My Lover's Addiction

You and I

Within a few seconds, I felt movement and a little touch of friction building up in my body. His wet, thick shaft made its way through that of my walls, causing me to leave a tear streaming down my face, including a large gasp as I had the feeling like part of me was ripping. I slightly turn my head to hide the tears coming out of eyes, as I didn't want to make it obvious that it hurt more than I was expecting.

It felt bigger this time around, and I didn't know why. But I told him I could take it, so I dealt with it, no matter the outcomes I could have faced, like more pain or the disappointment appearing on the face of my lover. I turned my head forward to look at him. His forehead rested gently on mine as I managed to slightly catch my breath.

"I want it rough!"

E: Wait what?

"I want you to make me sweat and not able to walk. I want to literally feel you!"

E: I thought you'd never mention it. Wrap your legs around me like a good girl and I will show you how irresistible you are!

I did what I was told, and within seconds, his shaft indulges itself completely inside of my vicinity, to the point where his balls are engulfed within my body. My head hit the pillow harder than a bat can hit a baseball. Instead of not moving, friction began building up as E slightly withdrew himself and re-entered my chambers, resulting in the feeling of stretching.

Why does it feel so good, but hurt so bad?

Our eyesight never left each other's as we focused on each other's gaze. I found myself gliding my hands up and down his back, when I got lucky and felt his muscles contract and flex.

I let the feeling of the heat between my legs spread through the remainder of my body. The sound of moans, whispers, and gasps tied into one, filled the air we worked so hard to breathe.

As my legs were still glued to his waist and such, his hands advanced in the process of leaving his indication on the sides of my thighs with his fingers as he held my legs up with an intense grip, which left the imprint of his fingers in my skin.

He finally gave me the pleasure of the feeling of his lips as he sucked my neck so hard, I could tell that was going to be a huge hickey with the way it felt in the process.

His face came in contact with mine as he heard me breathe almost too heavily, which became one of his interests. Satisfaction, maybe sexual desire turned fantasy? His lips trembled as they got the taste of mine.

"I want you to go harder. I don't care about the risks because I have you, which is all that matters to me the most!", I whispered softly, almost a mumble.

He just looked at me with a concerned expression, leaving me without an answer.

"Emi, rail me, choke me, do what you have to do, just give me all of it!", I whispered in a stern voice, which seemed to turn him on, only because I took authority to make it clear about what I wanted. What I truly wanted was to feel everything he had to give, because I remember feeling as if I was in Euphoria.

The way he guides himself deep into my body is enough to send me into the feeling of profound ecstasy, as for the overall feeling of being connected with the feeling of bare skin.

The harder Emilio managed to thrust, the more I felt like I was about to release. I had already begun getting a knot like feeling in the pit of my stomach, which him adding to it only created the reality of my nails digging into his skin.

His hips began to rut against the bed, which then made his thrusts erratic. The sounds of his soft grunts came to my attention, making me understand he might be close to ejaculation. That is another thing I wanted, his seed being spilled inside me along with his warm, fluids running down my skin. I wanted to be filled to the core with his fluids, as they were a marking of our experiences.

After a few more thrusts, I felt wet. It was very clear that he had just released all of his juices being held inside of his tip. I was thrown into a world of Euphoria once again. The sensation was unique and pleasure filled.

Together, we were covered in sweat, me even dripping in it from my face. Emilio's hair slicked back with sweat as it also made his way down the sides of his face. Our bodies had the feeling of being clammy to the touch. It just showed meaning behind teamwork!

Emilio removed himself and laid down next to me, panting.

"Holy fucking shit!"

E: You're welcome, lmao!

"You're right, thank you!"

Few Quiet Minutes Later:

E: Wanna go again?

"I thought you'd never ask!"

The new session contained rough sex, gentle sex, Emilio's hands ending up in places, domination, and maybe a little bit of spontaneous hair pulling which finally ended up with Emilio getting a hardcore blowjob which he exceeded the limit of cum pouring out of him.

Yeah, very eventful!

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