My Lover's Addiction

Real Date

The beautiful part of yesterday was the idea in my head about the constant touch of my lover. It was the best sensation that I could have ever experienced. The way his fingers felt on my skin was the same feeling as a feather, his warm breath lingering on the surface of my skin as his mouth came near me, the sensation of the wetness he creates as the saliva is left behind. But what is most unable to be compared to anything else, in my opinion, is the feeling of pressure and heat as his thick shaft nudges through the center of my barriers, which you would guess would be considered off-limits to everyone. But I never believed that the time would come for a moment to occur in where I would encounter my first love. Life is extraordinary for certain.

We were in the kitchen making sandwiches for lunch. Emilio just happened to finish his before me and came up behind me. His hands rested on my waist. I smiled to myself as I enjoyed the company.

E: What kind of sandwich is that? he asked about the rotisserie chicken sandwich with mayo and tomato.

"My grandma always makes this for me. It has chicken, a tomato slice, and a little bit of Mayonnaise on the bun. And usually, on the side, I eat pickles."

E: Oh. It smells good.

"Want to try a piece? I made another."

E: No it's ok. It's yours. You eat your lunch.

"That's so sweet of you. Hey, have I ever told you that I love you... like a lot?"

E: Yes but you don't need to. I already know because I can tell from the awesome sex we always have. But yes babe, I love you too!

He appeared to the side of me from behind me and kissed my cheek. I looked at him to find the most beautiful smile with the clearest blue eyes imaginable.

E: Hey babe?


E: Do you remember our first date... or our attempt at one?

"Lmao. Yes, I do very well. What about it?"

E: Well, I wanted to have a date, like without us leaving due to certain reasons.

Emilio stated referencing the fact that we ended up doing the deed when we left in the middle of sitting at our table at the restaurant.

"Are you saying that you planned a date, Mr. Martinez?"

E: That's exactly what I am saying, lover.

"Oh, that sounds perfect!"

We quickly ate our lunch when I went to surprise him with one of the dresses he bought me. I was in my room searching my closet when I felt my hair being pulled.

"E, what are you doing?"

E: Sorry, I wanted to know what you were doing.

"Getting ready for our date, lmao."

E: Well, we have a while before we have to go and I was thinking that we could do something fun for a while.

"Like what?"

E: Um... It depends on how you feel about it.

"I already know what you want. You've been clingy lately which makes it obvious it's sex, babe."

E: Is it that obvious?

I just looked at him and smirked for a second, then turned my head back to face the direction of my closet.

"Yes, lmao."

E: But answer my question, is that a no?

"You're going to have to wait because I may or may not have a surprise for you sometime soon!"

E: What is it?

"Did you not just hear that it is a surprise?"

E: Ugh fine!

"Sorry daddy!", I remarked as I broke out into a laugh attack.

The next thing I know, I feel hands around my waist and the warm lingering breath of my Spanish lover. He whispered in my ear, leading me into a world which only existed of chills and tingling.

E: Now you get why I love you so much!

"Glad you said that because one, I love you more, and two, you're going to be hearing it more from now on, mi amor. And I know how much you appreciate the generosity. Correct?"

E: If you want, I can show you exactly how much I appreciate the generosity!

" I will think about it. Give me a little bit!"

It ended up coming to be around 5:30, which made me realize our second chance at our date was coming up at 7. I hurried and gathered my shower items and rushed down the steps.

I ran into the bathroom, not hesitating to step out of the clothes I had on. I was in the shower washing my hair when I heard my name being called.

E: Babe?


E: Can I join you?

"Sorry baby, next time okay?"

E: Please?

"Emi, you are always in here with me!"

E: I am bored though!

"Go upstairs in my room and put a movie on the computer. I will be up in a few and we will talk, ok?"

E: Fine. Can I at least get a kiss?

"Yes! Get your ass over here!"

As soon as I opened the curtain a little, I got a different sight than what I 'ordered'. He of course stripped down.

"Emi!!!!!! I didn't say to become a naked baby! Lmao, what am I going to do with you?"

E: Well I thought you'd like it! Sorry, I'm just going to get dressed again and go upstairs."

"Wait! Come on babe, It's very obvious you're wanting attention and I feel bad because It seems like I hurt your feelings."

E: You mean it?

"Yeah! Let's go!"

My lover followed me into the vicinity of the shower. He was stuck in a world of staring at me, which left his facial expression as soft and affectionate.

After a while, we kept constantly smiling at each other, which was followed by my loose hair being pushed out of my eyes by my lover.

"Thank you!"

E: I'm always here for you! Besides, I love you!

"Come here!"

Emilio took a step forward until he reached my ability to feel him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, provoking his hands around my waist. We spent a few seconds at that moment in time just staring into each other's eyes.

The way his blue eyes sparkle in the light of when he is happy. The beautiful glow of his eyes when it's obvious there is so much light in them. At the same time, you can see so much desire and lust but mixed with pure affection and love. You can tell his dreams were becoming a reality.

The only dream of mine that is coming true is getting to have him. That's all I need. He is all I need.

His lips finally got drawn to mine, almost like a magnet attracting a paperclip. The texture of his lisoftsoft andftand wet. Here and there, I'd feel Emilio bite my bottom lip and create a tugging motion.

E: I want to take you so bad! , my lover breathed out as he still occupies himself in my lips.

There I am, pinned in between him and the wall of the shower, getting the life sucked out of my neck.

E: Do you want to feel something?


He walked backward with me being directed with him. The water from the showerhead soaked our bodies and hair. Emilio's hands indulged in the surface of my skin. Everywhere I could think of, was left with a mark from the wet lips of my lover.

The only thing to come next was the continued touching of each other's skin. He hasn't even entered me with himself and I already feel like I'm in the world of ecstasy, or my case, Emilio Land.

"What is it that you wanted me to feel, love?"

E: Me.

"Can we do this in my room? I don't want to stand if that's ok!"

E: You know that when it comes to you, I'm willing to do anything!

I got distracted by his eyes. They were so blue and clear.

Emilio noticed I was staring for a while, so he got my attention.

E: Hey! Are you alright, love?

"Yeah baby, I am fine. I was just admiring how remarkable your eyes are. I love that they are so beautiful and clear!"

E: Always remember that nothing is more beautiful than that of yourself! Have I ever told you how much I love you?


E: Well I truly mean it!

"Then let's go!"

Emilio smiled and wrapped himself with a towel. We went upstairs to a made-up room. But it wasn't just a normal setup. It was the kind for a date...A beautiful date.

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