If You’ll Have Me

Chapter 1

IT SAT IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIELD, in its lonesome far away from the village. Beyond the rows of overgrown grass and past the creek to the east, where it looked like people were swimming.

They flew overhead in the Cadillac Allante, and Eleanor peers out from her window, catching a glimpse of her home for the summer. It was rather tall, and had numerous floors, as though they had been stacked upon one another over time. It surely would have collapsed upon itself, she thought, had it not been held up by what she assumed was magic.

A sickness stirs in her stomach as the car descends to the ground, landing rather bumpily and roughly. She hadn't been nervous the days leading up to her arrival, but couldn't shake the sudden uneasiness that flooded her. She couldn't tell if it was from her fathers horrifying driving, or the anticipation of meeting the Weasley's.

They had sounded nice enough, based upon her fathers description. A kind, big family, and humble enough to be content with what little they had. They contrasted drastically from her parents and their empty halls and bedrooms. The wine bottles that sat upon the shelves, unopened. She wasn't sure how her father and his arrogance had made a friend out of people who seemed to be too wholesome for them.

As they drove up the dirt road, a rather short, plump woman waited at the front door with a tall, thin man beside her. They waved happily to the approaching family whilst keeping one arm around the other, wearing wide smiles and joyous expressions.

Eleanor's father climbs out of the car, scrambling quickly to gather her trunks before approaching the couple. They exchanged greetings amongst one another as Eleanor stared up at the strange house before her, wondering where the rest of the family could've been.

"Eleanor! Oh, we've heard so much about you, dear." Mrs. Weasley smiles. "I'm Molly, and this is my husband Arthur." She says, gesturing to man beside her, who grinned happily in her direction.

"Very happy to have you with us." He adds on in a cheerful tone. "Right, let's head inside then. No need to be out here longer than we have to."

They all agreed, happy to escape the blistering heat of the sun, and followed close behind the couple and into the house. Numerous fans were turned on at high speed in every corner, and every window that she could count were opened. Yet somehow, their efforts offered no relief to the miserable weather.

"Thank you again for allowing Eleanor to stay here. Really, we appreciate it." Her mother says while fanning herself with her clutch, scanning the room with a slight disappointment in her eyes. Making it completely and utterly visible that she was less than satisfied with the state of their home.

Eleanor, however, adored it. The sheer simplicity of it, and the lack of hideous paintings and decor. If anything, it was refreshing being somewhere that differed so drastically from what she was used to.

"Oh, it's no trouble at all. Actually-" But before Mrs. Weasley could finish her sentence, a ginger girl poked her head into the room from outside, panting slightly and wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"Mum! Do we have any-" The red head cut herself off as she noticed the unfamiliar family standing in her living room. "Oh, you must be Eleanor."

"Ginny, I'm assuming." She smiles back, to which the ginger nods. "You can call me Elle."

Ginny smiles, and leans outside to squeeze the excess water from her fiery hair. Elle assumed that she and the rest of her siblings was who she saw swimming in the creek.

Molly notices the trunks still clutched in Eleanor's hands, and quickly rushes over to help her, reaching a hand to take one in her grasp. "Let me show you to your room, dear. We can get you all settled in." She smiles, but Ginny places a hand on mother's shoulder, shaking her head.

"I can do it, Mum. I gotta go upstairs anyways. Why don't you guys catch up for a bit?" She turns to Eleanor, taking the trunk from her mother's hand. "Come on, I'll show you to your room."

The stairs spiraled upward, and were incredibly narrow and steep. Eleanor nearly tripped over herself once or twice while staggering up the steps behind Ginny.

"I know it's a bit tight, but we make do with what we've got." Ginny cuts around the corner, leading her to a room with the door wide open, containing nothing more than a bed and clutter upon the shelves. As she walks in, she notices a silver plaque hung upon the door, reading Percy Weasley.

"I've got six brothers, if you can believe it." Ginny says from behind her. "Three of them are all moved out, though. This'll be your room."

It was much smaller than her room at her family's estate, but still, it was a decent size, and had all that she needed; A bed, and a dresser. Nothing more or less.

"Thank you." Eleanor smiles, and heavily drops her belongings onto the floor. She would begin unpacking later, she told herself. It was far too hot, and too miserable to begin right now.

She plops onto the bed behind her, and pulls her hair back into a loose ponytail, in hopes to relieve herself of the warmth. The hot air seemed to stick to her body the longer that she sat. "It's scorching outside."

"Tell me about it." Ginny gestures to her sunburnt complexion, and Eleanor lets out a slight chuckle. "We were just cooling off by the creek, if you'd like to come and meet everybody else."

Meet everybody else, she thought to herself, revoking some worry inside of her. What if they didn't like her? What if she didn't like them? And if that was the case, how would she manage bearing a whole summer with people she couldn't stand?

"Unless if you'd rather start unpacking right now." Ginny leans against the doorframe, visibly agitated by the swamping heat that hung in the air. No, she'd rather not unpack. She'd rather not spend another moment in this stuffy room, either. The alternative seemed to be more appealing, even if meeting the rest of the Weasley's made her anxious.

"Yeah, sure." She finally complies, to which Ginny smiles, turning swiftly on her heel and heading giddily down the staircase.

"Let's go then!" She calls out, and Elle quickly follows after her.

The air smelt strongly of fresh mowed grass, despite its overgrown appearance, and the sight of the sun setting over the horizon settled her nerves. The Burrow differed greatly from what she was used to. Those bland white walls and the meaningless art hung upon them, perhaps to make them less bland, but doing an awful job at doing so. That house had far more space than what they knew what to do with.

The Burrow, however, already felt like home. With its family photographs and crayon sketches displayed proudly upon the walls. There was no tacky decor bought from god knows where. No corner that wasn't filled with antique furniture and family heirlooms. It was a beautiful, humble abode, and she adored it.

She raises a hand to shield her eyes from the sun, which brutally beat down upon them as they navigated through the field. There looked to be four of them down by the creek. No, five, she corrects herself, as another pops his head up from beneath the water. He was smiling widely, and let out a roaring laughter that rang loudly through the open air.

The wild mane upon his head matched the color of Ginny's. Wet, fiery strands of hair curtained his eyes as he emerged from the creek. He lifts a hand from the water, brushing his hair aside to clear his view, and raises his gaze to hers. The high points on his face had been kissed ever so slightly by the sun, freckles prominent along his cheeks and nose. He smiles crookedly, and nods in her direction. For a moment, she had almost forgotten how to breathe.

"You must be Eleanor!" A girl with brown, curly hair calls out, approaching her with a wide smile. "I'm Hermione."

She catches Elle off guard by pulling her into a hug. engulfing her in a warm, tight embrace. Having first laid eyes on her, Elle was nearly intimidated by how beautiful she was. Her hair was thick, and slightly frizzy from the humidity that hung in the air, but sat in beautiful curls upon her head. Her golden-brown skin practically glowed beneath the sun, and her smile was bright. Welcoming.

"So nice to meet you." Eleanor says into her shoulder, pulling away while Ginny points a finger to the boys in the creek, who were hardly paying any mind to the girls that stood on the shore. "That one there is Harry, and the one beside him is my brother, Ron."

Harry laid flat on his back on top of the water, basking in the shade from the trees that towered above, and Ron treaded beside him. Bored, and itching for something to entertain him. The boys look up at the mention of their names, and wave to Eleanor before continuing to swim against the current, cursing and yelling at one another as another red head climbed out of the water. Her father wasn't kidding. The Weasley's did have a lot of kids.

He looked much like the one that remained in the water. A spitting image of him, actually. The one with the long hair and freckles decorating his skin. The one that emerged coolly from the water only moments before, making her heart stop. He was a twin.

As he climbs upon the shore, he shakes the water from his hair and into the girl's direction, earning screeches of annoyance from all three of them. He laughs and reaches for a towel that hung on the branch of a nearby tree, glancing up at Elle for a moment, before drying himself off.

"That's Fred. Best get used to that, he's that annoying almost all of the time." Ginny says, loud enough for Fred to overhear and begin chasing her along the outskirts of the field. She had ran away before she had time to introduce Eleanor to her last sibling.

He treaded water, looking up at Eleanor with an intrigued gaze. It seemed that he was unsure if he should climb out and greet her, or watch from afar. He was in such a trance that he hadn't even realized that he was smiling like a fool as he looked at her.

"You should come in." He finally says, "I don't know how you can stand the heat."

"I'd love to," She starts, swiping the sweat from her forehead. "But I should probably say goodbye to my parents before they leave."

She felt compelled to join him, even though she didn't even know his name, and not because of the heat surrounding her. Something about him drew her in. Perhaps it was the green of his eyes, or the fiery glow of his hair. She couldn't quite tell.

He purses his lips, waiting a moment to speak, before sweeping aside his long, wet locks of hair. "Eleanor, is it?"

"Elle." She corrects him, to which he smiles.

"Well, Eleanor," He puts an emphasis on her full name, causing her to cringe. "Go say goodbye to your parents. Don't let us keep you."

"Are you gonna tell me your name?" The curiosity stirred in her as she watched him, keeping himself afloat above the current.

He grins, watching her intently as she stood before him. Eagerly waiting for a response. "George." He finally says, before ducking his head beneath the water and following after Harry and Ron.
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