Emilio removed his finger and kissed my skin in place of my underwear line, which then turned into a warm and wet satisfaction meeting my skin as his tongue swept across my stomach.

Emilio finally found a true interest in my shorts, as he kept playing with the fabric and putting his hands underneath to feel my upper thigh. I started getting anxious as he pulled them down, giving me the feeling of fabric creating friction against my legs.

My leg was then picked up, and extended into a straight position. E had begun the process of assigning wet kisses that trailed all of the ways up my entire leg, leading from my foot. I swear I felt him suck my toe. Yeah, weird but not going to lie, It was sexy!

I just laid there as it happened, with no other reaction other than the sound of me chuckling at his antics and the feeling they gave me. He looked at me and gave me the gift of his smile, which then led to him crawling himself between my legs only to meet me face to face.

We initiated a kiss that was deep and as intimate as possible. During the moment, I couldn't help but appreciate having my thigh rubbed and stroked.

"I want you, you know that right?"

E: Yes. I am glad you want me because I've never wanted anything more than a girl who looks like you!

"How are you so sweet?"

E: Only because that's me!

"You'll always be you. I am so grateful!"

This was it. This was the moment that Emilio truly got provoked into showing his full-on desires and fantasies. I believe it was the moment that I proved myself to be not as innocent as we all believed.

Emilio kissed me a few times before standing up and taking off his pants. I couldn't help but find the sound of his clothes dropping to the floor. Who knows what he did next because he took a few extra seconds before meeting my eyes once more.

He was on top of me, and me being curious about what he did, I looked down to see he was absolutely, handsomely bare-skinned all over. I looked up at him, only to be met with a smile.

E: Ready?


He backed out from between my leg contraption and took my underwear in both hands, which slowly guided them off of my body. Emilio kept a light smile the whole couple of seconds, eventually turning into a grin.

Once more, I came face to face with my heart and soul. I was underneath what felt like my blanket, that's how warm he felt.

His soft skin, layering with mine which made me feel appreciated more than I have ever experienced before, as he was willing to care for me in the way someone like E would do.

My neck became the subject as one of his hands went in between us. I knew what he was doing, so I just gripped his back and wrapped my legs around him.

Then the magical things happened between us, which seemed unreal, almost like a fairytale, but no. This was real. I just knew it.

The head of his penis slowly pushed its way through my walls, allowing me to feel him even more, like when I asked him...

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